2019 Ram 1500 Specs & Prices

2019 Ram 1500 Specs & Prices

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Ever since the first pickup rolled off the production line, major automakers have been striving to gain market share, constantly coming out with new truck lines to keep up with the competition. Dodge Ram has been one of the three big names in the industry for the past few decades. Falling behind Ford and Chevy, Fiat Chrysler decided to take their truck game up a notch with the 2019 Ram 1500. In early 2018, FCA announced that the Ram 1500 will be getting a facelift for the succeeding model year. Well, fellow Dodge fans, get ready to say goodbye to the signature crosshair grille that’s been gracing the face of Ram trucks for the past several generations. With a completely new look, including a redesigned front end, the refreshed 2019 Ram 1500 isn’t playing around.

2019 Ram 1500

Lighter with enhanced aerodynamics, the 2019 Ram 1500 shed close to 225 pounds in comparison to the previous generation. Engineered with a 98-percent high-strength steel frame that increases both handling and durability, the redesigned Ram is equipped with air suspension, grille shutters, and an air dam. Those active aerodynamic features help give the new Ram a drag coefficient of .357. Along with the active aerodynamic capabilities, an elevated hood, venturi roof design, and a new rear spoiler reduce wind resistance as well as noise. Thanks to the reduction in wind noise and Active Noise Cancellation, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) levels have been reduced for a quiet, smooth ride whether you’re driving on the highway or heading off-road. A pleasant and cooperative effort between design and smart engineering, the 2019 Ram 1500 represents the future of the truck industry. Several different trim levels are available in a variety of cab lengths and cab styles, so there’s a truck to fit every purpose.

2019 Ram 1500 Models

  • Tradesman
  • Bighorn/Lonestar
  • Laramie
  • Rebel
  • Laramie Longhorn
  • Limited

A special, limited-edition Kentucky Derby appearance package is being released in honor of Ram being the official truck of the event for the past nine years. With only 2,000 Kentucky Derby trucks available for sale, the release is extremely limited. Based on the Limited model, the price for the Kentucky Derby model is actually only $53,190, not counting delivery fees. That’s a pretty good deal considering the most basic Limited model’s starting price is more expensive than that.

2019 Ram 1500 Specs & Prices

2019 Ram 1500 Trim Specs
Specs Tradesman Bighorn/
Laramie Rebel Laramie Longhorn Limited
MSRP $31,695 $35,695 $40,690 $43,995 $51,390 $55,485
Cab Styles Crew, Quad Crew, Quad Crew, Quad Crew, Quad (only on 4x4 models) Crew Crew
Box Lengths 6’4’’ box, 5’7’’ box 6’4’’ box, 5’7’’ box 6’4’’ box, 5’7’’ box 6’4’’ box, 5’7’’ box 6’4’’ box, 5’7’’ box 6’4’’ box, 5’7’’ box
4WD Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Engine 3.6L Pentastar V6 with eTorque 3.6L Pentastar V6 with eTorque 5.7L V8 HEMI MDS VVT Engine 3.6L Pentastar V6 with eTorque 5.7L V8 HEMI MDS VVT Engine 5.7L V8 HEMI MDS VVT Engine
Horsepower/Torque 305 hp/269 lb.-ft. 305 hp/269 lb.-ft. 395 hp/410 lb.-ft. 305 hp/269 lb.-ft. 395 hp/410 lb.-ft. 395 hp/410 lb.-ft.
Transmission 8-Speed Automatic 850RE 8-Speed Automatic 850RE 8-Speed Automatic 8HP75 8-Speed Automatic 850RE 8-Speed Automatic 8HP75 8-Speed Automatic 8HP75


It’s quite obvious that the new 2019 Ram 1500 is a drastic change from the preceding models, but not only are the exterior enhancements visually appealing, they are also functional. Engineered with front splayed frame rail technology, energy absorption is increased, which is extremely helpful when you’re going over a bumpy road riddled with potholes or rock crawling out on the trail. Rigidity and roll stiffness have been increased, which improves durability as well as reliability. As mentioned previously, the truck does feature several new aerodynamic features including an optional air suspension system, which can reduce the height of the truck by over half an inch, adding to increased efficiency.

Red Ram 1500 in front of a sunset
2018 Ram 1500

Black Ram 1500 parked on the street
2019 Ram 1500

Along with the functional updates, the Ram 1500 received a complete makeover for the 2019 model year. From the front of the truck, there’s an obvious difference between older generations and the newer models. There’s even more differentiation between the various 2019 Ram 1500 models than ever before, with distinct grilles for each making six different designs total. There are three entirely new wheelbase lengths: 144.5 inches, 153.5 inches, and 140.5 inches. There’s also a ton of color options, with 12 different shades to choose from.


Overall cab length and width was increased, for a more spacious and comfortable ride. Active noise cancellation on certain models allows for a quiet, enjoyable driving experience. Along with the noise cancellation, the heating and air condition system have also been redesigned to be quieter and more efficient for better temperature control. Not totally new for the 2019 Ram, but an electronic parking brake, rotary gearshift, and a push-button start give the interior a nice, clean look across all trim levels. Besides the differences in design, functionality and creating useful space was a focus for the refreshed Ram. When it comes to cargo capacity, there’s almost 100% more storage capacity than other competitors.  The center console alone has 12 different configurations to suit any storage needs. The 2019 Ram 1500 has a truly luxurious inner cabin for the more expensive models, but even the base trim level is nothing to shy away from.

2019 Ram 1500 Interior


One of the main features in the interior of the 2019 Ram 1500 is the all-new Uconnect 4C Nav paired with a stunning 12-inch touchscreen. Declared as the most technologically advanced connectivity system available in any truck, the 2019 Ram 1500 features a built-in cellular connection. The giant navigation screen supports pinch to zoom and multitouch gestures, along with displaying live traffic information. The screen can even support having two applications open at once! With the new Uconnect, you can pair it with the mobile application, which will allow you to remotely start your vehicle or unlock/lock the doors from your smartphone or watch. The cellular connectivity also allows the vehicle to become a Wi-Fi hotspot, which many modern vehicles already feature. While SiriusXM is also a pretty common offering for most vehicles, the 2019 Ram 1500 is equipped with an entirely new feature from SiriusXM called 360L.

2019 Ram 1500 Touchscreen

SiriusXM with 360L

Satellite radio is not a new invention, however, SiriusXM stepped it up a notch with the new 360L subscription. Currently only available with the 2019 Ram 1500, SiriusXM with 360L allows you to not only create a listening profile for the driver but passengers as well. With the personalized listening profile, each listener can choose their favorite stations and receive recommendations that are specific to them. Up to five listener profiles can be created, so each member of the family can have their own personalized music experience! What’s really great about this system is that it offers voice search, so you can ask to listen to a particular artist or station without ever touching the screen, which should improve driver safety. Although this is exclusive to the Ram at the moment, capability for other makes and models should be added in the future. In conjunction with a new optional sound system by Harman Kardon that features 19 speakers and a 10-inch subwoofer, the audio experience in the 2019 Ram is outstanding.


2019 Ram 1500 Hemi Engine

So, let’s get more into the performance aspects of the newest generation of the Ram 1500. For both the 3.6L Pentastar V6 and 5.7L HEMI V8 engines, an eTorque mild hybrid system is available, which improves both fuel economy and performance. Replacing the standard alternator, the eTorque system is powered by a 48-volt battery pack that not only enables a start/stop function, but also grants an extra boost in torque depending on the driving conditions and can apply brake energy regeneration technology. The system recharges the batteries using the energy expelled during braking.

As the standard engine for most models, the 3.6L Pentastar features a two-step variable valve lift and wide-range variable valve timing, coming at 305 horsepower and 269 lb.-ft. of torque. If that’s not enough power, you can upgrade to the 5.7L HEMI engine, which also uses variable valve timing in addition to cylinder deactivation, which helps conserve fuel. The 5.7L HEMI engine puts out a whopping 395 horsepower and 410 lb.-ft. of torque. For the 2019 Ram 1500, the HEMI engine features a new 850-watt electric cooling fan that not only helps reduce engine heat but also excess noise. Paired with the two engine options is the TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission. Although the 5.7L engine has an upgraded transmission in comparison to the 3.6L Pentastar, both transmissions feature new computer controllers that work with the eTorque system.


For four-wheel-drive 2019 Ram 1500 trucks, the transfer cases received an update in the form of a new push-button control center that is located beneath the rotary gearshift. Along with the new buttons, the transfer cases were enhanced in order to better handle the additional power. Depending on the specific four-wheel drive model, a new electronic locking differential is available, giving drivers the ability to engage and disengage the diff when necessary. For better ride handling and passenger comfort, the new Ram 1500 is equipped with Frequency Response Damping shocks and air suspension. With the off-roading package, you can get a one-inch lift, Hill Descent Control, the electronic locking differential, and tuned shocks, everything you need for crawling over rocks and other rough terrain.

2019 Ram 1500 Rotary Gear Shift And Transfer Case Buttons

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2019 Ram 1500 Specs & Prices

When the 2019 Ram 1500 was originally announced at the beginning of 2018, it made quite a big splash in the truck community. Totally redesigned from previous models, the next generation Ram 1500 is sleeker and more capable than ever. Packed to the brim with tech, the interior received a welcomed refresh along with the exterior of the truck. The 2019 Ram 1500 may be good-looking, but it is also lighter and more durable.