Electric Power Steering Conversion Kit 1965-1966

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Electric Power Steering Conversion Kit for all 1965-1966 Mustangs.

Tired of fighting to turn your wheels in a parking lot? Sick of the vague steering feel when changing lanes at highway speed? Fix all of these steering problems with an electric power steering conversion. Now you can enjoy modern power steering in your classic car. This kit is great for Mustangs with limited engine space due to big blocks, headers, etc. The entire unit mounts inside the vehicle under the dash and will also work with rack and pinion conversions (with correct u-joint adapter for rack).

An internal computer measures the amount of effort applied to the steering wheel and amplifies it with the aid of the electric motor. A knob controls a potentiometer which allows you to create more or less assistance. For example, you can set maximum power assist while you are in a parking lot, and decrease the assist while on the highway.

- Electric power steering motor
- Electronic control box
- Firewall plate for steering shaft support with bearing<br/ > - Steering shaft with u-joints
- Wiring harness
- On/off switch
- Potentiometer to adjust the amount of steering assist

This kit will work with both manual and power steering. Ford's factory power steering is an inadequate system and notorious for fluid leaks. Electric power steering does not use any fluid and it is recommended that the factory power steering (if equipped) slave cylinder and control valve be disconnected from the power steering. Installation is rather easy with some cutting, drilling, tapping and wiring required. The long steering shaft must be cut near the steering box to install the included steering shaft. Electrical wiring is plug and play except for a required power source and ground. An upgraded electrical system is not required. All parts are located under the dash and almost completely visible. This greatly aids in the simple installation. Although this kit is made to work with the factory steering column, modifications to the steering column are required.

*If you choose to remove the power steering control valve, center link, inner tie rods, left outer tide rod and left tie rod sleeve, you will need to install manual steering components.

Order a Electric Power Steering Conversion Kit for your 1965-1966 Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Advanced skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Regular viewers of our YouTube channel should definitely recognize this ‘65 Mustang parked behind me. This was our 2014 SEMA show car, also known as Project 50/30. Our goal with Project 50/30 was to take a classic ‘65 Mustang and add modern updates to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mustang, along with the 30th anniversary of C.J. Pony Parts.

50/30 is has a Coyote engine, LED lighting, and a full air rise suspension along with a host of other modern updates. One modern update we planned to have, but didn't get a chance to was electric power steering. We wanted to make sure we did a video showing you this system, but didn't get a chance to do it before the SEMA show, so today we're going to show you how to convert your classic Mustang to electric power steering using Project 50/30.

This is the electric power steering kit that will fit the 64 through 66 Mustangs. We have kits available all the way through 1970. Maybe you're wondering, why would you want electric steering? Ford has been using it for 2005 for a lot of reasons. The main ones are it's very reliable, no hydraulic lines, and no fluid to mess it. It even makes it a much cleaner installation. While Ford uses a rack, this system is actually going to mount underneath your dashboard so when it's installed, you're not going to notice it at all. By mounting this unit underneath the dashboard, this system is going to work with either a steering box or rack and pinion like we have in our ‘65 Mustang.

The kit includes everything needed for installation. It's going to include the unit itself, the control box, as well as an attenuator. Just like the modern electric steering in the Mustangs, the steering is actually adjustable via the attenuator. While the installation typically will involve some cutting of your stock column, the electric part of it is pretty simple. You just need the powering ground to hook up and the box runs everything else for you. Since 50/30 is a custom car and it's going to be different than what you're probably working on at home, we're going to show you the basics of how the system is installed and the basics of how it works.

As you can see, with 18-inch wheels up front, manual steering our car just isn't going to cut it. The first step in the installation is going to be remove the steering column. To make the removal of the column and the re-installation a lot easier, I would suggest taking out the front seat so you have more room to work. We want to start by disconnecting everything underneath the hood. Then disconnect at the firewall and lastly the clamp holding the steering column in place. Once you get the column out of the car, you remove the wiring in the center shaft so you can actually cut it.

Instructions will give you detailed specs on exactly where to cut. We're going to mark and then cut it in half. Once you get it finished, this is pretty much all we're going to be using from the original column. Depending on what stock column you use, the measurements are going to vary. This is what the column is going to look like when it's assembled and ready to go back in the car. As you can see from here to here, it's exactly the same as it was before. Our harness is still the exact same for our turn signal switch.

This just gets cut and connected to the steering. We'll call it a box with the electric steering controller. These pieces down here connect to our rack and pinion. This is all included, making it one piece, ready to go back into our ‘65. It's going to mount in the car basically the same way the stock column did. We're going to connect down here at the fire wall. This plate is going to screw to the firewall and the factory bracket up top is going to hold this mechanism in place. Once this is bolted on, there's just two harnesses that connect to the main control box. Connect that to power and we'll have electric power steering.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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