Diode Dynamics LED Side Marker Light Set Front And Rear 2010-2014

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Set of Diode Dynamics Front and Rear LED Side Marker Lights for all 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Mustangs.

Are you looking to change the exterior appearance on your 2010-2014 Mustang? If so you might be interested in a Set of Diode Dynamics Front and Rear LED Side Marker Lights from CJ Pony Parts. The Set of LED Side Marker Lights are designed to be an exterior upgrade for all 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Mustangs. The Front and Rear LEDs are available in a Clear, Amber or Smoked finish.

Diode Dynamics Front and Rear LED Side Marker Lights Features:
- Available in Clear, Amber or Smoked Lenses
- Modern LED Appearance
- Retroreflector Optic for OEM-Style Reflectivity
- Inductive Driver Circuit for High Reliability
- Pressure-Equalizing Vent Reduces Condensation
- A Complete Plug and Play Installation
- Made in the USA!

Kit Includes:
- Driver Side Front LED Side Marker Light
- Passenger Side Front LED Side Marker Light
- Driver Side Rear LED Side Marker Light
- Passenger Side Rear LED Side Marker Light

The Set of Side Marker Lights from Diode Dynamics will provide a modern appearance on your 2010-2014 Mustang. The Side Markers have a retroreflector optic which will give your S197 Mustang a factory style look. A pressure vent is installed on the front and rear Side Markers. This will reduce on condensation build up. Installation is quick and hassle free due to the plug and play connectors. The LED Side Marker Lights are proudly made in the USA!

Founded in 2006, Diode Dynamics manufactures LED lighting products for the automotive industry. Their main focus has been on developing great products that provide superior quality with excellent service. Whether you are looking for replacement LED bulbs, full LED assemblies, multicolor accents, or unique lighting control modules, look no further than the LED lighting products from Diode Dynamics!

Purchase a new Set of Diode Dynamics Front and Rear LED Side Marker Lights for your 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014 Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

The LED rear marker lights for the S550 Mustang have been extremely popular, and ever since we introduced that product, one of the questions we have asked the most is when are they going to be available for the 2010 through 2014. Well the answer to that question is right now, and today we're going to show you how to install them using this 2013 Shelby GT500.

The marker light's been very popular because they look great on the car. Instead of a single bulb, you get a whole row of LEDs which gives it a really custom look. In the case of the 2010 through 2014, not only are you getting rear markers lights, you're getting the fronts as well, in your choice of a smoked finish, a clear finish, or the original with the amber in the front and the red in the back.

For this installation, a lift or a jack and jack stands, panel removal tool, small angled Phillips head screwdriver, 10 millimeter wrench, and a 7 millimeter nut driver or a 7 millimeter socket and ratchet.

On the new Mustangs, you can actually just reach up inside here and get to the marker light, which is pretty easy to do. Not an option unfortunately on the 2010 through 2014, so what we have to do is remove these two clips here, and then three screws, and you can just pull the bumper away and get to it that way.

The next step is remove these three screws here, now if you have a standard screwdriver, just pop the wheel off and get to it, but a small right hand screwdriver will get right in there.

What we'll do is just grab the edge of the bumper, slightly pull out here, release the clips, and now you can access the light. Just squeeze front here, the light will come right through. And unplug.

Now you can see ours have already been tinted, but you grab the correct one, just make sure it's the correct style clip, and they are side specific. You're going to do, remove that, remove the bulb, keep the housing and put this aside.

We'll plug the LED into bulb housing, lock it in place, and it's ready to be reinstalled. Now we'll plug it in, seat the back in place and it just locks in.

Now once you have it in place, either grab your keys or just open your door, make sure it works like it's supposed to, and we can reinstall the panel.

Okay, I'll put the panel back into place, push all the clips in, and then reinstall the screws. Now you can reinstall this panel. Once the screws are installed, reinstall the clips in the bottom, and you want to repeat the process on the other side and move on to the fronts.

We'll start the front by removing this belly pan here, you can actually just remove the screws on the side if you want to, you can sort of reach up in there, but it's a lot easier just to pop the whole thing off, give you some more room, plus you'll be able to see what I'm doing.

Now you can see the front marker light, it's held in the car by two tube nuts, you want to get up there, release the tube nuts and the light will fall out from the front. And disconnect the plug.

This is the stock one versus our new one, we removed the tint that was previously installed. What you'll want to do then, take this off here, just turn it, remove the bulb and put the stock pieces aside. Take the factory bulb housing, turn it, lock it in place. The way the factory tube nuts work, they actually cut into the plastic, so what we suggest doing is put it on here, just give it one or two turns just to get it started, makes it easy to do it here than on the car. And that's ready to go back on the car.

Plug it in, and then slide it up into place. And then again grab the keys, make sure it works. Right now we can reinstall the tube nuts and tighten down the marker lights. Just get them snug, don't over tighten them because it will strip easily, and then repeat the process on the other side, reinstall the pan, and your installation is finished.

I was a fan of this style marker light on the S550, and they look great on the 2010 through 2014 as well. The installation is pretty straightforward, you're getting front and back which is nice. It'll take about an hour or so and you're back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

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