Sequential LED Taillight Kit Ultra Bright 1965-1966

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Product Description

Ultra Bright Sequential LED Taillight Kit for 1965-1966 Mustangs.

Upgrade the look and brightness of your 1965-1966 Mustang's taillights with this kit featuring 180 total LEDs! Taillights will look up to five times brighter than stock lights. Taillights don't sequence during braking thanks to patented "Smart Signal" technology. White board design creates greater reflectivity and light output that none can match!

Original lenses can be used since these taillights run cooler than the standard incandescent bulbs. Installation is a snap requiring NO additional wires or modifying.

-Two taillight modules (90 LEDs per side)
-One flasher module
-Complete illustrated instructions

*Does NOT include taillight bezels, lenses or bodies.

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Great upgrade for vintage mustangs
I received this kit in excellent condition and installed it on my 66 mustang converible. I found the written instructions to be lacking. They do not tell you which color wires to connect the new flasher assembly to. However, the CJ Pony video (YouTube) does. If you buy this kit it is well worth watching the video before you start the installation. I was done in less than 30 mins.
The lights work and look great. Much brighter. The sequenced turn signals are really great!
I would purchase the kit again for sure!
Ed December 11, 2014
Very cheaply made. The LED lights are quality bulbs and are very bright. However, the solder points on the plug are very cheap. The left one shook loose in less than two days. I had to re-solder it. The adhesive on the regulator will not hold. I had to buy some heavy duty 3M mounting squares. There are no options to change the pattern and the brake does not flash once like other units at this price. These are the cheap ones with better bulbs at best.
Ed October 19, 2014
Super Bright
Just as nice as everone says
B Linton October 1, 2014
Great addition
I added the sequential lights to my 65 Mustang and now I'm wondering what took me so long. The job only took about 20 to 40 minutes to complete and was very inexpensive. My lights are a lot brighter and it added an up to date look as well. This is a must for any classic pony car!
AJ Johnson August 6, 2014
Super nice lights
I put these on my 66 Stang and they look great..Very cool addition to my car..Stands out day and night..Very easy to install..A must for any Mustang..
RICK July 24, 2014
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: Sequential taillights have always been a popular upgrade with the late-model Mustang crown. Ford even took notice and made these a standard feature on all the new Mustangs. Although your classic Mustang's three-bar taillight looks like it was designed for sequentials, the original one-bulb design made it impossible. Thankfully today there's plenty of ways to upgrade your original taillights. Today we're going to show you how to install these LED sequentials in this '66 Mustang coupe.

These LED panels have 90 LEDs per side, making them roughly five times brighter than your factory bulbs. At the same time, the LEDs run much cooler, so there's no problems using your factory lenses. Our kit comes with this special flasher unit. It's going to make all three panels light up when you hit the brakes, but also sequential them when you hit your turn signal. The kit's going to come with all hardware needed for installation, as well as detailed instructions. For this installation, you'll need a regular Phillips head screwdriver and you'll need a small Phillips head screwdriver.

Although this rare emberglow Mustang is in excellent shape, it's still uses the original one-bulb taillights. With the lights on or when you hit the brake, the lights aren't very bright.

We're going to start by removing the four screws holding on the factory bezel and lens. Now you want to remove the original bulb.

The next step is to install the LED panels. You want to make sure you have the proper side, also in the proper direction so sequencing works as it should. These install right in the factory bulb housing. The LED panel is going to attach to the stud on the back of the bulb socket. You'll see when we slide it over, our LEDs are actually hitting the housing. You want to make sure that doesn't happen as this can cause an issue the LED and void the warranty. The kit comes with these various size spacers to allow you to space the panel away from the body so it's not touching. Once you figure out the correct size spacer, I'm going to thread it onto the stud. I'll use this applied screw. I'll tighten our panel, again making sure it's not touching the housing on any sides.

Before we reinstall our lens, we just want to double check to make sure they're working properly. Turn on our parking lights. Once you confirm they're good, you want to reinstall the lens and do the same process on the other side.

Now we're ready to install the flasher module. The first step is to unplug your factory flasher. You're going to find it hanging underneath the dash, right up behind the brake pedal. Disconnect the two leads and pull the flasher out. Now we're going to install the red and green leads from the aftermarket flasher. The red lead is going to go to the orange wire. The green lead is going to go to the blue wire.

The last step is to ground the flasher. I'm going to use the factory courtesy light to ground here. Once we've made all connections, we're going to hide the flasher. It comes with double-stick tape. We're just going to stick it right up on top of the steering column.

Once we've finished the wiring, we're ready to test our turn signals. You want to put the key to the accessory position. We'll start with the right side. Now we'll check the left. As you can see with our lights off, our car looks 100 percent original. As soon as we turn the lights on, you see bright LED sequentials not only look great, they make the car a lot more visible as well. Installation should only take you around 30 minutes, so you'll be back on the road in no time.