Wrangler Interior Storage Organization

Wrangler Interior Storage Organization

Last Updated May 27, 2022 | Meghan Drummond

Your Jeep Wrangler can take you to some of the greatest destinations on earth. Whether you love hiking, fishing, camping, or tailgating with friends, your Jeep is ready to go. Unfortunately fitting the gear you need into your Wrangler can be challenging.

Without the gear you need, your great adventures could be over before they even begin. To fit everything into your Jeep, you’ll need some great storage ideas. Strategy and organization are important.

The interior of a Jeep Wrangler can be turned into a full storage solution. With creativity and determination, you can give your Wrangler storage that addresses your needs.

These are some of our favorite Jeep Wrangler storage ideas for your interior.

Jeep Wrangler Lockable Storage

A doorless, topless Wrangler isn’t a place you want to leave your valuables. But if you’re heading to the beach and don’t want to risk sand in your phone, there aren’t many safe options. Adding a lockbox to your Jeep offers security and storage.

Drawer with visible lock is secured under a Jeep Wrangler’s seat

Most Jeep lock boxes secure under your Wrangler’s seat. Considering most people only use their underseat area for empty water bottles and cracker crumbs, added storage is a way better use. You could theoretically add a lock box under every seat. This would be great if you carry a lot of valuables (or feel like doing something nice for your passengers).

If you’re not keen on having to bend down, or have slightly larger items, then a locking glove box is a good idea. Though this doesn’t give you more storage space, it does add extra security.

Jeep Interior Cargo Racks

Your Wrangler’s rear cargo space may seem puny, but it has a lot of vertical space. Much like an apartment with high ceilings, lofting the space is a great way to add storage. Interior cargo racks do just that. These rear cargo racks create a tiered space in your Wrangler to more effectively store your gear.

a rack creates a second level of storage in a Wrangler

This double-decker approach lets you have full access to items on top or on bottom. This is a must for people who carry many smaller items, or who use the back of their Wrangler as a workspace. For workspaces though, there are other ways to improve cargo rack storage.

Wrangler Drawers and Cargo Racks

Drawers allow for organization, which can maximize a cargo rack’s utility. Though it’s possible to use a set of drawers you have at home or make your own, many drawers are available premade.

The major advantages to drawer sets designed for Jeeps are fit and durability. Most of the drawer sets you’ll find at your furniture store are designed to stay in one place. Going over rocky terrain or being continually tilted causes undue strain. As such, furniture that’s been converted tends to break easily.

Getting drawers that can easily open despite your Jeep’s tailgate lip also isn’t as easy as it may sound. Jeep Wrangler drawer sets specifically designed for the rear space have an easier time opening and closing.

Carrying Pets in Your Jeep

Of course you want to bring your best friend along on your next camping or beach trip! Unfortunately, letting your dog roam freely in your Wrangler can be a safety issue. Loose pets can be a driving distraction. They can also be injured if they try to get out of a vehicle prematurely.

A dog sits in the back of a Jeep Wrangler

Pet storage makes sure your pet is comfortable and safe in your Jeep. Many pet storage options are open-air, so your dog can smell the salty sea spray without leaning out an open window. For the ultimate in comfort, a cargo liner converts your backseat into a luxurious bed for your best friend. As an added bonus, it’s way easier to wash a liner than your backseat. Just throw it in the wash to get rid of mud and hair.

For larger dogs, a harness that attaches to a seat belt can also keep them safe on bumpy trails or in the event of an accident.

Some of the smaller Jeep storage pouches would be perfect for keeping a few treats and fresh water on hand.

Organizing Small Items in Your Jeep

a pouch secured to a Wrangler’s sun visor

Most of the items you need to carry in your Jeep are small. Phones, sunglasses, and wallets can bounce around and get lost or damaged. Item-specific organizers give you a dedicated place to put your most used items.

Dash trays are particularly useful as cell phone holders. From the dash, your phone can still readily spit out GPS instructions. Storing your sunglasses above the visor or on the rollbar keeps them within reach the next time the sun is out.

Swiss Army Wrangler

Wrangler with Cargo Nets

If you never know where you’ll end up in your Wrangler but want to be prepared, there are storage options for you.

Seat covers with abundant pouches are a convenient place to keep small tools. Label the pockets or leave them blank for a system only you understand.

Tailgate and overhead organizers make use of space that’s currently not being used. You can even make use of your roll bar space with options like gamma bags.

Some storage solutions have detachable bags that allow you to create ready-made solution kits for your most common off-roading problems.

TJ/YJ Wrangler Storage Ideas

If you’ve inherited an older Jeep Wrangler, storage solutions are a great way to modernize your ride. There are YJ and TJ Jeep storage ideas that can accomodate your modern items.

Sure, we couldn’t have predicted how crucial cell phones would be in the ‘80s, but now you can add dedicated cell phone storage. Whether a center console appeals to you or you’d prefer overhead storage, there are a ton of options.

You can play up your older Jeep’s rugged side with military-inspired storage options. These rugged cargo solutions only look better the more beat up they get. Much like your Jeep!

JK/JL Wrangler Storage Ideas

When you got your new Jeep Wrangler JL or JK, you probably had a list of trails you wanted to tackle. Did you see yourself taking the Wrangler out to new streams for fishing? Or to an elevated camping destination?

Your Jeep JK or JL can benefit from a few simple storage ideas. Your cargo storage can be improved without compromising your modern Jeep’s lines. Add to its modern sleekness by keeping your items out of sight with style. Slide your valuables under your seat with locking storage. You can organize your cargo area so that opening the tailgate unveils a ready-to-go tailgate party.

Your Wrangler Storage Solutions

Personalizing your Wrangler isn’t just about new bumpers or wheels. It’s also about making sure your Wrangler can support your lifestyle. Make sure your Wrangler has the storage space you need for the activities you care about.

If you’re into overlanding, you probably need more specific and substantial storage solutions. Check out our article on Jeep camping for specific tips and product suggestions. There are even interior storage solutions to make overlanding in your Jeep easier!

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Wrangler Interior Storage Organization

Your Jeep Wrangler can get you where you need to go, but to get there with everything you’ll need you’ll have to make the most of limited storage. Here are some of the best ways to maximize your Jeep’s interior storage so you’re ready for your next adventure.