Flowmaster Cold Air Intake Kit Delta Force GT 2015-2017

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  • Easy Installation
  • No Tuning Required
  • High Flow Filter
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Flowmaster Delta Force Cold Air Intake Kit for 2015, 2016 and 2017 GT Mustangs.

Looking to add more horsepower and torque to your 20015-2017 Mustang GT without the hassle of a complicated installation process? Take your Mustang’s performance to the next level by adding this Delta Force Cold Air Intake Kit from Flowmaster! It doesn’t require any cutting or drilling to install and gives you up to 5% more horsepower and torque.

Flowmaster 615131Cold Air Intake System Features:
- Gain up to 5% in Horsepower and Torque
- Serviceable Lifetime 8-Layer High-Flow Filter
- No Cutting or Drilling for Easy Installation
- No Tuning Required
- Made in the USA

*This Flowmaster Delta Force Cold Air Intake Kit is not CARB certified.

The Delta Force system contains an ultra-trick custom molded cross-linked polyethylene high-flow intake tube that helps dissipate heat more quickly than aluminum intake tubes. This results in a cooler intake charge. The kit also includes black anodized aluminum fittings, high quality reinforced silicone couplers and all stainless steel hardware.

This kit (P/N: 615131) has a large diameter, 8-layer high-flow conical shaped and serviceable air filter, a custom-fit black powder-coated air dam with attachment brackets to securely mount the system in place and soft bumpers to eliminate any metal to metal contact under the hood. Combined, these features provide a longer service life and keep your Mustang operating at peak performance for years to come.

Tech Tip: To get the maximum performance and that iconic Flowmaster exhaust tone out of your 2015-2017 5.0L Mustang GT, pair this Delta Force Cold Air Intake System with a Flowmaster exhaust system.

Order this Flowmaster Delta Force Cold Air Intake Kit for your 2015, 2016 or 2017 GT Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

As I mentioned before other videos, a cold air kit and exhaust system are probably the two most common modifications people make to their Mustangs, but they rarely come from the same company. You all know Flowmaster is an exhaust company. When you have the resources available that Flowmaster does, it only makes sense to branch out in other performance products.

This Delta Force Cold Air Intake from Flowmaster is going to fit your 2015 through 2017 Mustang GT, and today we're going to install it on this white 2017 Mustang GT.

This Flowmaster Delta Force Cold Air Intake features an eight-layer, reusable filter with a bell mouth, a high-quality ABF inlet tube and all the necessary hardware and heat shield for installation. Again, this will fit your 2015 through 2017 Mustang GT, and is made right here in the USA and does not require any tuning. Flowmaster has shown gains of five percent across the board for both horsepower and torque with its cold air kit installed.

For this installation, we'll need a quarter inch ratchet, seven millimeter socket, eight millimeter socket, 10 millimeter socket, 11 millimeter socket, 13 millimeter socket, an extension, 5/8 wrench, 11/16 wrench, 13/16 wrench, 4 millimeter Allen key, T-20, torques bit, Phillip's head screwdriver, cutter, pliers, and Teflon tape.

The first step in the process is to remove the factory intake system. The first thing I'm gonna do is remove the engine cover to give us a little more room to work. Now we're gonna disconnect some hoses, and we're gonna start with the mass air meter over here, pull that off. You want also to make sure you separate it from the air box. Disconnect the hose from the air tube to the interior. Push on this clip here to disconnect the PCV line. Push on this for the air line. Now we can just take the clamp at the throttle body. Tug. The last step for removing the air box is removing this bolt over here on the fender well. I can remove the entire box as one assembly.

Flowmaster came up with a rather unique solution for the sound to the ... If you're watching the videos, you know some places actually deleted the firewall, which is very difficult to get to the bolt and also very difficult to plug it. What they do, actually have you remove it at this clamp right here, and then simply put a plug in here. With the cold air kit on, you won't even really notice it.

With the factory inlet off, we're gonna take out the mass air sensor now. This is gonna get transferred over to our Flowmaster intake. Alright, now we're gonna take the sensor, grab this applied gasket, and install it in the new tube. It'll only line up one way, so if the holes don't line up just simply flip it around. You'll want to use the supplied hardware to screw it in place. Put that aside.

Next we're gonna take the bell mouth adaptor for our air filter, and install it with the provided hardware onto the shield. We're gonna install the bracket now for our factory fender bolt. Use the provided hardware. I'm just gonna make this hand tight for now. Once we get the position right on the car, we'll go back and tighten it down. The same thing with the other bracket. The short side goes on the shield, the long side goes toward the inside. Again, leave this one loose as well. The last step in preparing the shield now is to install this seal. You're gonna start basically right here, just work your way around the outside.

Then we'll cut this off right here at the bottom bracket. You just want to double check your brackets are in the correct location. This one here is gonna go to the bolt that's in the apron, the factory bolt we removed earlier. This one here is gonna go in a hole in the side of the frame rail, so you want this one facing down. Now we're ready to install it in the car.

We're gonna put the heat shield down into place now. There's a factory hole down here you're gonna use with this factory hardware. It's gonna be a little hard to see. Then over here we'll reinstall the factory bolt. Now we can go back through and tighten the hardware. Now we can tighten up these brackets as well. Now grab the nylon cap for our air tube here, just slide over it. Now we can work on the inlet tube.

Now we're ready to work on the air tube itself. We have to install some fittings. I'm gonna use a little bit of Teflon tape on these just to make sure we get a good seal. With that facing just like that when it's installed. With these two, the one with the larger fitting's going to go on top, the smaller one on the bottom. Don't get these overly tight. Just make sure they're snug. Now we're gonna take this smaller coupler, use the smaller clamps here, so on the throttle body side. Again, just get it snug for now. We'll make adjustments on the car. Just leave that on there loose for now. Then the same thing on the other side.

Getting ready to put the inlet tube in now. Start by connecting it over here to the bell mouth. Then on the throttle body. Get everything seated and tighten the clamps down. Now we can connect all the hoses. This car is a 2017, so there's only two. If you do have a 2015 or mid to even late 2016, there will be a third connection as well, but the late 2016 and 2017 aren't gonna use it. Then we can plug in the mass air harness. The last step is to install the filter. Here you reinstall your engine cover and your installation's finished.

If you're looking for a cold air kit, but don't want to tune your car, the Flowmaster is definitely one to consider. It looks almost OEM when it's installed, and the installation is pretty straightforward. With a large filter and direct inlet, it should definitely make some power as well. Overall figure about an hour or so, be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

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