5.0 Mustang Parts Buying Guide

5.0 Mustang Parts Buying Guide

Last Updated August 4, 2019

What’s old is new again.

Though they have been out of production since 1993, Fox Body Mustangs have seen a resurgence in popularity among the younger generations. While many millennials were very young or not even born yet during the Fox Body Mustang era, the allure of owning a Fox Body Mustang is as strong as it was in the 1980s.

The Fox Body generation ushered in a new era for the Ford Motor Company, whose development team was constantly trying to help the Mustang keep pace with the always-competitive automotive industry. In the late 1980s through the early ‘90s, which many Mustang fans consider the second act of the Fox Body generation, the Fox Body received its final major facelift. The makeover consisted of the iconic aero-nose, along with a modernized interior. The Ford Mustang is still going strong after 50-plus years, and the Fox Body generation played a major role in the pony car standing the test of time.

Fox Body 5.0 Mustang Parts

Moving forward to 2010, Ford was looking to stay ahead of the game. Out came the development of the 5.0L Coyote V8 engine. The Coyote engine is one of, if not the greatest achievement in Ford’s line of “Modular” engines, which began production in the 1996 model year for the Mustang in a 4.6L V8 form. Though it is not as large as some of the competitors’ motors, the Coyote engine makes up for it with its dual overhead cams and precise variable camshaft timing. The innovative V8 Coyote 5.0L engine, which was designed specifically for the Mustang GT, retains many popular aspects as the original engines of Fox Body Mustangs, but with lower displacement, more power and better fuel economy. The 5.0L engines have helped Ford adjust with the times, and owners of 2011-2017 Mustangs are able to enjoy an impressive 435 horsepower courtesy of Coyote engine. And with the right 5.0 performance parts for your Mustang, you'll be able to pull even more power out of your V8 engine!

Top Fox Body 5.0L Mustang Parts

5.0 Mustang Parts Fox Body SN95

Even since the introduction of the current modular 5.0L V8, nicknamed “Coyote,” the old-school pushrod Fox Body 5.0L V8 is far from forgotten. Now more than ever, many are scooping up these 1979-1993 Mustangs with aspirations to modify them and get the most out of these 302 cubic inch engines.

With that, and the fact that these Fox Body Mustangs are much lighter than the current generation Mustang out on the road, the factory rated 200+ horsepower goes a long way. And by adding a few engine and exhaust modifications, you’ll be well on your way to potentially reeling in a couple of these new modular 5.0L Coyote Mustangs.

Top Coyote 5.0L Mustang Parts

Coyote Mustang Engine Bay

Since its debut in late 2010, the all new Coyote platform from Ford is a marvel of modern technology from front to back. With features like Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT), Ford was able to pull the best of both worlds when it came to power, economy and most importantly, efficiency. The 2011 version of the 5.0L Coyote V8 produced a staggering 412 horsepower with a high redline of 7,000 RPM. On top of that, it produced an EPA-estimated 25 MPG on the highway -- truly a great accomplishment with a V8 producing north of 400 horsepower!

Thanks to the Ti-VCT, the tuning capabilities for these engines is better than ever before. Top that with the right cold air intake and exhaust options, you’ll have a Mustang putting over 400 horsepower to the wheels - something unheard of on a naturally aspirated setup less than 20 years ago.

5.0 Mustang Parts Buying Guide

Thanks to the many pushrod 5.0 Mustang parts from CJ Pony Parts, owning and restoring a Fox Body Mustang has never been easier. Fox Body 5.0 Mustang parts help Ford Mustang aficionados recapture the magic of their pony cars from the Fox Body generation. Between 5.0 performance parts, Fox Body 5.0 Mustang parts, and Coyote 5.0 Mustang parts, you have all of the tools in your arsenal to party like it’s the 1980s again!

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