Beltline Weatherstrip 8-Piece Set Fastback 1971-1973

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  • Front And Rear
  • Eight Weather-stripping Pieces
  • Designed To Wipe Windows
  • OEM Style Replacement
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8-Piece Set of Beltline Weatherstrip for all 1971, 1972 and 1973 Fastback Mustangs.

Take a look at the beltline weatherstrip on the driver side and passenger side of your 1971-1973 Mustang Fastback. Is it damaged or cracked? Are parts of it missing? If so, make sure you replace it as soon as possible. After all, the beltline weatherstrip serves an incredibly important purpose: it keeps water out of your doors, where it could cause rust and other issues. So pick up this Set of Beltline Weatherstrip from CJ Pony Parts today!

This 8-Piece Set of Beltline Weatherstrip is a complete set that has every bit of beltline weatherstrip you'll need! This is the weatherstrip that runs along the top of both of your Mustang's doors and quarter window edges. Also known as "cat whiskers," this set of beltline weatherstrip is the perfect solution if you've noticed that water is getting into your doors, plus it also helps wipe the water off of your windows as you roll them up and down.

This Set Includes:
- Pair of Inner Door Beltline Weatherstrip
- Pair of Outer Door Beltline Weatherstrip
- Pair of Inner Quarter Window Beltline Weatherstrip
- Pair of Outer Quarter Window Beltline Weatherstrip

If you jump into your Mustang and notice wet floor or upholstery, it might be time to check out your Mustang's weatherstrip, to see if it is cracking or missing and needing immediate replacement. For many Mustangs, CJ Pony Parts has any piece of individual weatherstrip you need, plus full weatherstrip kits, so you can completely replace every piece, keeping water outside where it belongs.

Order an 8-Piece Set of Beltline Weatherstrip for your 1971, 1972 or 1973 Fastback Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

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Installation Videos

Video Transcript

The outer beltlines are the most commonly damaged weatherstrips on your classic Mustang, being out in the elements plus the glass going up against it tends to wear it out. Then it dries and cracks. The case of our '71 here, the beltline was actually painted over which makes it even worse. Since this beltline keeps water out of the doors, want to make sure it's in place to avoid future rust issues.

Today, we're going to show how to replace the outer beltline using our '71 Mustang Convertible. First installation you'll need a Phillips head screwdriver, panel removal tool, hammer, punch, small pick, drill, 1/8 inch drill bit, 3/8 ratchet and a 7/16 socket.

You can see how badly damaged and cracked our outer beltline is on our convertible. Both the door and the quarter are going to need to be replaced. The door weatherstrip is going to be the same on your coupe, convertible, and fastback, while the rear convertible is specific but the coupes can be very similar, as well. We saw about in and outer kits because many times the inner is okay and it's just the outer that takes the wear, such as the case of a '71 convertible.

Our first step is to remove top of our door panel. First step would be to remove the door lock knob. In case of our '71, there were some door lock issues when we bought it, so there currently isn't a door lock knob installed. To remove it, simply turn it counterclockwise, and then you remove the top of your door panel. The top of the panel is held on by two screws, one on each end. We slide it up and over. Your inner beltline is attached to this panel. You have to replace it, so you simply pull this off and staple a new one in place.

Unlike many other years, you don't have to pull the door panel off your '71 through '73. When you get the glass away from the weatherstrip, there are these two window guides located here. Remove these two bolts, you pull the guides off, and then move the glass out of the way. Make sure you hold onto the bottom of the guides, so it doesn't go down into the bottom of your door.

The other beltline's held on by retaining clips except for one screw all the way here in the back. I'll pull it out with the edge here, grab our door panel removal tool, and pop off our original weatherstrip. Many times the original clips will actually break off when you're removing a beltline weatherstrip. You want to make sure all the pieces of these clips are removed before you try to install your new weatherstrip. While it's not as common as it is with earlier cars, you want to make sure all these holes are flat and clips didn't pull the metal out to make sure the new weatherstrip fits properly. If it is pushed out, just grab a punch and hammer flat.

Then, you want to grab your new outer beltline weatherstrip. They are side specific. It's pretty easy on a '71-'73 to tell. Since the door has a curve at the end, just make sure the weatherstrip has the same curve. We're going to start with the front and press the new clips in place. Make sure at this point the weatherstrip is behind the glass, between the glass and the door. To take them in by hand too, just grab a punch, place them over the edges and push them in slowly.

The beltline weatherstrips do not come with this rear hole drilled out, so you can make sure you get it lined out perfectly. I'm going to use a small punch to mark it and then we'll drill a small hole. I'm going to reinstall the glass guides and then reinstall the top of our door panel.

Now we can move onto our quarter windows. To install the outer beltline for the quarter windows, you got to remove the quarter interior trim panels. To do that, I'm going to take our back seat out. I'm going to start by removing the lower cushion. You reach underneath and pull straight up. Now I'm going to slide the rear cushion off the bracket.

Interior quarter trim panels are held on by several Phillips head screws, as well as a window crank. We start by removing the crank, then remove all the screws. I'm going to slide it up and then out. Here again, the inner beltline is attached to the panel itself. To replace it you simply remove the staples, put the new one in place. The outer beltline is held on by one screw and two clips. This screw is in the center, so you've got to remove the plate to get to it. It installs the same way in the front. You wanted to clip in the front here, and the same for the rear. I'll slightly pull back on the weatherstrip to line up the hole for the screw. I'm going to reinstall the plate that we removed. Now we reinstall our quarter trim panel, and reinstall window crank.

Now you move onto your passenger side rear quarter panel. Once you finish that one, you reinstall your back seat and you can do your front door. With that, the installation is finished. Now the glass on our door is sealed properly to keep water out of the door, preventing costly repairs down the road. Installation take you around two hours. You'll be back on the road in no time.

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