Sequential LED Taillight Kit 8-Pattern Mustang 1967-1968

CJ's Part Number:
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  • Direct-Fit Replacement
  • 8 Sequential Patterns
  • Over 40 Bright LEDs Per Side
  • Correct Plug Connector

8-Pattern Sequential LED Taillight Kit for 1967 and 1968 Mustangs.

This 8-Pattern Sequential LED Taillight Kit for your 1967-1968 Mustang takes sequential taillights to the next level. Eight (8) user-selectable sequential patterns are included in this plug-and-play wiring kit. Switching between the sequential patterns only requires the push of a button. The standard flash mode flashes all LEDs in all panels together with the flasher relay or solid light with brake. It also mimics light bulb operation. The demonstration mode steps through each sequential pattern cyclically. It flashes each sequence six times before stepping to the next sequence and then repeats. The factory style connectors plug right into your OEM light bulb socket and you can reuse your OEM housings and lenses for simple and straight-forward installation. 

Features and Benefits:
- Standard Flash Mode and Demonstration Mode
- Straight-Forward Installation Process
- Mounting Hardware Included
- Plugs Into OEM Light Bulb Socket
- Dependable Durability

The factory taillight housing's waterproof sealing is very well maintained. This kit is engineered for simple mounting, wiring, and operation. All circuitry is self-contained with no separate control module to mount. Over forty bright LEDs (per panel) replace the factory incandescent bulbs. The kit is designed to utilize all available illumination areas of the lenses. LEDs are brighter than incandescent lights, last much longer, and run extremely cool. The LED voltage is internally regulated assuring constant brightness regardless of vehicle voltage. Input voltage is rated at 11-15 volts. The kit doesn't draw any power when the ignition is off. Additionally, all necessary mounting hardware is included.

Vehicle Fitment:
- 1967-1968 Mustangs

Please Note: Requires a low current draw flasher module- sold separately.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

If you're a subscriber to our YouTube channel, you probably know that we're big fans of lighting upgrades to early Mustangs for both looks and safety. We're also big fans of adding sequential tail lights. The Mustangs classic tri-bar tail light is so perfect for sequentials, Ford even installs them on all new factory Mustangs.

In the case of our '68 Mustang Coupe, we've gone so far as to even add sequential hood mounted turn signals. Somehow, even though this Mustang has been part of the CJ family for over 30 years, it's never got a set of sequential tail lights.

Today, we're going to install these programmable LED sequentials in our Mustang Coupe. This LED tail light kit's designed to fit your factory '67 through '68 Mustang tail light body and convert your standard single bulb to a three panel LED. It comes with a factory style plug so it will plug right in to your factory wiring.

If you want to take it one step further, you can put 12 volts of power to this pink wire here. It makes the LED fully programmable. You push this button here. It gives you 8 different sequencing options.

For this installation, we need a 3/8 ratchet, 3/8 deep socket, Phillip’s head screw driver, drill, 3/16 drill bit, wire strippers, wire crimpers, and safety glasses.

To install our LED tail lights, we need to remove the tail light bodies from the trunk. To do that, each of these tail light bezels has a stud that goes through the retaining nut on each side. We have to remove all 6 nuts, then we can remove the body from the bezels. Sometimes the stud will come out with the nut. Once we remove the nuts we can remove the housing from the tail light panel. Now unplug the factory bulb from the housing and remove the bulb.

Next we want to remove the 6 screws that hold the lens to the body because the LED panels are going to mount under the lens. This is a perfect time to replace your lenses if they are worn out. We thought ours were original, but looking closely, they are made by MoFoCo. Not FoMoCo, MoFoCo. We're guessing they're probably out of business, but that's a cool tail light so we're going to keep it.

We want out tail lights to be programmable so we have to get the pink wire out of the tail light housing so we can put 12 volts to it. Drill a small hole in the bottom of the housing for the wire to come out. The kit includes a grommet to put through the hole. Now we're going to install the grommet into the hole that we just drilled.

Now we're going to install the LED panels into our housings. You want to make sure you grab the correct side. They are labeled left and right. There's also a top and bottom. If you install the improperly, they're not going to work correctly. You want to start by fishing the pink wire through then lay this in the housing.

Now we'll reinstall the original lenses. You want to make sure, since you are screwing into plastic here, make sure you don't over tight. Just get them snug.

We're ready to re-install our housings back on our '68. We'll install the body back in the car. Now we'll plug our LED into the factory wiring. Re-install that and we'll test it out. Start by checking the parking lights. See huge difference in the brightness with the LED versus the standard single bulb. Now we'll check the brake lights. Lastly, we'll check the hazards. Since we don't' have power to the pink wire yet, they're not going to sequence. But you see they do work normally. If you don't want the sequencing option, you don't have to use it.

Now you want to take this pink wire, run it to a 12 volt source ... either at the fuse box or at the ignition to provide power for our LED panels.

To change the programming, remove the socket for the tail light. You can actually reach in and you can reach the programming button. There are 10 options you can get to by pushing the option button on the back of the panel. Option #1 is shown here is just the standard tail light. Option #10 is a demo mode. The other 8 are different options you have as far as how the lights actually sequence. You hit the button and change it. One light will flash telling you what option you are on. We've got two flashes there, this is option #2. Option #3, option #4, option #5, option #6, option #7, option #8, option #9 and option #10 which is a demo mode. It will run through all the previous options.

We're going to go with option #3 for our '68. Of all the ones, this is the one we like the best. Not only do the LED's look great, they'll make your Mustang a lot more visible as well. Programming sequence just allows you to give your Mustang the real custom touch. Installation should take you around an hour. You'll be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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