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Rear Cargo Area/Hatch Area carpet for 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 Hatchback Mustangs with a Two-Piece Fold-Down Rear Seat.

This OEM-style direct-fit replacement carpet is made from the same material as the original mat and is available in all the factory colors to ensure a perfect match. This easy-to-install carpet is trimmed to OEM specifications to ensure an exact fit, and it will help prevent rips and stains from permanently ruining your pony's interior. Simply choose the matching factory color or even a complementary color to accent your interior, and then to install simply remove the worn, faded carpet and lay this one in it's place. ACC has all the carpets your classic Second Generation Mustang needs, so browse their huge selection here at CJ's today!

*The year ranges listed with color names are the years the color was offered from factory, however this carpet will fit any 1987-1993 Hatchback Mustang. Please indicate your desired color choice in the drop-down menu.

It's hard to prevent getting dirt on your Mustang's carpet. No matter how careful you are, there's always going to be some dirt on your shoes that can stain or damage the carpet, leaving you no options except to protect the hard to replace carpet as best as you can. One of the best ways to protect your classic pony's interior carpet and prevent stains is with the quality and stylish floor mats from CJ Pony Parts! CJ's is proud to offer dozens of styles and colors of mats for every make and model Mustang--browse our selection today!

Order this high-quality Rear Cargo Area/Hatch Area carpet for your beloved 1987-1993 Hatchback Mustang with a Two-Piece Fold-Down Rear Seat today from CJ Pony Parts!

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Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We have a lot of interior upgrades happening with my 1990 LX and one area that needs to be upgraded is the carpets. Today we're going to start in the back of the car by replacing our hatch carpet.

One of the nice things about the Mustang LX is how useful the hatch area is. You have a large area back here for storing stuff and transporting stuff especially if you fold down the seats. The problem with that though is the whole area is carpeted and over time the carpet's going to wear out. We here at CJ Pony Parts we have replacement carpet for the entire vehicle including the hatch area. It's going to be available in all your factory colors and is fairly easy to install.

For this installation you need a 1/4 inch ratchet, 11 millimeter socket, plastic pry bar, small flat head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, awl, pliers and a razor blade.

We begin the installation by folding down the seats. We're going to do here, access the four screws, there's going to be two on each side. This part couldn't be easier. Just simply pull and it'll slide off and we can remove it. And you want to grab your new carpet. Simply lay it out and you can see here these are the clips here. Make sure that they're actually somewhat tight. Sometimes they do get loose over the years. Especially this on here you can see. Bend them back. So now we can fold the carpet up and put it underneath these tabs. What you want to do here now is kind of locate the holes where the screws are going to go. Take this plastic piece and kind of put it on the side. Use an awl to locate it. Line the screw up, you're going to basically thread it through the hole and it's a self-tapper, it'll grab the plastic on the other side and bring it tight. And repeat the process with the other three.

And then the last part of the installation is the seat backs. We're going to pop them out real quick 'cause it's very easy to do and then show you on a table how to do it. So begin the installation then by removing the screws at the bottom and then all the screws as part of the release handle up here. Now the carpet is held in place to the upholstery in the frame by a bunch of clips around the outside. So what we're going to do here use a plastic pry bar just carefully remove them. With all these clips removed on the edges now, we're going to remove these two bolts here. Separate this back here, might be a couple of staples in the foam, just give them a tug. Put this aside for now. And the last step for separating the carpet, just carefully pry out these staples on both sides and then just work your way around removing the rest, staples and then the plastic. You want to go back, just make sure you remove what's left of any of the original staples.

What we're going to do now, grab our new piece of carpet here. Sort of center it. You want to line this up with the bottom here. We're going to flip it over kind of see it aligns back here. You will do a little bit of trimming. This edge looks here so we're going to take this piece here and staple this down just to hold it to give us basically a place to work off of. Once you got the first staples in, just double check, make sure we're still good back here. We're all centered. We can start working the edges. Keep in mind there are holes here so you want to make sure when you put staples in, don't put them where the holes are. Put some extras in the corners you want to make sure it fits really tight. We'll come back and we'll trim later. You're going to want the carpet flush so at this point you're probably going to have to trim just a little bit.

Now using the old piece as a template, what we're going to do now, basically go around to all the holes, use an awl, just open them up. All right now you can begin assembly here. It's easy to start at the bottom 'cause you can see you just have open plastic plugs down there. With that done, pull these pieces here inside and sort of just staple them to the foam. Make sure both sides then are stapled into the foam then we can work our way around the edge here and install all the little plastic pushpins. Just usually use the awl to figure out where the hole was and push it in. I think it's sometimes easier like I said, use the awl to kind of locate the hole and a slightly larger screwdriver and sort of work the carpet back. Line up the clip, push it in. You can do this all the way around the outside edge.

All right so with the upholstery now installed we're going to fold this corner back and we can reinstall the bracket for the seat. Now you can grab the trim panel here and reinstall the original hardware. Start these two first, it'll make it easier to locate this third one 'cause there's going to be some carpet in the way. And then we have two more screws each at the bottom here and again these will have plastic. Now it's ready to go back in the car.

The new carpet add a really fresh look to the trunk of our 90 LX hatchback. Now we have a few more things to do in here then a little bit of paint and this'll look good as new. As far as the installation goes, the back seats are the hardest part of the installation, figure inside of two hours you can do the whole job and you'll be back on the road in no time.

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