TMI Upholstery With Seat Foam Sport R Series Hi-Back Black Full Set Mustang Fastback 2015-2021

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Full Set of TMI Black Hi-Back Sport R Series Upholstery with Seat Foam for all 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Fastback Mustangs.

Add an aggressive spin to your 2015-2021 Fastback Mustang's interior by purchasing this Full Set of Black Hi-Back Sport R Series Upholstery with Seat Foam from TMI. You'll receive new upholstery for the front and rear of your Mustang to truly set it off.

Full Set Includes:
- Set of Front Bucket Seat Upholstery
- Set of Rear Seat Upholstery
- Set of Hi-Back Front Bucket Seat Foam

Features & Benefits:
- Hi-Back, Sport R Design
- Subtle, Race-Inspired Styling
- More Stability and Comfort
- Premium Black Vinyl with UniSuede Inserts
- Increased Side Bolsters
- Improved Lumbar Support
- Contrast Stitching in Multiple Color Options
- Reuses Original Seat Frames and Rear Seat Foam

TMI utilizes their popular Sport R series design combined with a hi-back seat layout to create this unique full set of upholstery for your Mustang. Coming with brand new seat foam for your front bucket seats, this upholstery will add a subtle, yet race-inspired style addition to your interior while also increasing your overall stability and comfort. You and your fellow passengers will enjoy increased side bolstering and improved lumbar support while you drive.

The upholstery itself has a durable construction that is made from a premium black vinyl with TMI's high-quality black UniSuede inserts integrated into the design. A contrast stitching runs around the perimeter of each seat in your choice of color to help set off your new upholstery. Installation is simple as you'll be able to reuse your original rear seat foam & seat frames, while the front seat foam will easily fit over your factory headrests.

*This upholstery is not designed to fit with Recaro or any other aftermarket seats and will not work with factory heated and cooled seats.

Please Note: The upholstery for your front buckets seats are ONLY designed to be used with Mustangs that come WITH airbags in the seats.

Note: Due to the premium nature of TMI products, these made-to-order parts may take up to 14 weeks to ship if they are out of stock.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

The base model 2018 Mustang GT with an automatic transmission is without a doubt one of the best performance values around. To reach that mid-30s price point, though, a couple corners have to be cut, and one of them is definitely in the interior. We're going to fix that today with help from TMI.

Now, the owner of this car ordered a base model because he wanted to build it from the ground up exactly how he wanted. When you get a base model, obviously with the cost being a lot less than a premium, the interior's one place where there are a lot of cheaper materials, one being the seats. These seats, I find they're cheap-looking, they're not terribly attractive. Today, we're going to upgrade them with an upholstery kit from TMI.

This is TMI's Sport R Upholstery Kit, fitting your 2015 through 2018 Mustang fastback. This is going to be converted to a high back seat, which is going to be much more supportive than the factory seat, along with larger bolsters, and a much more supportive lower seat as well. This kit here, we're going to install, it comes in a black charcoal vinyl with a black Uni-Suede insert.

It's available in your choice of either the gray stitching shown here, along with white stitching, red stitching, blue stitching, or black stitching, and the kits can include upholstery for both the front and rear seats, along with new foam.

The TMI kit uses your stock seat frames in the rear, it uses the stock seat foam, but the front includes this foam. You are going to a larger, higher back seat. As you can see, much larger bolsters as well on the sides of both the seat back and the seat bottom, and much better lumbar support. This has Velcro inserts for the upholstery. It won't require any special tools for installation. It's designed to be something you can do yourself.

For this installation, you need a 3/8 ratchet, 15 millimeter socket, T-50 Torx bit, T-20 Torx bit, clip removal tool, any small plastic pry bar. If you're worried about some of the wrinkles in the upholstery, you can also use a heat gun.

So the first step in the installation obviously is to remove the seats from the car. We're going to start with our driver seat.

Start by carefully removing these plastic covers with a small screw driver and bolts underneath them.

Then slide the seat forward. Then same process for the rear. Remove the plastic covers.

Now we're going to pull the wiring harness off the frame then disconnect it and remove the seat from the car.

Okay, the front seats out. Now we can go to the back seat. Underneath here, there's a little clip. As you push in, then lift up. Then pull the seat out.

The seat back can be held in place by a couple different nuts. We'll start with these here. There's one on each end.

Okay, now you want to fold the seats down. One more right here in the middle. Then you're going to remove the seat backs.

Okay, with the seats of our car, we're going to start with our driver seat, popping the headrest up. Two little clips here. Just push in. Straight up.

Now we're over on the side of the seat here. Remove the adjuster. Clip removal tool, even a small flathead screwdriver will work. We're just going to push it off.

These side panels are held on by clips and two small T-20 screws. There's one here in the back and then one in the front. Another one is right, kind of tucked up in front here.

I want to carefully kind of grab this and sort of pull it up and out, push forward and unplug.

The plastic trim on the other side's held in place by two screws. One silver screw here, another one of those black screws in the back.

The same thing. A couple clips and pull this off. We're going to have to separate the seat back from the bottom to do the actual upholstery installation.

There's going to be two of these screws on each side that allows us to separate.

Bolt removed, carefully separate the seat.

We'll just separate and reach in here, disconnect the harness.

The harness unplugged, separate these nylon straps. Then we can separate.

We'll start disassembly of the upholstery by taking off this seat bottom. That's all held in place by clips like this all the way around the outside. So it doesn't matter where you start. The basis is going to get a grip on it and push up to remove the clip.

First it will be tight, but it will get easier as you go. We'll do one piece at a time, so I'm going to start with this seat bottom. Grab your new foam, let's just rest it on there. Make sure it is seated in place. Got to pull it back and push down. Then grab your new upholstery and fold it inside out.

I should mention at this point, make sure your upholstery's not cold. You had it sit in the garage our whatever and it's nice and cold, you will never ever get this stuff to stretch properly. If it is cold, put it room temperature, maybe a little heat gun will make it a lot easier. Then just stretch it over. We're going to flip it over.

It doesn't matter if you start in the front or the back, but you want to make sure that the foam is in the upholstery and start putting the clips on. Just sort of work it back here.

If you have some small wrinkles in here, don't worry about it. As soon as they get warmed up a couple times, these will go away. To get the bolsters really sharp, there's actually Velcro channels in here. You can try to push in with your fingers, but if you have a plastic pry bar, kind of just sort of work it through. You can kind of feel it when it catches. Careful you to make sure you don't push through the material.

Okay, so now we're going to work on this seat back. I will warn you, the bottom is much easier, but this can be done. Just a little more time consuming. Start by folding that over and release these two clips to separate the upholstery.

Again, there's a plastic clip in here just like the bottom seat. Pull that apart. Now we can start working it off.

If we're working up too much, we'll pull off this plastic trim here, a small plastic pry bar. Sort of work it off the latch. Then what we're going to do is basically just peel your upholstery off.

Now when you reach this point, you're going to find there's a strap of cloth that goes around here. It's actually tied into your bag. Reach underneath, little plastic clip just like the clips that hold the upholstery on. You're going to separate this. Work this back up through the foam.

When you get down far enough, you're going to find these little clips. Again, just pop these off. Two more down here. I want to keep peeling this off here. There's another clip in here.

Now to get the plastic head over releases out. They're way tucked up in here. Since we're not using this foam anyway, just rip the foam. Stick your hand right up here in the top. Just push in, a little tab and it'll release.

Last step is the strap here from the seat and throw the old upholstery aside. Now we can separate the foam from the seat frame and put it aside.

The seatbelt strap here, if you want to, you can cut it, you can drill it out. What I'm going do is just kind of tuck it in the frame out of the way. Not that we would ever go back to stock upholstery, but you never know, so we're just going to leave it in here.

Now you want to grab your new foam. The seat frame fully disassembled, the last step is to disassemble our factory headrest. The headrest does maintain, it does stay in the car. It just works a lot definitely with the high back seat.

First thing I'm going to do is pop this clip off, just lift up on it. Get that out of the way. Here's more plastic clips. Basically going to separate it. This one can be a little stubborn. Same thing, just remove the upholstery from the head.

Now we're ready to prepare our seat frame for our new foam. You want to grab these pieces here. These were the ones that hold the headrest in place. They only fit in one direction because the keyway. Lock them back in and then reinstall the headrest.

Make sure you go to the third lock and lock it in place. Okay, now we're going to hold our seat frame upright and grab the new foam.

Okay. We're ready to tackle this seat back. I'm going to tell you right now, this is the most difficult part of the installation. It is very hard to kind of get this stretched over. I do suggest, if you can get help, this is a great time to get it because if your hands aren't tired by now, they're definitely going to be after doing this.

What we’re going to do again, put the upholstery inside out. Start at the top, we're going to work our way down.

Before you get too far, you want to grab the seat release. We want to make sure first of all that it's centered. Then you want to grab that trim piece and we're going to put it back on right now.

I found it's easier to actually get the upholstery in around the edges once it's installed than it is to do it ahead of time. When you get about halfway down the seat back, you got to grab this piece here. Now this is for the airbag. We go around the bottom of the airbag and up through.

We want to fold this in upside down and lock it in place. Keep working the upholstery down over the foam. Now this point, it kind of looks like a bean bag. What you're going to do here, feeling from underneath and now you're going to work the bolsters up into the sides.

The real trick here basically you want to take your time and get them worked as close to the seams as you can.

Once you have it relatively pulled down, this is somewhat lined up, you want to actually work this in underneath the edge here. Plastic pry bar make this easier. Really careful with small screw driver.

Now remember when I said this was the hardest part of the installation and some extra hands will come in handy? If you can even have two or three people help you, this is the hardest part.

What we have to do here is literally pull the upholstery down, get this foam up here and clip it in place. You can see it's pretty far off. It's going to be because this has to be tight.

Again, make sure the upholstery is warm using heat gun, heat it up if you have to. Hair dryer, whatever, but stretch it down, then this will clip in underneath here.

Once we have the foam and upholstery perfect where we want it, remember there is these Velcro channels in her that actually hold the seat and give it kind of the shape just like on the lower seat.

Now this, something with a round bottom like a hammer works well, sort of just work it down in. You'll actually hear it catch. You hear it separate a little bit.

Same thing up here. Kind of push the bolster up while you're doing it. When you start it, something like a round plastic pry bar here works well, too. Get that nice and seated then we're ready to reassemble the seat.

We're just about ready to reassemble the seat now that our seat back is finished. There's upholstery here on the edge. A couple ways to deal with this. What I could do with it is sort of roll it up underneath here. You want to make sure it's clear of the mechanism. You can kind of roll it given more of a finished look right in here.

So the same thing on the other side. Okay, so now we're ready to reassemble the seat. Get an extra set of hands will make this a lot easier. We're going to get all four started before you try to tighten them down.

We're going to start replacing the plastics now with this piece here. While you have the seat on its side we're going to reattach all the harnesses. Okay, you want to repeat the process with the passenger seat and I'll move onto the rear seat.

The seat backs are both the same, so we're just going to do one side and show you how to do it here. Again, more plastic clips. Starting in here with a little screwdriver makes it a little bit easier. Get up in here and separate all the Velcro.

Once again, for the seat back, you want to turn the upholstery inside out. It makes it easier to get it on. Here you have your release strap. There's a little cut out on the side. So I want to make sure that you don't forget to put that release through here in the seat when you put it up or you won't be able to put it back down again.

Pull this tight and this seams going to basically flip over into the channel. Just like before, there's going to be a Velcro channel, one over here as well. Use something soft to kind of work it down in. Now we're ready to work on the seat bottom.

Now the seat bottom, everything is held in place just by clips. Basically just work your way through. Use a screwdriver or small plastic pry bar if you want to. Just pop off all the clips.

One little staple on each side. Okay, you're going to lay you're new upholstery in place and just start fishing through all the connectors. For the last time, push down, seat the Velcro. And we're ready to reinstall.

Start by reinstalling the bracket for the center of the backseat. There we go. And your installation's finished.

I'm not going to lie. It's a descent amount of work, but that is a huge upgrade over the factory. Some of them look a million times better. They're a lot more supportive and a lot more comfortable than the factory seats.

Now as far as the time to do the installation, there are no real special tools required, but it is time consuming if you've never done this before, give yourself a better part of a weekend.

If you have, you can probably do the installation, I'd say, in about three or four hours. But either way, take your time. You'll be back on the road in no time.

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