Ashtray Door Repair Kit Mustang 1987-1993

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  • Direct Fit Replacement
  • Complete 6-Piece Kit
  • Includes Instructions
  • Fits 1987-1993 Mustang
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Ashtray Door Repair Kit for all 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 Mustangs.

Fixing your 1987-1993 Fox Body Mustang ashtray console door has never been easier with this Ashtray Door Repair Kit from CJ Pony Parts!

Features and Benefits:
- Complete 6-piece kit
- Includes new spring
- Includes detailed instructions
- Direct fit replacement
- Easy installation

This Ashtray Door Repair Kit is a complete 6-piece kit to fix the ashtray in your Mustang! It includes everything you need to fix the two most common issues with the ashtray door: a broken pin on the console and a broken console arm where the spring attaches. This kit will include a new spring and a set of detailed instructions that will help you complete the installation. This is a direct fit replacement, so installation will be a breeze!

Vehicle Fitment:
- 1987-1993 Mustang

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

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Installation Videos

Video Transcript

If you own a Fox Body Mustang, you're probably familiar with the broken ashtray door. The ends tend to break off. They fall out, making it impossible to close, and it doesn't stay open properly either. While we're happy Ford spent a lot of time getting the engine right, this is a place they definitely could have done a better job. So today, we're going to show you how to repair it, and also upgrade it so it doesn't break again.

For this installation, you'll need a small pick, Phillips head screwdriver, T20 Torx bit, 1/4" ratchet, 8-mm deep socket, marker, cutting pliers, drill, 1/8" drill bit, and safety glasses.

We're going to start by removing the storage bin from the back of the console. We'll pop off these two plates back here to access the two retaining bolts. There are two on each side. Once we remove all four bolts, we'll lift the console up and out of the way. Now we need to remove these two screws. We have two screws underneath the shift boot, so we've got to remove that first. With your hands underneath, just pull straight up. You'll want to put your brake on, take the console straight up, reach underneath and unplug your lighter and your mirrors, and we can pull our console lid out.

Now that we have the console top out of the car, we're ready to fix our ashtray door. Our kit should come with everything needed to repair the door, assuming the door itself is not damaged. We're going to start by removing the door, and also removing the lighter, making it easier to access. We'll flip it over to remove the door. We're going to disconnect it on this side. I would normally go through that opening, but it popped off somewhere along the line. Our spring's missing. You can see our spring part is actually broken, but the repair kit gives us a piece to fix that as well. This side here, somebody had drilled a hole out and put a cotter pin in, so we're going to remove that first. And we'll remove our door.

Thankfully, our door is not damaged, so we don't need to replace it. If either of these arms are broken off, you'll have to get a new door. If the stud is broken, the repair kit does come with a new metal screw to replace it. Now we're going to remove the lighter. You'll just place your thumb inside the lighter opening and turn it out. From the factory, this would have had a little plastic stud, just like you see here on the door. Somewhere along the line, somebody had drilled that off attempting to repair it with a cotter pin. If that piece of plastic is there, we don't want to remove it. Next, we're going to drill a hole just like this one here to mount the new hardware. We're going to open that hole up and make it a proper size.

Now we're going to install the screw in the retainer. The end of our screw is going to act as a mount for our door. I'm going to tighten it up so the retainer gets nice and flat against the plastic, and we're ready to move on to the spring mount. This is a repair piece for our spring mount. What we're going to do, line it up at the top where the original mount would have been, and draw a line straight across where you're going to cut, pretty much right on top of this plastic ridge right here. We're going to cut that off. Once you have this cut fly, you want to put a little superglue on there to glue the new mount in place. Before we do that, you actually want to assemble everything, including the spring. It's a lot easier to get the spring in this piece, and then glue it on.

We'll start by installing the door. Put in on our new stud there and use the original on this side. Make sure it moves freely like it's supposed to. You want to leave this in the open position. You want to take the new mount and feed the spring through. We'll feed it through our console door. We'll bend the spring so you can install this on the old stud. Once you have the spring installed, you want to check the proper operation, make sure everything moves like it's supposed to. Then you can glue the bracket to the original stud. Slide the bracket off. Put on the superglue. Press it back on.

Flip it over. We'll check our operation. Everything works exactly like it's supposed to, plus with the added hardware by using the screw as the stud, this has a much more solid feel than even a brand new door would have. Now we're going to reinstall our lighter. We're going to reinstall it in the car the same way we took it out. Make sure you get everything plugged in. Now we'll reinstall the shifter boot. We'll reinstall the rear screws. We'll now put the storage bin back on. And our installation is complete.

Our ashtray repair kit is an easy fix for a common problem. Installation should take you no more than about 20 minutes. You'll be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

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