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ACC Molded Original Style Carpet for all 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Mustangs.

Is the inside of your 2005-2009 Mustang beginning to show some wear and tear? It's probably lost that new car smell too. This Molded Original Style Carpet from ACC Carpets is the perfect way to rejuvenate the interior of your Mustang.

This carpet is molded for a precise fitment in your 2005-2009 Mustang. The direct-fit replacement carpet is constructed using original style cut pile carpeting for an authentic look and feel. ACC's nylon cut pile is manufactured from 100% top quality DuPont yarn. This yarn is tufted on a 1/8 gauge machine with 14 ounces of yarn per square yard. The nylon cut pile material is dyed using top quality dyes available and tested for ozone humidity, fading and light fastness. The underside of the carpet features heavy 36 ounce jute padding for insulation.

This carpet comes in factory correct OEM colors to match any 2005-2009 Mustang. ACC manufactures all of their carpets to meet or exceed OEM specifications. If you are looking for the finest replacement floor carpet available for your Mustang, this is it.

Please Note: ACC's carpets do not come with pre-cut holes, allowing you to make the necessary cuts only where needed for various interior components.

Tech Tip: When you first take your new carpet out of the box, you may notice quite a few wrinkles. This is normal. We recommend laying the carpet out in the sun for a few hours to help soften the jute backing and to help reduce the amount of wrinkles that are visible prior to installation.

Order an ACC Molded Original Style Carpet for your 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 or 2009 Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Owners of Mustangs change up the carpet in their cars for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes it could be a stain. Maybe it's just normal wear and tear, or sometimes they're looking to change up the color to give the car a little bit of a different look inside. The owner of this 2006 Mustang GT behind me has logged over 100,000 miles on this car. While the carpet's not in terrible shape, there definitely are a few stains, and he's looking to change up the color to a more neutral black color, so today we're going to install this ACC black carpet on this 2006 Mustang GT.

The ACC carpet is available in all the factory colors and comes in 2 different styles. This is the standard carpet shown here. It's also available in a mass back with a thick sound ender built under the backing of the carpet. Since this car has a lot of aftermarket sound deadening in it, we felt that wasn't necessary and we're going to go with the standard black replacement carpet.

For this installation you'll need a quarter inch ratchet, 7mm socket, 3/8 ratchet, 10mm socket, 13mm socket, 15mm socket, t50 torque bit, short extension, Phillips head screwdriver, panel removal tool, razor blades (preferably a couple fresh ones), and a measuring tape.

For the first part of the installation, if the weather's nice, you'll want to take the carpet outside and put it in the sun. The carpet is form-fit for the interior of your car but it comes in a small box, so spreading it out, letting the sun hit it to warm it up will make it a lot more pliable and easier to install. While this is sitting out here baking in the sun, we start removing our interior.

With the carpet sitting out in the sun, we're going to begin the installation. The first thing we have to do is basically disassemble the interior to remove the factory carpet. That involves removing the front seats, console, kick panels, door sill plates, backseat, all that has to come out to get the factory carpet out. We're going to start with the seats by removing these little plastic covers to access the rear bolts. The covers, give them a little shimmy and they'll simply pop off. Now you can see the bolt.

Now we can move on to the front. The front has no covers, just these two bolts, one on each side. Now we're going to carefully tilt the seat back, reach underneath and unplug it. When unplugged we can remove it from the car.

When the seats out of the way, we're going to work on the console next. Start by removing the shift knob, simply turn it counter-clockwise. Then lift up in the center of the boot, pop the boot off. The back of the console, you want to lift the console lid up. There's going to be carpet in the bottom. Just pull the little piece of carpet out. You'll see two bolts on the bottom. The lid up, once you get those two bottom ones, there's two top ones that come off as well. These will allow us to separate the console. Now we're going to pull from the top half of the console to separate it from the bottom. Pull the e-brake up high and slide it over.

To get that lower console off next, there's going to be two screws left in the front, one on this side, one over on the passenger side. The lower console can come out. Just lift up the back now, slide it out from the front. It will separate from the side panels, lift it up and unplug it from the bottom. These side panels are most likely will pop free from the console. If not, just grab them and slide them back.

The console out of the way, we're going to move onto the kick panels and the door sill plates. Door sill plates are easy. Put your hand underneath, just pop straight up. Normally these are just held in by these four clips but I have seen them with tape, like these had at one point in time. At which point, you just got to pry it with a plastic pry bar to get the tape off. Kick panels, the same thing, pick it up, just pull it away, then repeat the process on the other side.

Next up will be the back seat. Just pull up the material. It's this plastic plug. Just push in on the plug and then lift up. We'll remove our seat-belts next using a t50 torque bit. The seat-belt off, we're going to pop this quarter panel trim off. I'm going to get this seat-belt out of the way. We don't really have to remove this. There's a lot more to it. If you want to, you can take the seats out and move them. For the most part, this is pretty easy to work around. If you do choose to remove it, it's got the additional clips in the back here. Probably be a couple clips up here we'll need to remove. Now repeat the process on the other side.

That's it for disassembly. Now we can remove the carpet. The best thing to do, take the clips up from the side here. You want to pull the carpet back from the front and then sort of fold it towards the middle. Make sure none of the wiring harnesses get tangled up at all.

You can see our new carpet has roughly the same shape as the original. Obviously once it's fitted to the car, it's going to fit a lot better. What we'll want to do now is, take the original carpet, we're going to lay it over our new carpet to get an idea where to start cutting holes. You want to make sure when you start cutting, you want to cut small to begin with. Don't try to cut out everything exactly because you're just not going to get it close. Cut some small holes where you know you're going to need to cut, then we'll get it in the car and then detail cut at that point.

We know we got to cut a decent amount out of the center console and that has a nice hump here. What we're going to do, start with a cut right down the middle, that will allow us to split it in the car and to get an idea where it's going to go. As far as these smaller holes, don't even attempt to cut them yet. You definitely want to cut them in the car. We're just going to start by using this because the edges are kind of in the neighborhood. We're going to leave everything else alone for now and put it in the car.

The carpet kit includes some additional insulation. With the amount of Dynamat we have in this car, it’s probably not necessary. We're going to put them in anyway, kind of put them in the more commonly used areas. We're going to fold up the new carpet in half to get it in the car. This makes it a little bit easier to work with. Using that cut we made, we're going to start working it into place. These high sections here are good to use as approximate corners of where to put the carpeting. These are raised sections for the seat platform so it's not a bad idea to get those into place and then you can kind of sort of work everything else around it.

Now comes the tedious part. Basically once the carpet is roughly in the car, now it's time to start making small cuts and then trim it all up to get it to fit properly. This will take some time. We're not going to bore you by showing you the whole process. Again, start working on your outside edges, make small cuts first, because again, you can work your way down but if you cut it too far, you're in trouble. Take your time and get it fitted properly.

Now we can start cutting out some of the smaller holes. The rear studs are easy. Just simple push down and the stud will come right through the carpet. Up here, you got a little bump for a wiring harness so lift up away from the harness so you don't cut the harness. Push that up through. The front section here, just find the holes. Now what I'm doing here is how the factory does it, is make a little panel. Don't cut all the way through, cut across the bottom and then up on both sides to make a little access panel. There we have an access panel for the bolt.

Carpet in place and now we can start reassembling the interior. Right here at the kick panel, there's a little hole in the bottom here underneath this wiring harness. I want to make sure we have a hole cut in the carpet so that the tag can go through and connect to that slit.

The sill plate and kick panel installed, now we can work on the seat-belt. You want to kind of feel your way around until you find the hole for it. We're going to open that up just slightly so we can get the bolt through. The only thing different about the other side is we want to transfer over the factory anchor point for the floor mat. What you're going to do is, right in front of the hole your seat goes, it's two and a half inches forward and the bracket's going to line up with the seat. We'll cut the first slit there. That then place you figure out where the other side's going to come up at and cut there as well.

Before we put the backseat in, we're going to install the Christmas tree clip back here to hold the carpet in place underneath the seat, then we're going to reinstall the backseat.

Now we can start assembling the console again. We're going to reinstall the hardware now for the console. Install the nuts on the console. Before we put the top piece of the console on, we're going to put the side panels back into place. Before we put the top plate on, I'm going to reach down and plug the cigarette lighter back in. Now we can install the top plate, snap into place and install the two screws in the back, then reinstall the shift knob.

At this point, we want to reinstall both front seats and your installation's finished. The black carpet looks great in the 6-GT. We could have gone with the tan again, which was the original color. The black brings out the black highlights and adds a nice custom touch. This carpet here will fit your 2005 and 2009 coupe or convertible. There are different carpets available for other models as well. As far as the insulation goes, take your time, make sure you get the cuts right. The more time you spend getting the cuts right, getting it trimmed properly, the better the end product's going to be. Figure four to five hours probably for your time. You'll be back on the road in no time.

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