Ford Performance Lowering Spring 20MM Set MagneRide-Equipped Mustang 2015-2023

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Set of Ford Performance 20mm Lowering Springs for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustangs with MagenRide Suspension and for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 Performance Pack GT Mustangs with MagenRide Suspension.

If you want to make your 2015-2023 Mustang equipped with the MagneRide Suspension even more aggressive, then consider upgrading to this Set of Ford Performance 20mm Lowering Springs (M-5300-W), now available to purchase here at CJ Pony Parts!

Features and Benefits: 
- Gives a Much More Aggressive-Looking Stance 
- Offers Increased Handling Dynamics 
- Designed to Maintain Excellent Ride Quality 
- Lowers Vehicle Approximately 20mm (0.787”) Front and Rear 
- May Cause Slightly Harsher Ride When Compared to Stock Springs

This brand-new set of upgraded springs will lower your performance pony by 20mm. Each of the four included springs are constructed using only premium-quality parts and pieces and will be a direct-fit to your OE stock springs. Lowering your Mustang's stance will instantly make your performance vehicle more aggressive but also provides better handling and dynamics both on the street and the track.

Vehicle Fitment:
- 2018-2023 GT Mustang with Performance Pack
- 2015-2020 Shelby GT350 Mustang
- 2015-2020 Shelby GT350R Mustang

*ONLY fits MagneRide-equipped models.
*Not for use with 2015-2017 V6, EcoBoost, or GT Mustangs or 2018+ EcoBoost or GT Mustangs NOT equipped with the MagneRide suspension.

*Please reference a Ford service manual for installation information and the correct torque specifications.

Please Note: CJ Pony Parts highly recommends getting an alignment after installation to ensure your Mustang's specs are in check.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Today in the studio, we're going to show you how to lower your MagneRide equipped Mustang with help from Ford Performance.

These Ford Performance Springs will be a direct replacement for the factory springs on all 2015 through 2018 GT 350s. Because the 2018 Mustang GT with the optional MagneRide suspension shares a lot of the GT 3D suspension, these springs will fit those as well. It's going to be a direct replacement and will lower the car approximately 3/4".

For this installation you're going to need a lift and a pole jack or jack and jack stands, 3/8" ratchet, 10mm socket, 13mm socket, 15mm socket, 18mm socket, 19mm socket, 1/2" ratchet, 21mm socket, 24mm socket, torque wrench, 17mm wrench, clip removal tool, hammer and a spring compressor.

Now if you've done lowering springs on a 2015 through 2017 Mustang in the past, the process is going to be pretty similar. It's actually almost the same. There's a couple things you just have to be careful with. For starters, you have the wiring going here, which is part of the MagneRide control. This will actually come off with the shock. Just make sure this wire doesn't get bound anywhere. The same thing for the leveling sensor on the control, which we'll point out a little bit later. You want to make sure that doesn't get stretched too far. It can get damaged. Now to remove the rear spring, what it will require is to lower down the sub-frame. So you want to do it one side at a time so the sub-frame doesn't move around too much. Now to be able to move it down, what you want to do is…remove these bolts here to disconnect the shock and this bolt here so we can disconnect the brake line to give us more movement downward.

Okay, now we can move under the car. Like I mentioned earlier, you will have to lower down the sub-frame to get the spring out. So first thing we're gonna do is get a jack or a pole jack to support it so we can remove the four bolts and lower it down. Now to remove the sub-frame, we'll start on the front with this bracket. You're gonna remove these two 13's here and then remove the larger bolt here.

Now you'll want to lower your jack or pole jack down so we can remove the spring. Now you want to be careful at this point here. This is your MagneRide sensor back here on the control arm. This will actually move down as one piece. There's no reason to worry about it. You're not gonna overextend it, nothing like that. Just be careful of it. It is kind of small and fragile. You don't want to hit it with a spring too hard when you remove it.

Now the rear springs are gonna be unique on the MagneRide cars, which includes the 2018 with the option or the Shelby cars. What's unique about them is the springs are actually specific left to right. They're wound in opposite directions for your left and right spring. So you want to make sure when you grab the replacement spring, you do grab the correct one. Ford has a very small L at the end of the part number for the left and an R for the right. Remove the factory spring isolator and move it over to the new springs and turn it. Lock it in position and then we can install it. Now be careful of the ABS line in the shock. Again, don't put too much strain on this harness here. You can pull these aside and bring the spring right in here from the front.

Now with the spring seated in the lower control arm, what you want to do is turn it and there's actually a stop. It'll fit into the factory isolator at the bottom. You want to turn until it stops. Just double check. Make sure the spring is against the stop. We can actually see it right through here and we can push it down onto the top perch. Okay, now we can jack the sub-frame back up into place and then reinstall the bolts. You put the bolt up into place. You want to start these by hand. Make sure you get them threaded in.

Then do the same with the front.

With the sub-frame bolts snug, now we're gonna torque them to factory spec, which is 129 foot pound. Now you push the shock back in place under the studs and reinstall the hardware.

Put the brake line bracket back into place and reinstall the bolt.

Then repeat the process on the other side. We're gonna move onto the fronts. We're gonna start the process under the good. What you want to do is remove two of these bolts. Leave the third one. Just loosen it up and then we'll go down in the actual wheel well and remove the strut.

So moving onto the front, again, it's gonna be very similar with what we did with the S550 Mustang. The difference again with this car is the MagneRide suspension. So you want to be careful. This line here, we want to make sure you disconnect it from the strut and then also unplug it from the back before you try to remove the strut or you'll damage the MagneRide. Now since we are disconnecting sensors, at this point, I would disconnect your battery before you begin the front strut removal. Now the first step to removing the strut, we're gonna remove the caliper from the bracket and then put it out of the way.

With the caliper off, now we're gonna remove this bolt here. It gives us enough flex on the line to put it back here on the K member out of the way.

This is plug here I was talking about earlier. We're gonna separate this and then actually remove the clips. That'll get tied up when we pull the strut off the car.

Now on the front part of the strut, we can disconnect the clips for the MagneRide plug along with the ABS.

We can push them out of the way. All right, with the sensor wire that's disconnected, now we're gonna remove the sway bar. We're gonna put a wrench on the back and then take the nut off the front.

Right here is the ride height sensor for the MagneRide for the front. Now what we have to do when the strut comes off, the spindle comes down pretty far and it will actually max this out. We don't want to put too much tension on this because they are expensive to replace. So we're just gonna remove this nut right here and let that hang, making it easier to remove the strut.

And now the last step in the process is to remove the actual spindle bolts. So, what we're gonna do is remove these nuts, just get them to the end of the bolt and then we're gonna have a hammer and hammer them through to remove them.

Now with the bolts and splines hammered through, we can remove the nuts and bolts and then separate the spindle from the strut.

All right, now with the strut on the table, the next part of the installation is going to require a coil spring compressor. Now if you don't have one of these, you can rent one from most local auto part stored. What we have to do now though is compress the spring and then remove the strut mount and swap the springs over.

Now with the compressor, remove the nut off the top.

When installing the new spring, you actually will not need a compressor. Because the spring is lower, we can put it in place and push it down with the strut mount.

The spring will seat in a certain location, so make sure it is seated in the lower mount.

Our assembly is ready to go back in the car. All right, now we can lift the spindle back up and reinstall the bolts to hold the strut to the spindle.

Now you want to torque these bolts to 184 pound feet.

All right with the spindle mounted, now we're gonna reconnect all of our lines.

Don't forget to plug the main right sensor in. Then we can re-bolt the sensor on the bottom of the control arm.

Reconnect the sway bar end link now.

All right and finally we can install the rotor, caliper and the bracket.

All right, now back up at the engine bay, we can tighten down the strut nuts.

You're gonna want to torque these to 46 pound feet.

All right, you're gonna wanna reconnect your battery, reinstall your wheels and tires and your installation's finished.

While definitely not slammed, the 3/4" drop from the Ford Performance lowering springs will work great with the MagneRide suspension and gets rid of a lot of our wheel gap as well. The installation is pretty straightforward. Give yourself about two to three hours. You'll be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

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