Rear Axle

1981 Mustang Rear Axle

Rear Axle

No matter what year, new or old, all Mustangs are rear wheel drive — and that means your back axle is responsible for steering your pony car. The rear axle of your 1981 Mustang connects to your differential, and without it, you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. That makes this axle one of the most important parts of any pony car.

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1981 Rear Axle

Unlike the front axle of your pony car, the rear axle has to move your ‘Stang while also supporting the entire rear end, including whatever you have in the trunk. With that in mind, a bad rear axle can take any good pony car out of commission in no time flat, regardless of how well you’ve maintained the rest of it. Whether yours needs to be upgraded or fully replaced, CJ Pony Parts has a huge selection of rear axles that you can use to keep your favorite ride cruisin’ on the road.

Drive Off with Perfect Steering

There are two vital parts to your pony car’s rear support and steering. The first part is the actual axle itself, since that’s the structural strength that keeps the body of your ‘Stang off the pavement. They also support the brakes and other parts you need to drive you Mustang, which most obviously includes the wheels. Structurally, the axle is divided into two shafts, connecting in the center at the differential.

The differential is the second important part of your Mustang’s steering. The differential is the link between your rear axle and the driveshaft. It makes your axle respond to your steering wheel, and it’s also responsible for compensating the differences in the rotations speed of your wheels when you’re hugging a road’s curves.

In order to safely drive, your rear axle needs to be in top-notch condition to make sure it’ll respond to your steering wheel immediately. And if you need any additional parts to keep your axle strong, you can find everything you need in our extensive selection!

• Brake lines
• Shafts
• Axle grease seals
• Wheel bearings
• Axle kits
• Clutch springs
• Retaining clips
• Drum brakes
• Brake hoses

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