TMI Door Panel Pony Pair 1965-1966

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Pair of TMI Pony Door Panels for all 1965-1966 Mustangs with Pony Interior.

Help give your 1965-1966 Mustang's interior new life with these Deluxe Pony style door panels from TMI. TMI door panels are made with Masonite MDF wood backing not flimsy cardboard backing that can easily deform especially when dampened by rain or snow. TMI only uses Masonite wood backing. Wood is the ultimate in lasting quality. Extremely rigid, durable, and unaffected by moisture, they last and look new longer!

If you demand an exact match to Factory Embossing, your only choice is TMI. TMI door panels are embossed with a tool made from the original Mustang door panel. They look great!

TMI's door panels are made from heavy 30-32 oz. OEM Sierra Grain vinyl, just like the originals, and feature original style heat seam line patterns that are an exact replication of the original Ford seams.

TMI offers their door panels in a variety of factory correct colors to match your 1965-1966 Mustang's interior accurately.

*Does not include the stainless trim set or the door panel cups and inserts.
*Installation clips sold separately.
Note: Due to the premium nature of TMI products, these made-to-order parts may take up to 14 weeks to ship if they are out of stock.

Installation Difficulty


Novice skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Like we've mentioned before, we have plenty of projects planned for Lucy, our 1965 Mustang convertible. Our goal with this car is to make a nice drive, we're not looking to restore it, but we want to upgrade some features and make it more enjoyable to drive. One thing about this car that's bothered me since we bought it, though, is the door panels. The car is a Pony interior, which is a great option, but at some point in time, the factory panels were replaced with a set of aftermarket ones that are badly warped and literally fall off the door every time you close it. Today, we're going to upgrade our door panels using these new ones from TMI.

These Pony door panels from TMI will be direct replacements to the originals found on your 1965 through 1966 Mustang, and also can be used if you're converting over to a Pony interior. They're the same sierra green vinyl as the originals, they look just like it. The nice thing with these is the back. They use a Masonite MDF board as opposed to cardboard that a lot of other companies use. The nice thing with this, it's not going to warp, it's not going to curve. It's going to fit flat on our door, like it's supposed to. For this installation, you'll need a door panel removal tool, 4-millimeter Allen key, Phillip's head screwdriver, small flathead screwdriver or pick, and a small Phillip's head screwdriver.

Here's an obvious indicator of a poor quality door panel, the previous owner of this car ... you can see how loose the panel is here, the passenger side is falling off. It got to the point we actually stuck a screw back here, right through the trim, just to get this door panel to stop falling off. Obviously, like I said, this door panel some issues. We're going to start by removing it. Remove the cranks, and the wrong screw here, get the panel off. While we have our Phillip's head out, we're going to remove the door panel cup screws. Just get a small pick or something, get underneath this here. I'll remove the door handle. And get the escutcheon off as well while we're here, and then remove the window crank. Now we're going to remove our door panel. A door panel tool will make it a lot easier. In our case, it's halfway off already, you could probably just pull it off, but we'll use this to pop the rest of the clips out.

Now, the back of our door panel here, you can see how warped this is. It looks like it had water damage at some point. The cardboard there that used is very, very soft and that's why it's not sitting flat like it's supposed to. At this point, you actually can remove the stainless trim and transfer it over to your new door panel if you want to. In our case, since it already has holes in it, we're going to replace it with some new trim from Scott Drake. We're going to start with the inner piece. Now, I'm going to warn you now, this is tedious. You basically have to pull all these metal clips up and then line them up with the holes and push them through. The first thing you want to do is make sure you have the correct side, they are side specific. I'm just going to lay it in there. Okay, that is the right one. Now we can start with the clips.

They do have a sharp point, so they'll go through the vinyl without a problem. Basically, what you got to do is just get them all straight. You pretty much start wherever you want. I usually start at the top, just work my way across. You'll have to just adjust these a little bit as you go to get them to line up. As I go, I kind of bend every third pin or so. You don't want to bend them all down just yet, but enough that it stays on so you don't get three quarters of the way through and have it fall off. Okay, with the inner trim secure, now we can work on the outer trim. Basically just going to line this up with the outside edge of the door panel. Okay, what you want to do is get it slid forward, basically as tight as you can. Then we're going to install the original style screws in the front.

Now we're going to install our Pony door panel clips. The clips are actually going to go toward the curved section. The curve you have here ... basically, it's going to go in that way and then slide forward. Now we're going to put the door panel back on the car. Be careful here, make sure you get everything lined up properly. You don't want to slap the panel on, you want to kind of squeeze it to push the clips in. Make sure everything is lined up, if you have to adjust the clips a little bit, do so. Like I said, then you want to sort of squeeze. If you have the clips lined up right, I mean, it will be a tight fit. Once it's on, it'll fit nice and flush like it's supposed to.

Now we'll take our door cup. You can replace it if you want. We're just going to use the original in our case. Reinstall the escutcheon now, with a washer. Then the door handle. We have plans for the door handles in the future, so that's why we left the originals. Our window cranks were pretty ugly, so we're going to replace those with some new ones. All right, you want to repeat the process on the other side and your installation is finished. The TMI door panels look great and fit just like they should, just like a factory piece. Best of all now, when we close our door, they're not going to fall off anymore. The installation is pretty straightforward. Give yourself about an hour per side, and be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

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