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Dougs Headers

Looking to improve your Mustang with extra power, better fuel economy, and a more intense sound? It’s as simple as putting in a new and improved exhaust system. And with our selection of parts that will help you improve airflow while still maintaining that classic Mustang sound, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. The first step to accomplishing this is finding the perfect header, which is easy when you shop with CJ Pony Parts. We carry one of the best brands in the automotive industry, Doug’s Headers, to help ensure that you achieve that classic muscle car sound! And when you shop with us, you’ll get them at affordable prices with free, same-day shipping on all in-stock orders. Shop CJ Pony Parts today, and your ‘Stang will be roaring in no time.
Doug's Headers was founded in 1958 out of a small muffler shop in the Los Angeles, California area. While they started small, Doug's Headers rapidly expanded in the industry. Throughout the 1960s, Doug's Headers designed and built many innovative headers for muscle cars, including those driven by the top racers of that time period. Doug's Headers reputation further expanded by the famous “Headers by Doug” decal, which was displayed by the most consistent top performers in many classes. Doug's Headers has become a name that you can trust for quality and reliability and the brand has earned a spot in five different drag racing halls of fame. They truly are products with superior quality and fitment and pioneers in the industry.

Hear That Muscle Car Roar

Adding a new exhaust to your classic Mustang can drastically increase the performance, as air will finally be able to move freely from the engine. Headers, mufflers, and complete exhaust systems are just some of the items that will help. With parts from Doug's Headers, you can get high-quality exhaust components for classic Mustangs at reasonable prices. Get your Doug's Header parts from CJ Pony Parts today, and enjoy the improved exhaust performance on your classic Mustang.

Our selection of Doug’s Headers includes:

• Tri-Y Ceramic Automatic 260/289/302, 1965-1970
• Tri-Y 351W 1-3/4”-2” Stepped Design Ceramic Coated, 1967-1970
• Long Tube Headers in Raw Steel, Ceramic Coated, or Black Hi-Temp Coated for Mustang II Suspension 5.0L Coyote Swap, 1965-1973
• Tri-Y 260/289/302 1-5/8”-2” Stepped Design Ceramic Coated, 1965-1970

We carry only the best for our customers, so we’re confident that all of these parts (along with the rest of our inventory) are perfect for your Mustang.

Over the years, Doug's Headers have become ideal for just about any vehicle on the road, from muscle cars and performance cars, all the way to trucks, SUVs, and even motorhomes. The classic Mustang is right in the heart of their market, and Doug's Headers provides high-quality headers for classic Mustangs from any year, for a multitude of engines, including engine swaps for those models.

Today, Doug's Headers is part of the Pertronix family. It's expected that, with the new ownership, the Doug's Headers brand is going to expand even further, through new product development and aggressive advertising, continuing their pioneering in the exhaust market. As pioneers in the exhaust market, there’s no question that they’ll stay a top leader in the automotive industry. It is our partnerships with brands such as Doug’s Headers that allows us to be confident in all of our products, and we’d love the help you find the right one for your Mustang.

The Perfect Pipe

CJ Pony Parts offers Doug's Headers for classic Mustangs, including numerous Tri-Y headers and long tube headers. These headers fit most 1965-1973 Mustangs with various different engines, and the long tube headers are specific to Coyote 5.0L V8 swaps into those classic Mustangs.

No matter what headers you're looking to install, CJ Pony Parts offers them with free same day shipping. Order your Doug's Headers today, and revel in the perfect Mustang sound tomorrow!