5 Cheap SN95 Mods

5 Cheap SN95 Mods

Last Updated June 14, 2023 | Hamilton Schutt

Adding a few upgrades to your SN95 or New Edge Mustang can make it better suited to you. While you might have big plans for your build, sometimes time and money keep you from making the mods you want. But these five upgrades are all quick, inexpensive, and immediately noticeable.

Each of these projects costs less than $500. Whether you're looking for more comfort, a style boost, or major handling improvements, you can accomplish your goals on your budget.

1. LED Headlights

The SN95 Mustangs' halogen headlights burn hot, aren't bright, and only last around 1,000 hours. Switching to LED headlights solves all three of these problems. You'll get brighter light for your nighttime drives. They also can last up to 30,000 hours.

You only need to swap out your bulbs to make the switch to LEDs. But you may want to consider changing out your headlight assemblies as well. The plastic lenses are prone to discoloration. This is especially true on New Edge Mustangs since the 1999 redesign included larger headlights. Even with new LED bulbs, discolored headlight housings can keep your lights from shining bright and looking great.

If your discoloration isn't too bad, you can try restoring your headlights. Sometimes a little polish is all it takes. But replacing the assemblies gives you a lot of great personalization options. Swapping to Cobra-style headlight assemblies gives you a performance-inspired look that's era-appropriate.

Smoked lenses, halo lights, and other great aftermarket options coupled with LED bulbs will give you a whole new look. All while staying under $500.

2. Carpet

If your SN95's carpet has tears, stains, or a moist-gym-sock smell, it's time for a replacement. Fresh carpet improves the way your cab smells, looks, and feels.

You generally have two options when it comes to replacing your Mustang's carpet: standard (AKA molded) and mass-back. Standard carpet is lightweight, easy to work with, and looks great.

Mass-back carpet has a layer of rubber insulation. This helps to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) and regulate your cabin's temperature. In addition to being more comfortable, the extra layer makes it more rigid and easier to install.

Whether you get standard or mass-back carpet, you can also add insulation from companies like Dynamat. If you want a major NVH reduction, then coupling mass-back carpet with aftermarket insulation is your best bet.

Both standard and mass-back carpet replacements are available in factory colors. You have your pick of black, graphite, medium graphite, opal gray, parchment, red, or saddle. If you're not totally sure which you had, check out our Mustang VIN decoder to get more info on your factory equipment.

3. Door Cups

The SN95 Mustang's door cups often end up cracked and damaged or even pulled away from the entire door. In addition to looking bad, this makes it hard to open and shut the doors. New door cups improve your Mustang's whole look and make it easier to get in and out.

Replacing door cups is easy. The installation only requires a Phillips head screwdriver and takes about five minutes per side.

Door cups are available in all of the factory colors. In addition to black, charcoal, and parchment, you can even get the red factory cups that came on the 10th-anniversary edition Cobra Mustang. You can get door cups individually, as a pair, or in a kit. The kits include the power window and lock switches, in case those are also looking a little worse for wear.

No matter which option you pick, remember to also pick up some new retention clips to complete your install.

4. Wheel Spacers

The SN95's factory 16” and 17” wheels are stylish but can look tucked in. Installing wheel spacers adds space between the wheel and hub, allowing your Mustang's wheels to sit farther out from the quarter panels. The result is a wider, more aggressive stance.

Wheels spacers are perfect for creating a widebody Mustang look. While the stance changes are great for appearance, they're also good for performance. Pushing your wheels farther from the body gives your Mustang a more planted stance. The result is better handling, grip, and cornering.

While wheel spacers are a great upgrade on their own, they also give you space for bigger brake calipers or wheels.

Wheel spacers typically come in pairs. That's because many drivers only install them on their rear wheels, to give their Mustang a staggered wheel look. This sporty look is perfect for performance builds.

5. Subframe Connectors

Subframe connectors stiffen up your SN95's chassis for better launches, handling, and ride quality.

The SN95 and New Edge Mustangs use the Fox platform, and just like Fox Bodies, chassis flex, and body roll can be an issue. Subframe connectors tie the front and rear of your Mustang together, creating a more solid frame.

Subframe connectors come in two styles: weld-on and bolt-on. Bolt-on connectors are easier to install, but they aren't as effective as weld-on connectors. Weld-on connectors stiffen the chassis more but require welding. Many subframe connectors can be bolted on or welded on. If you're not ready to commit to welding, you can bolt these on for now and weld them later.

You'll also need to pick between full-length or shorty connectors. While shorty connectors offer some handling improvements, full-length connectors are a lot better.

Don't Stop Now!

While these mods are a great (and affordable) way to get your build started, there are lots of other great SN95 mods or New Edge projects.

If you've already narrowed down your build direction, then you may want to focus on more specific upgrades. These goals can be as specific as building a drift SN95 or as general as trying to find the best SN95/New Edge exhaust. Check out these guides and get started on your dream build.

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