Hurst Manual Shifter Billet Plus T-5/T-45 1994-2001

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  • CNC Machined Aluminum
  • High Strength Shifter Handle
  • Reduced Shifter Throw
  • Self Centering Alignment
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Hurst Billet Plus Manual Shifter for all 1994-2001 Mustangs with a T-5 or T-45 Manual Transmission.

Hurst Billet Plus Shifters incorporate a high ratio pivot mechanism for reduced shifter throw and are sturdily constructed for a more positive precise feel when shifting. Self centering alignment improves 2nd to 3rd up-shift gear changes to reduce the chance of "missed shifts". Patented adjustable bias spring loads on most models allow stick tension to be tailored to drivers preference. Dedicated applications assure a custom fit and eliminate any vehicle modifications for ease of installation.

Billet Plus Shifter Features and Benefits:
-CNC machined 6061 T-6 billet aluminum base and stop collar
-Heat treated billet steel gear selector for ultimate strength
-High strength steel black shifter handle
-Adjustable positive gear stops to help prevent internal transmission damage
-Stainless steel rotating pivot insures smooth shifting and reduced wear
-Polymide pivot cup reduces stick vibration and noise transfer
-Self centering alignment for improved 2nd to 3rd upshift gear changes
-Patented adjustable bias spring load for ease of operation
-Exclusive oil control seal, on most models, to eliminate trans fluid loss and protect against contamination

*Does NOT include shift knob.

Please Note: The handle design on the Hurst Billet Plus shifter does not allow the Bullitt/Mach 1 shift knob to sit low enough to thread onto the handle. Other knobs that have a large stem at the base of the knob may also have the same problem.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Throughout the Mustang's history, owners have always complained about the strength of manual transmission, whether it be the T5 and the Fox Body, or even the MT 82 found in today’s S550. There's been a lot of transmission failures. Now a lot of these are attributed to the way people drive these cars, but the best way to protect against transmission failures is with a good aftermarket shifter. Today we're going to install Hurst Billet Plus on my 1990 Mustang LX.

This is Hurst's Billet Plus Competition Shifter, fitting your 1983 through 2001 Mustang with T5 or T45 transmission. It will be a direct replacement for the factory shifter. It comes with all necessary hardware, along with a lower shifter boot. It's gonna have a 6061 build aluminum base and collar here with built in adjustable stops and then a steel selector and a steel, making it much stronger for your factory transmission, which is great for banging gears on your T5 or T45 trans. Like I mentioned, this will fit your 1983 through 2001 transmission. If you're using it with a T45, which will be your 1996 through 2001, you'll have to install the spacer plater. If you're using it on a previous model or a V6 from that era, you will not use that.

For this installation, you'll need a 1/4" ratchet, 1/2" socket, swivel, extension, 11/16 wrench and a 7/32 Allen key.

Unlike your modern manual transmission, on these cars, all the way up through '01 the installation can be done right here inside the car. The first step is to remove the shift knob. To remove the shift knob, simply get a grip on it, turn it counterclockwise.

And on the boot, grab the edges here and the boot should still be attached. A lot of the times, it isn't though as you can see on my car. You'll pop that up and then just slide the boot off.

Now the next part you're gonna remove is going to be this upper boot here. Now in the case of ours, as you can see, mine is completely torn apart and it wasn't even actually properly installed in this car. This is held in by four bolts by four corners of the floor. So remove that to access the shifter. All right, now we're ready to remove our shifter itself. Now before you say it, yes, we know our car has an aftermarket shifter very similar already. It's a different brand. It was on the car when I got it. I honestly don't even know who makes it. We're definitely gonna upgrade to our Hurst shifter. Now the process to remove it, same with the stock shifter. Remove these four bolts.

The fronts are a little harder to get to. A swivel will make it a lot easier.

Now at this point, your stock shifter or a correctly installed aftermarket shifter you're removing is going to have a silicone seal that'll keep it tight to the transmission. A lot of the times, you may have to tap it with a hammer on either side to get it off. In our case, it was not actually sealed properly and it fell right off. The Hurst includes their own cup for the shifter. So you want to basically just put your finger in this one. It'll pop right out and install the Hurst. Now if your shifter was installed properly, there's gonna be silicone sealant all the way around the outside edges here. You'll want to use a razor blade and clean that surface as much as you can. I'm gonna use a little brake clean to go over it real quick before we install our new sealant. All right, now we're gonna grab ultra-black or some gray silicone sealant. What you want to do is go around the edge of the transmission to make a new gasket.

All right, now we're gonna install our Hurst shifter and make sure this ball goes into that cup and install the provided hardware.

All right, now is the part where we can make some adjustments if we want to. Now there's a couple different options you can adjust here and there's a couple things you definitely want to adjust. Now as far as spring tension, there are springs that actually control the movement of the stick located underneath these two plates. If it's too firm for whatever reason for you, you don't like it to centered as much, you can remove these plates and remove those springs that'll make this movement a lot softer. In my opinion, I probably wouldn't do that. This feels good the way it is. There's really no reason to make that adjustment. But if you wanted to, the option is there. The second thing is the stops. On these, you are gonna want to set up. Now what you're gonna do is start by loosening this up. You're gonna loosen this nut. What you're gonna go is put the car in second and you're gonna thread this up, let me do it so you can see here, until it's touching the stick. Make sure you pull it back into second when you do this.

As soon as you get the touch, you can turn that one half turn and hold it with an Allen key and tighten the stop nut.

Then we're gonna do the same with the front. Go from second, put it in third.

Touches and then half a turn off. Then double check that it goes in gear. Then you can put full pressure against it. It should touch, but be just shy of it. Then you stop you adjust it. Once you have everything adjusted the way you want it, grab the supplied boot.

Now in my case, I'm just gonna lay this back in there. We're gonna work on this later and actually do a different job sealing it. The factory over boot will not fit over this. But you can actually cut it and make it seal a lot better if you want to. So yeah, we're just gonna put it in there for now. We'll worry about it later.

Finally, we can reinstall our shift boot.

And your installation's finished.

The Hurst Billet Plus shifter is gonna make our 1990 LX a lot more fun to drive and now with preloaded springs, we'll be able to hit third without needing a mat. As far as the installation goes, this is probably an hour to an hour and a half install. You'll be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

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