Flowtech Axle-Back Exhaust System 3" Stainless Steel Dual Exit With 4" Polished Tips Fastback GT 2015-2017

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Flowtech 3" Stainless Steel Dual Exit Axle-Back Exhaust System with 4" Polished Tips for 2015, 2016 and 2017 Fastback GT Mustangs.

If you're looking for a way to boost your 2015-2017 Fastback GT Mustang's overall style, than this Flowtech 3" Stainless Steel Dual Exit Axle-Back Exhaust System (52017FLT) with 4" Polished Tips is the exact aggressive upgrade you need! Order your kit today from CJ Pony Parts!

Flowtech Axle-Back Exhaust Features and Benefits:
- High-quality 3" diameter 409 stainless steel pipe construction maximizes strength and durability
- Dual chambered mufflers crafted from 409 stainless steel offer throaty sound without the drone
- Includes two 4" polished 304 stainless steel dual wall exhaust tips with embossed Flowtech logos
- Entire exhaust has quality welds for strength and durability
- System designed for hassle-free installation
- Utilizes OEM mounting points for factory-like fitment
- Does require cutting during installation

This upgraded axle-back exhaust from Flowtech is exactly what your newer Fastback GT Mustang needs! You'll love the aggressive, throaty sound that the dual chambered mufflers provide, and the high-quality stainless steel construction means those sounds will be around for years to come. Flowtech designed this direct-fit exhaust system to re-use your OE factory mounting points and the installation requires only some cutting before you can get your pony back onto the road. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your GT's exhaust system with this Flowtech Axle-Back from CJ's today!

Please Note: This exhaust fits Fastback GT Mustangs ONL. It will NOT fit Convertibles.

Please Note: Installation of this axle-back requires cutting of the factory exhaust piping. Once the modifications have been made to the factory exhaust system, the rest of the installation is hassle free.

Flowtech Performance Exhaust is the industry leader in value priced exhaust systems! CJ Pony Parts is proud to partner with Flowtech to bring you a number of affordable exhaust options when it comes time to upgrade your Ford vehicle. Browse our growing Flowtech selection and place you order with CJ's today!

Order this upgraded Flowtech 3" Stainless Steel Dual Exit Axle-Back Exhaust System (52017FLT) with 4" Polished Tips for your 2015, 2016 or 2017 Fastback GT Mustang today from CJ Pony Parts!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Today we're going to show you a unique Axle-Back option for your 2015 through 2017 Mustang GT. This is the Flowtech Axle-Back fitting your 2015 through 2017 Mustang GT. Now, Flowtech is a little bit new to the S550 market, they've been making exhaust systems for a long time. The unique thing about this system is it actually cuts further up which gives you a nice, straight path into the muffler. It's made of three inch 409 stainless steel with a stainless steel dual chamber muffler ending in a four inch chrome tip.

For this installation, you're gonna need a lift or a jack and Jack Stands, 3/8th Ratchet, 13 millimeter Socket, 16 millimeter Socket, Tape Measure, Marker, Sawzall, and Safety Glasses. During the introduction, I mentioned the one thing unique about the Flowtech is where it cuts. Now, because of the design of it normally with the Axle-Back you're cutting behind the axle. What Flowtech does is actually move it up so you get a straighter shot at the muffler. What we're gonna actually do here instead of cutting behind the axle, you're cutting right here in front of the pumpkin area here. What you're going to do is go to the tangent here, basically what the tangent is is the edge of the curve where it gets straight.

Get underneath it, follow the curve and the first straight section make a mark. What we're gonna do is measure two and a half inches further back on the exhaust towards the bumper and that's where you're gonna cut and you'll do the same thing on the other pipe. Now, in our case, we already had an aftermarket Axle-Back that we removed, but to get your factory Axle-Back it'll be hanging at this point. You're gonna remove this bolt so you can remove this bracket and then remove it from the rear hanger by sliding it forward. Now grab a file and just make sure this edge here is free of any burrs so the pipe can slide over.

Now grab the original hanger, put that on there along with a new clamp and we put it up into place. We're gonna start in the back by sliding it into the rear hanger. You want to slide it all the way back and line it up with the front pipe. Let it slide over and then push it forward. I'm going to put the hanger back up in here and then reinstall the bolt we removed. We're gonna line up the muffler back here and then tighten it down. We'll repeat the process on the other side and your installation is finished. Our Flowtech system was pretty easy to install, it looks great on the car. Let's hear how it sounds. At auto it definitely is one of the deeper sounding systems I've heard, especially for an Axle-Back.

It sounds good when you rev it too. It's not overly raspy. It's not real crackly, has a nice tone and carries it throughout the band. Now if you're a subscriber to our channel you know that we've had a lot of 2015 through 2017 exhaust videos. I've heard pretty much everything out there. You get a pretty good idea of what to expect after a while from an Axle-Back. The Flowtech is different, I mean, it really is. It's really a unique sound for this car. It is a lot deeper than any other Axle-Back that I've heard yet. We know in the past that deep can sometimes translate to drone so we're getting up to the highway speeds here and get around 2,000 RPM to see where it is.

We're cruising right around 2,000 RPM right now. You hear it but it doesn't have that like droning kind of sounds. You can still hear the exhaust. It doesn't sound stock but you don't get that like pulsating sound that some of them do on the drone. Really is nice, it isn't bad at all. But even at idle it has a deep sound to it. As you go through the RPMs and the sound gets louder it doesn't change much. Like in a lot of them might be a little deeper down low but then you got to hit that 3, 4,000 and it turns into like a louder, raspier kind of tone. You don't get that with the Flowtech. It kind of carries that same tone throughout the RPM band.

Here we are again at highway speeds and like I said, you can hear it. You get a little bit, I'm not gonna call it drone, but you do get a little bit of that deep sound at the consistent RPM but it's not annoying. Now, if you've been around a while and ever had a Fox Body Mustang there's another company that makes a two chamber muffler that you're probably familiar with and this reminds me of that a lot. It very much has a vintage kind of chambered muffler tone about it.

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