aFe Cold Air Intake System Momentum GT With Pro 5R Filter GT 2015-2017



  • Increased HP/TQ Gains
  • CAD-Designed Intake Tube
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • Washable/Reusable
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aFe Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System with a Pro 5R Filter for 2015, 2016 and 2017 GT Mustangs.

Are you ready to start modifying your 2015-2017 GT Mustang but aren't sure where to begin? This simple bolt-on aFe Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System (54-73203) is the perfect place to start! Go ahead and order your premium-quality intake kit today from CJ Pony Parts!

aFe Power Momentum Series cold air intake systems ensure that you reach peak maximum horsepower and torque by using the largest filter possible for your late-model Mustang! Your brand-new cold air kit is designed in-house, using the most up-to-date engineering tools and techniques to provide you with the perfect blend of power and protection. You'll absolutely love the increase in horsepower and torque this complete direct-fit upgraded intake provides your GT, especially since install is such a breeze. 

Momentum GT Cold Air Kit Features and Benefits
- Direct-fit upgrade for 2015-2017 GT Mustangs
- Power gains measured up to 15 HP and 24 lbs x ft torque
- Unit includes CAD-designed roto-molded intake tube and one-piece sealed housing with built-in sight window for inspection
- Includes superior 5-Layer progressively finer oiled, washable cotton gauze media allows maximum airflow for maximum power
- Hardware and CNC-machined billet aluminum fittings included for install

aFe, formally known as Advanced Flow Engineering, is a world-renowned manufacturer of top quality aftermarket parts and equipment. Creating premium grade equipment for more than a decade, aFe has quickly become a brand that many performance enthusiasts flock to. If you're looking to upgrade your favorite Mustang, than aFe is what you'll want! Place your order with CJ Pony Parts today!

Don't wait and purchase this upgraded aFe 54-73203 Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System with a Pro 5R Filter for your 2015, 2016 or 2017 GT Mustang from CJ Pony Parts now!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Note: This item is not CARB (California Air Resource Board) exempt and is not legal for sale or use in the state of California.

Installation Difficulty


Novice skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

A cold air kit has always been a great way to add a little bit of style under the hood and some horsepower and torque to your Mustang.

This is aFe’s Momentum GT cold air intake kit, fitting your 2015 through 2017 Mustang GT. It includes the Pro 5R filter, which is a five layer oiled filter and then a roto-molded tube and a sealed box. This will be a direct replacement for your factory intake, requires no tune and aFe claims gains a 15 horsepower and 24 pound feet of torque.

For this installation, you'll need a 1/4" ratchet, 7 millimeter socket, 8 millimeter socket, 10 millimeter socket, 11 millimeter socket, 6" extension, adjustable wrench and a T20 torx bit.

We begin the installation by removing our factory cold air intake. Now the first step to do that is to pop off this intake cover so we can access the clamps on the hose.

Now we're gonna disconnect all the hoses on the intake. Now I'll point out a couple different things that are unique about this particular application. Now if you have a 2015 through mid-2016, you'll actually have four connections here. If you have a later 2016 or 2017, you'll only have three. In our case though, this is the sound tube here. We did a delete here in this in this car a while ago. So ours is already missing. If not though, it's just gonna be a hose clamp and simple removal. The rest of these are just press fit.

Over here on the box, pull a red tab to disconnect the mass air sensor. Make sure you also pull it off of the air box and remove the bolt and fender. All right, now we can remove it from the throttle body and carefully remove the intake. That's all one assembly. From the original intake, we're gonna use that bolt that we just removed along with the mass air sensor, these two grommets and the grommet here on the bottom. All right, now you're gonna do a little bit of relocating with the harness so our mass air sensor reached. Start my popping this out over here and this here as well.

You're gonna remove this just up here. It's a only a little different. But that'll give us enough slack to get this where it needs to go. We're gonna prepare our aFe box for installation. Now we're gonna start by installing this plug here on the side. There's a tab on the top. Make sure it lines up. Once it's flush, take your factory grommet on the bottom here. Make sure you put it back in the fender. It's even easier. Then install this in the opening right above it.

Make sure that sits flush. Now I should mention at this point this car has had a lot of cold air kits installed on it over the years. This should have a metal bushing inside. Ours is missing. But if you have the metal bushing, slide it in the opening from the top. We're gonna line this snorkel up with the factory piece down in here.

And line it right up with the fender, reinstall the original bolt.

Now you'll grab the largest clamp that's included. Put it over this housing here. Then install the filter. Once you have it seated, tighten this down.

Grab the second clamp here for the filter. But don't tighten this yet. Just gonna leave that there for now. Okay, we're ready to prep the intake tube for installation. We'll start with a large fitting. Carefully thread this in. Small one above it and another one here on the bottom. We're just gonna use an adjustable wrench to tighten these down. Okay, just get them snug. You don't have to crank them.

Now we're gonna take our stock sensor. Line it up. Press it into place and install with the supplied hardware. Don't try to use the original ones. They will not work.

Again, get these just snug. Don't crank too hard on them and we'll grab the silicone coupler. Put the logo up top here.

Then snug up the clamp.

Okay, it's ready to go on the car. Okay, now we're gonna connect the intake tube to the filter and the throttle body.

Now we can tighten the clamp at the throttle body.

Again, tighten the clamp right here at the filter.

Now we're gonna plug in all of our air fittings here.

Then the last connection here would be your sound symposer. Again, ours is deleted. So we're just gonna install a plug and the last step, reconnect your map sensor. Reinstall your intake cover and your installation's finished.

Our aFe’s Momentum GT cold air kit looks a heck of a lot better under the hook than the stock piece does and given aFe’s reputation, I'm sure we'll see some power and torque as well. As far as the installation goes, figure about an hour or so. You'll be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

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