California Pony Cars Hood Strut Kit NXT Generation Unpainted GT500 2007-2014/V6 and GT 2011-2014/Boss 302 2012-2013

California Pony Cars: ENG-058-600
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Product Description

California Pony Cars Unpainted NXT Generation Hood Strut Kit for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Shelby GT500s, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 V6 and GT Mustangs and 2012-2013 Boss 302 Mustangs.

This hood strut kit will eliminate your factory prop rod and dress up the engine bay. This kit is a simple bolt-on that requires no drilling! California Pony Cars manufactures high quality products that set the "Industry Standard" for quality, fit, form and function.

Hood struts make opening your hood much easier and safer. Once hood struts are installed, there is no need for that annoying prop rod that always gets in the way. Working under the hood will also be simpler as you won't have to maneuver around the hood prop. California Pony Cars' hood strut kit should be one of the first modifications on the way to a cleaner underhood area.

California Pony Cars created this kit for the basic mechanic. The kit simply bolts-on with no drilling or permanent modification required. A few bolts are loosened and removed to install the brackets and a windshield washer connection needs removed. Basic hand tools are needed for installation which means you can install the hood struts in your own garage or driveway.

Kit Includes:
- Pair of Two Gas Struts
- Pair of Upper Brackets
- Pair of Lower Brackets
- Installation Instructions

Available unpainted, triple chrome plated, with a hydrocarbon look, or pre-painted in many of the factory Ford colors. The two digit code after each color in the drop down menu is the Ford paint code. Please verify your Mustang's paint code prior to ordering.

*California Pony Car NXT Generation hood struts are meant for the weight of a stock hood. If you have an aftermarket hood, check with the manufacturer to confirm whether hood struts will work.

Installation Instructions


Difficulty: Easy

Mustang Applications

This product will fit the following Ford Mustang years:

Product Reviews

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Glad to see that hood prop go! Too bad Ford couldn't think of it. The colored strut kit makes it blend right in, for a clean look, and it will be alot safer working under the hood. Thanks CJ Pony!
Dynamo01 February 25, 2013
CPC NXT Hood Struts
For my 2011 Mustang GT. Quality is excellent. Pre-painted Race Red is near-perfect. Install is very simple, and no drilling. Works well, but I thought they would have a bit more power on lifting. Never-the-less, I'm very happy with the product, the price, and the final install. Huge improvement over the factory prop-rod.
Pete May 5, 2012
Required some grinding for my Shelby
I bought these painted to match my 2011 Shelby GT500. Driver's side fit with no problems. Passenger side did not. The L shaped bottom bracket was either too fat or the hole was not drilled in the correct location on the botttom supporting bracket. After removing the fender bolt, it would not lay in position - the hole was way off. I had to do some serious grinding on the bottom of the bracket to remove the pain as well as about 20% of the metal to get it to fit properly (like the driver's side did). The final result looks good, but I should not have needed to grind like that
GT500 Grinder April 8, 2012
Really easy installation!
This was probably one of the simplest mods I've done to the GT500. I was also glad that this kit didn't require drilling any holes into the hood or body of the car. This hood lift looks like it belongs on the car, and thank goodness the prop rod is gone!
Dale March 9, 2012
Good fit and finish
Bought these for my 2012 Boss. The color is slightly off, Race Red, but not noticeable unless you are staring hard. Fit was near excellent. Great product.
Eddie March 8, 2012
Looks great on the Bullitt
These are great, and easy to install, although you really need 2 people to get them installed. They work perfectly and give a much cleaner look under the hood.
Bill W March 8, 2012
Hood Lift Support Instilation
A++ Very easy install. Instrutions plan and simple. installed in less than 30 min.
Michael March 8, 2012
Good product
easy to install, and good quality!
Simon March 8, 2012
Very nice!
I got the struts in Racer Red and they matched my 2012 GT500 perfectly. I was impressed by the ease of installation. Believe me, I am no mechanic! Also, I really liked the fact that the struts require no drilling, everything bolts on and looks like factory-installed hardware. The entire install took me less than 20 minutes. Check out the pictures here:
Captain Whamo November 3, 2011
Easy A!
Wanted a high quality solution to get rid of the prop rod. Other bolt on models either didn't fit the GT500 or received bad reviews so I was about to order the Shelby kit and drill holes. This kit fits well, is clearly marked without overbearing advertising (after I peeled the stickers from the shock tubes), and was an easy 15 minute installation. It works / looks great on the car and being painted factory color looks OEM.
Chris July 11, 2011
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: Today we're going to install this CPC No-Drill Hood Strut Kit on a 2013 Gotta Have It Street car. This hood strut kit is going to fit your 2011 and newer V6 and GT. It'll also fit your 2007 and newer GT500. It's available in all your factory colors. As we're going to show you, it's very easy to install.

Even though you won't be needing it in the future, we're going to use the prop rod one last time to hold the hood up while we install our hood strut kit. Installation's very simple. It only requires a ratchet and 10-millimeter socket. We're going to start by removing this rear fender bolt. The brackets are side-specific, so make sure you grab the correct one for the side you're working on. Now we're going to remove just the upper hood hinge bolt. Now you're going to just loosen the lower bolt. The bracket is slotted at the end, so we want to loosen the bolt with just enough room to get the edge of the bracket through the bolt. I'm going to slide the bracket underneath the bolt. I can reinstall the top bolt. We can tighten the bottom then. Now we're going to install the hood strut itself. It's going to snap onto the two studs. Just make sure the body of the strut is facing upward. The passenger-side hood strut is going to be installed in pretty much the same manner.

Once you have them both installed, our last step is to remove our prop rod. I already checked to make sure they work properly. Goes down nice and smooth. Goes up the same way as well. Under-the-hood struts do a much better job of supporting our hood than the factory prop rod. Gives us more room to work on our engine bed. Installation should only take you about 20 minutes. You'll be back on the road in no time.