Jeep Seat Cover Guide

Jeep Seat Cover Guide

Last Updated October 18, 2021 | C.J. Tragakis

Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators are some of the most enjoyable vehicles on the market. Their open-air and off-road capabilities get you closer to the great outdoors. But what happens when the outdoors start creeping into your Jeep’s interior?

Sun exposure, rainwater, mud, and general wear and tear can all take their toll on your seats. A set of Jeep seat covers can help protect them. At a minimum, giving your Jeep some front seat covers will give you improved style and protection. If you have kids, pets, or frequent back-seat passengers, rear seat covers are a good idea as well. Many sets come with seat covers for both rows. The purpose of this guide is to help you find the right ones for your Jeep.

Benefits of Jeep Seat Covers

Although the main function of Jeep seat covers is to protect the factory fabric, they do so much more than that. Here are some of the main benefits of buying seat covers for your Jeep.

UV, Water, and Wear Protection

Taking the roof off of your Jeep will expose your fabrics to the sun’s UV rays. This will seriously degrade them over time. And if you live an active lifestyle, water and sweat can certainly take their toll as well. Even if you aren’t too concerned about your upholstery, it’s worth thinking about resale value of your Jeep.

Added Style

Besides keeping your cabin clean, seat covers also give you options to customize your interior’s style. There are plain black and tan options that keep things looking very close to factory. For something bolder, red seat covers, and camo seat covers make a statement. If you want to show off your Jeep pride, there are a lot of covers that prominently feature the official logo.


For those with a dog, keeping a Jeep clean can be extra tough. Your four-legged friend will inevitably track mud and dirt into the car and onto your seats. Not to mention they can easily get car-sick. A seat cover will protect against those stains and embedded dog hairs. It’s recommended that you keep your dog secured in the back, so rear seat covers are a necessity for pet-friendly Jeeps.

Cheaper than Reupholstering

If your 4x4 has already lived an adventurous life, it may have some existing stains or tears in the seat upholstery. These can be costly or impractical to mend. By installing seat covers, you’re able to cover up these blemishes. It’s like giving your interior a fresh start.

Easy Installation

Installation is as simple as slipping them over your seats, which makes them a popular option for all sorts of owners. They’re easy to secure, with straps that go around the back or underneath the seat. Neoprene seat covers are a tighter-fitting option, but they install easily with a little bit of strength and patience.

Types of Jeep Seat Covers

Each of the different types of seat cover has something to offer. They vary by price, style, material feel, and level of protection. Materials like cloth are machine-washable, while leather will require more intensive care.

It’s worth checking out reviews of different seat covers to see what owners like and don’t like about them. Each type of material has something to offer and none of them are inherently “best.” It’s up to you to find what you like the most and what works for your lifestyle.

Jeep Cloth Seat Covers

Jeep Logo Cloth Seat Cover
Cloth seat covers, such as this official Mopar-licensed Seat Armour product, are an affordable way to protect your seats and add some style to your interior.

These soft and comfortable seat covers offer embroidered designs, such as the official Jeep logo. They’re looser fitting than other types, sometimes don’t cover the headrest, and aren’t as robust as neoprene. Still, if they do get dirty, you can machine wash them with ease. Plus, they’re the lowest-cost type of seat cover.

Cloth seat covers are great for daily-driving and some occasional off-road use. The soft material, often a cotton/velour blend, is very comfortable. They’ll stand up well to moderate amounts of sand, dirt, spills, and pet hair, but aren’t ideal for muddy or wet situations.

Neoprene Jeep Seat Covers

Jeep Black Neoprene Seat Covers
Neoprene seat covers, like this Rough Country set, offer form-fitting style and great protection.

If you’re most concerned about preventing moisture build-up and protecting your seats from the elements, neoprene is the way to go. Neoprene Jeep seat covers give your seats unbeatable protection and are form-fitting. The style is sleek and smooth, and they have a flexible, stretchy quality. Their look often gives them the appearance of being an upgraded factory option. This makes them very popular for Wrangler and Gladiator owners.

Neoprene is often billed as “waterproof” and is at least “water-resistant.” It offers the best protection against water, moisture, and mildew. Waterproof Jeep seat covers are very durable overall but can be damaged over time with exposure to UV rays. Hand-washing with gentle shampoo as needed will help extend their life.

Many appreciate that these form-fitting covers hug the contours of your seats. They’re a bit pricier than cloth covers, but arguably the most protective and coolest-looking.

Leather Jeep Seat Covers

Jeep Tan Leatherette Seat Covers
Seat covers that are leather (or leatherette like this Covercraft set) offer a luxurious-feeling texture.

Leather and leatherette seat covers give you a classic style and easy-to-clean surface. Leather is easier to clean than cloth and more resistant to long-term staining.

If you got cloth seats from the factory, this is a great way to upgrade your look. Leather seat covers can be the most expensive option, but leatherette is a more affordable alternative.

A downside of leather seat covers is that they will get hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Plus, they’re not ideal for serious off-roading if you’re going to be getting your seats soaked. This could lead to serious deterioration of the leather. If that doesn’t bother you too much, they’re a great option.

Tactical Jeep Seat Covers

Jeep Black Tactical Gear Storage Seat Cover
A tactical seat cover like this Rugged Ridge option offers storage for gear, with a military-inspired style.

There are tons of options when it comes to interior storage for your Wrangler or Gladiator. However, few will stand out quite like a set of tactical Jeep seat covers. They’re popular with enthusiasts for their cool style and practical storage.

Inspired by military gear, their aesthetic is a natural match for Jeeps. These seat covers are available for the front seats or rear seats of your 4x4. This gives you practical storage for your rear seat or trunk area. Tactical seat covers don’t usually offer as much overall material coverage as other types. Most are constructed from denier polyester, though neoprene options are available.

Finding the Best Seat Covers for Your Jeep

Whether you’re adding extra storage or going for a new style, there are Jeep seat covers for any need. More importantly, each can help you protect your interior for years to come, no matter where you go.

Picking the best Jeep seat covers will come down to your individual style. For basic protection at an affordable price, cloth seat covers are a great option. Spending more to get neoprene or leather seat covers can provide a sleeker look and better protection. And if you want a unique storage solution that adds rugged style, tactical seat covers are the way to go.

To complete the protection of your interior, look into getting some aftermarket floor mats, cargo mats, and door sill guards as well.

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Jeep Seat Cover Guide

There are a variety of different types of seat covers for your Jeep, including neoprene, cloth, leather, and tactical. Each offers different benefits. Find out which kind is right for you.