Baer Brakes Front Disc Brake Kit 14" Pro-Plus 1965-1969

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Baer Brakes Front Disc Brake Kit for 1965-1969 Mustangs.

For those looking for more performance than our legendary Track system, the Pro Plus adds leading edge performance with the addition on Baer?s ?6P? caliper. Introduced in 2008, the 6P calipers feature 6 stainless steel, staggered bore pistons and use the same pad fitment as the 2007 to current Corvette. 14?, 2-piece, slotted, drilled and zinc washed rotors are standard and perfect for applications where 18? or larger wheels are used. Standard caliper finishes are Red, Black or Silver. System includes everything necessary to bolt onto factory spindles.

This brake system will fit 1965-1966 V8 spindles, all 1967 spindles and 1968-1969 drum brake spindles.

Caliper Specs:
Type of Caliper ? Baer, 6P
Number of Pistons - 6
Construction ?High alloy, billet aluminum
Caliper Finish ? Red, Black or Silver powder coat

Rotor Specs:
Diameter ? 14?, 2 piece
Thickness ? 1.150?
Vented, Y/N ? Y, Directionally curved vane
Standard Finish ? Slotted, Drilled and Zinc Plated

System Includes:
-Pair of 2 piece 14? diameter rotors
-Billet aluminum hubs
-Bearings, seals and studs pre-installed
-Pair of Baer 6P Calipers
-High Performance Baer DecelaPad Ceramic Brake Pads
-All necessary mounting brackets and hardware
-Stainless Steel Braided Hoses with vehicle specific fittings

Notes: While designed to fit most 18? or larger wheels, this system will even fit some 17? wheels. To verify fit in any wheel, please view our brake template to check your wheel for clearance. Baer recommends that you check all wheel?s at any diameter for clearance as wheel center designs also have an effect on caliper clearance.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Bill: Hi. Bill and Josh here from CJ Pony Parts, with an update on our project 50-30. A short time back, we showed you this junkyard 8.8” rear. We’re going to be used as a basis for the rear in this build. We got the rear modified for our use. Josh can tell you a little bit about what we did to it.

Josh: First we took the stock 88, we cut the ends off, we narrowed it down to 50” overall, flange to flange. Welded the axle tube to the carrier, and we’re going to attach those with Baer Big Brakes on the ends.They have internal parking brakes. They’re 2-piece, 14” rotors, and 4-piston Billet calipers. The reason we’ve added the ends we have on this rear-end, is to eliminate the C-clip, so we’ll make the rear-end much, much, stronger and stop very quickly.

Bill: The powder coat on those calipers, is that a custom color, or is that offered on all of Baer’s calipers?

Josh: It is a Baer option that they do offer, but it is custom colors they offer.

Bill: Here we assembled the one side just to give you an idea of what the finished products going to look like. You can see the 2-piece rotor, the Baer caliper, and the parking brake is actually inside this hub, so it’s not visible at all when it’s installed.

Josh had mentioned we went to the big bearing ends, basically to get rid of the C-clips to make our rear stronger. We’ve done a few other things to also strengthen the rear as we go. The axle tubes have been welded to the center section here. That’s going to make sure the axle tubes don’t twist, so it’ll make the whole assembly stronger.

We also hit up Scott Drake for one of their Drake Muscle Car’s rear differential girdle. This has 2 bolts to go against the caps, again, to strengthen the whole rear-end assembly. We’re using Ford Racing’s 31 spline carrier, along with a set of Ford Racing 4.10 gears.

As you can see, we pretty much have everything needed to put the rear-end assembly together, except for the axles themselves. Because of the custom nature of this build, with a narrowed rear, we’re going to need a custom axle. Next time out, we’ll get the rear actually back in the car, and then we can measure for our axles. Recently though, we did pick up the Baer rear brakes, we also got some Baer front brakes. Josh is going to show you those.

Josh: Here you can see the massive, massive, Baer brake we put on this car. It’s a 14” rotor with a 6-piston calipers. The interesting point about that, is this car came factory at 14” wheels and we’re now running rotors the same size as the factory wheels. On this, we just threw this wheel we had sitting around on it. It’s a 19 by 9-1/2. We’re not going to run a wheel quite that big, but we jacked it up a little bit and compressed the air suspension so you could see the tire tuck up in and kind of get the full idea of what this car’s going to start to look like.

Bill: One of the other modifications we made since our last update on our project, was a set of custom wheel tubs for the back. We plan on running at least an 18 by 10” rear wheel on the back of this car, and to get enough space, the factory wheel tubs just weren’t going to cut it, so we narrowed the frame rail, and installed these tubs. As you can see, when they’re finished, they look pretty much factory.

Josh: With these wheel tubs, as Bill was telling you, we put them in to put a much larger tire. As you can see here, this is a 315. This is a massive tire to fit on the back of a ’65 Mustang, and that’s what the wheel tubs are designed for. We’re actually going to run, probably a 295, maybe a 305 on the car, because it is on air. We’re going to tuck them up nice, and we’re going to push this car pretty hard if we don’t have any rubbing issues when we’re taking her around the track.

As you can see, a 315 fits up in there, it doesn’t have any issues. We’re just in the mockup stage here, just showing you how this fits, but even with a 315, when we drop the suspension, I’ll pull this tire up. It fits in there and I can move it side-to-side a little bit, there is room. This car’s going to perform. Have a lot of sticky rubber on the back, and it should be a lot of fun when we get it on the road.

Bill: Our front suspension brakes is pretty much finish. As soon as we get a set of custom axles, we can get the rear done, get that in the car, and get that installed as well. At that point, the air ride goes in, and we should have a functioning air ride system. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates on Project 50-30.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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