Diode Dynamics Demon Eye Kit Pro-Series RGBW With Brackets 2015-2017/ GT350/GT350R 2015-2020/ GT500 2020-2022

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  • Direct-Fit Replacement
  • Includes Bluetooth Controller
  • Easy Installation
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Diode Dynamics Pro-Series RGBW Demon Eye Kit with Brackets for all 2015, 2016, and 2017 V6, EcoBoost, and GT Mustangs, and for all 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustangs, and 2020, 2021, and 2022 Shelby GT500 Mustangs.

Diode Dynamics' Demon Eyes are small, high-power LEDs that illuminate the projector lens inside your headlight, for a unique, high-end look. Your pair of two eyes feature multicolor RGBW LEDs, that can be paired with the included Bluetooth Controller for complete control from an app on your smartphone. Your all-new direct-fit upgraded Pro Series Demon Eyes are engineered to be the brightest and most reliable units in today's lighting market.

Using a total of 18 watts of LED chips, a full aluminum substrate with heat-sinking, wire-to-board connectors, and constant-current external drivers with shutoff, these Demon Eyes will shine with enough output to be visible in daylight, while staying cool and reliable in operation. Diode Dynamics includes everything you'll need to complete your modification project, but once you remove your headlight it'll be fast and easy. Install does not require you to open your headlights, so you won't have to worry about voiding any original warranties along the way. You'll love the custom look and feel your upgraded lighting components give your late-model Mustang, so don't wait and order yours now from CJ's!

Pro-Series Demon Eye Kit Features: 
- Direct-fit upgrade 
- Allows you to add full-color LED Demon Eyes to your pony's headlights for a custom look 
- Requires zero mounting modification to install--perfect alignment straight from the box 
- Easy to mount with included brackets 
- Does not require you to open the headlights
- Included Input Wire allows an easy connection to factory turn signals to work with your lock/unlock DRLs
- Includes a Bluetooth RGBW controller for complete lighting control

Kit Includes: 
- Pair of two (2) Pro-Series Demon Eyes with drivers 
- Pair of two (2) computer-designed brackets 
- One Bluetooth RGBW controller 
- T-Taps and Dual Input module
- Pair of two (2) Phillips head screws 
- Easy-to-follow installation guide

Tech Tip: While the headlights will still have to be removed from your car, the actual installation time for this Diode Dynamics Pro-Series RGBW Demon Eye Kit should be less than 10 minutes per side.

Vehicle Fitment:
- 2015-2017 V6 Mustangs
- 2015-2017 EcoBoost Mustangs
- 2015-2017 GT Mustangs
- 2015-2020 Shelby GT350 Mustangs
- 2015-2020 Shelby GT350R Mustangs
- 2020-2022 Shelby GT500 Mustangs

*Will NOT fit 2018+ EcoBoost or GT model Mustangs.

ATTENTION: For vehicles built for distribution outside of the USDM like the EU and AUS models - fitment of the bracket will be fine. However, the wiring will differ slightly from the North American models. Due to this, you will need to determine which wires to tap into for power. The included wiretaps and locations will be different from the included USDM instructions - WE CANNOT IDENTIFY THE WIRING DIFFERENCES FOR YOU.


California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Demon Eyes are a modification a lot of S550 owners would love to do their Mustang. But the typical installation requires you to remove the headlight from the car and then separate the lens from the housing. Now, these headlights are very expensive and in that process it's very easy to damage your headlights. But now thanks to Diode Dynamics, these are a bolt on installation does not require you to remove the lens and today we're gonna show you how to do it.

This Demon Eye kit from Diode Dynamics with fit all twenty-fifteen through twenty-seventeen Mustangs. It will also fit the twenty-fifteen through twenty-eighteen GT350 and GT350R. The beauty of this kit, previously if you wanted to put Demon Eyes on your Mustang, you had to remove the headlights and then separate the lens from the housings. It's easy to damage it that way and also hard to get it resealed. The beauty of this kit is this installs without having to remove the lens. You'll have to remove the headlight from the car, but these custom brackets allow you to mount them without taking the lens off. Much easier installation and still get that great look of the look of the Demon Eyes.

The kit includes everything you'll need for installation including this Bluetooth controller. This will allow you to go through any color you want in the spectrum and adjust it the way you want. It will also sync to music, it has strobes and some other features as well, which we'll show you during the installation. But again, everything you need for installation is included and will give you not only a true white, but whatever color that you want.

This installation that a jack or jack and jack stands, quarter inch ratchet, six inch extension, five point five millimeter socket, seven millimeter socket, eight millimeter socket, ten millimeter socket, thirteen millimeter socket, clip removal tool, small seven millimeter wrench, small Phillips head screwdriver, regular Phillips head screwdriver, and a T20 Torx bit.

While you don't have to actually take the headlights apart, you still have to remove them from the car for the installation. The first step in the process is going to be to get rid of the bumper cover so we can remove our headlights. We are going to start up here with the radiator cover.

With the cover off you can access these bolts you're going to remove next. Don't forget on each side, underneath this weatherstrip, there's a little five point five millimeter screw you gotta take out as well.

Now we are gonna separate the fender from the bumper. To do that, remove the push pin clips here in the wheel well so we can access the screw.

What we'll do now, and this part you want to be very careful with, you're gonna want the clips out. Pull back on this fender liner here. There's a small screw facing down right up in here. It's gonna be hard to see, it's a little seven millimeter screw. If you don't remove this you are going to damage your cover when you try to separate it from the fender. And then you want to repeat the process on the other side.

Alright, so now we are under the car. We want to remove these four screws here and the rest of the push pins.

To remove the bumper cover, we have to separate this. There's little clips in here, these are very, very easy to break on these cars. A lot of these fifteen through seventeens have issues with this bumper. Just want to very carefully sort of pop them out. Don't pull too hard, they'll separate fairly easily.

Now, we can lift off the alignment dowels here. We're gonna remove the bumper, don't forget to unplug it once you get it off the car.

We're just about ready to remove our headlights but before we do that this is the perfect time because we are disconnecting the headlights, we do have to tap some wires, disconnect your battery.

Now we're about ready to remove the headlights, we'll start with the screw on the side here. There's two screws on the front and one down here, the other ones up top. Now carefully remove the headlight.

Okay, the lights off the car, we're ready to modify them and install our Demons. What you are gonna do here is grab the bracket you need. We're working on the passenger side, between the two brackets the longer one is for the passenger side and that's the one we're gonna need. Before we get in the headlight we are gonna mount the Demon Eye to the bracket. Now the diode facing up, you want the chips facing up as well and there's a little cutout that kind of goes into the back here, let me grab the supplied hardware and screw it in.

To install the Demon Eye into the headlight we are going to start by removing this ballast. With the ballast out of the way we have to remove that Phillips head screw on the factory circuit board. The way the Demon Eye bracket mounts this clip is gonna go over this opening over here and that hole will line up with the factory circuit board hole and that's what holds it in place and the Demon Eye will be over in front of the headlight.

What you're gonna do is this again will pop right onto here. Once you get that popped onto there and slid over you'll notice that whole realign to the factory hole from the screw, reinstall the screw. Just make sure it's snug and that we're using the overtight mount. We're gonna wrap the wire back towards our headlight switch and we're gonna install these four screws.

The wires we're separating out are gonna be the two black with grays, they are grounds, and we are going to use two power wires here. Grab the purple tracer here and the blue with the green tracer. Now, this is all included in the instructions, they tell you which wires to tap while you're in there. It'll be different wires on the driver's side but these are the four we need for the passenger side.

The dyad includes these wire tabs, again if you aren't comfortable using these, you can solder if you'd like too.

This is our driver, you wanna make sure you plug this in to our Demon Eye first. Do not plug this in directly into the controller. And then the driver, you've gotta do this on both sides, is gonna get connected to the controller. We're going to make our connections here, the blue wire is gonna go to the blue green, black goes to one of our grounds, red's gonna go to our gray and purple, and black will go to our other ground.

Before we do the other side, we are going to start cleaning up some of our wiring. We're gonna actually plug the light in and you're gonna reconnect our battery and we're gonna try them out. Since these lights are controlled by Bluetooth, you're gonna need an app to control them. So go to the Google Play store, app store, whatever format you're using, search diode and you're gonna see Bluetooth RGBW controller. You'll want to download that app. Once you download it, you're gonna want to open it up. In our case, we actually connected to it but the main screen is gonna come up and it will give you the option to connect to your vehicle, and once you do that, then that'll actually allow you to turn the Demon Eyes on.

Alright, ignitions on, everything's powered, we're gonna open up the app and then turn them on. Then you have a bunch of other options, you have patterns, you have some different fades, fade through all the different colors, strobes, multicolor strobes, seven colored jump. You can go and actually make your own if you'd like to, your own program for what it does and you have a sync option that'll connect to your microphone. If you actually notice, the lights are going based off of my voice. If you have music playing or anything in the background the microphone will actually pick up the music and the lights will move with the music.

Once you have both headlights connected and verified everything's working properly, we're gonna go back and clean up all our wiring and reinstall our bumper.

Your installation is finished. The Demon Eyes do really add a cool custom touch in front of any S550 Mustang and thanks to Diode Dynamics you don't have to worry about damaging your factory headlights to install them. The installation is a little time consuming as you do have to remove the bumper but overall it's not that difficult to do, figure about two hours and be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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