MBRP Cat-Back Exhaust System Race 3" Black Series GT 2011-2014

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MBRP Black Series 3" Race Cat-Back Exhaust System for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 GT Mustangs.

Harness the aggressive muscle car sound with MBRP's 3" Race cat-back exhaust system for your V8 Mustang. The aluminized cat-back is painted black to give you the hottest look on the market. MBRP uses a high heat coating that is designed specifically for exhaust applications. Black 4" tips exit the rear of your Mustang creating a stealthy look. An MBRP performance exhaust system is the starting point to getting the most from cold air intakes, tuners and other bolt-ons.

This exhaust (P/N: S7264BLK) spent countless hours on the dyno and hundreds of miles on the street and track to ensure the best performance possible. MBRP's cat-back was designed to maximize exhaust flow to minimize exhaust temperatures. This provides better fuel economy, performance and life expectancy. Heavy duty aluminized steel cat-backs offer a value price without compromising on the quality. Seams are a major point of rust through with some budget systems but MBRP builds fully sealed tubing to add years to your system.

The new 5.0L engine makes a lot of power and emits a fantastic sound but could still use some improvement. MBRP cat-backs pump up the decibels without making your ears ring. Exhaust notes are subtle and civilized during normal driving but seriously aggressive when you mash the gas. MBRP made sure their cat-back systems don't cause drone at highway speed so you can have a conversation without any trouble. Minimal bends, smooth piping and high flow mufflers increase CFM and add a boost of horsepower. Stock cat-backs offer 502 CFM but MBRP is able to create 1162 CFM with their Race cat-back. One-piece over-axle pipes allow for easy install making it easy, even for the DIY mechanic.

Black Series exhaust systems are made from 100% heavy gauge aluminized steel. The main focus of the Black Series is to provide the cost conscious consumer with the same high quality design and craftsmanship as MBRP's other systems but at a value price and with a stealthy look. Aluminized cat-backs are suitable for areas with moderate environmental conditions. For those needing an exhaust system that can handle the harshest road conditions, a step up to the XP Series would be in order.

Order this MBRP (S7264BLK) Black Series 3" Race Cat-Back Exhaust System for your 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014 GT Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We're always looking for ways to get more power out of our Gotta Have It Race car. We're currently running a Ford racing axle back, and we still have the stock halfback pipes in place. So today, with help from Jesse from MBRP, we're going to upgrade his three inch full Cat-back.

Jesse: What we have here is actually our brand new black Cat-back system we have for the coyote car. What you notice is the axle back portion is a black coating and then we have aluminized over axle three inch parts that complete the Cat-back system for us. This particular system is our street series and it utilizes the larger can mufflers, but we do have a race system available, actually, in the same finish as well. The real difference between two of them is actually just the amount of packing that's in the muffler. They're both the straight through design.

Bill: So performance wise they're both pretty close, this one maybe just a hair quieter?

Jesse:This one just takes the edge off the exhaust.

Bill:Okay, which running an off road three inch axle pipe and headers might not be a bad thing in our case anyway.

Jesse:Absolutely, yeah. Just enough to sort of make it tolerable. If you've got the youngster in the back seat or something like that... The three series is very aggressive. With factory manifoldness and factory H pipe it's very, very tolerable, but when you have long tubes and off road H pipes like you do on a race car, if any street driving is in the picture, it could be a bit much.

Also what you guys might notice about these is we actually do have a two piece sort of setup for our axle back portion, and it's really just because people have different preferences where they want the tips to stick out in reference to the bumper. We do that by just having a short portion here on the muffler and having a bolt on tip that allows you basically to slide it in and out at your preference.

Bill:I've even seen some people will even turn them, like in my case I have a California special rear bumper and I had mine turned so that the curve actually matches up with the edge of the bumper.

Jesse:Oh yeah, it's a real similar sort of angle there in reference to the exhaust, so yeah you could, in theory, match up right to your bumper.

Bill:Cool, let's get started with the install. This installation needed jack-in jack-stands or lift, three-eighty ratchet, thirteen-millimeter socket, fifteen-millimeter socket, seventeen-millimeter socket, eight-millimeter Allen key, six-inch extension, hanger removal tool, and safety glasses.

Between the large canister mufflers and the factory resonators, we are probably leaving some horsepower on the table. So, the first step is to remove our stock exhaust system. Alright, Jesse is going to walk us through the install of our new system, what's our first step?

Jesse:First thing we're going to do is drop down this little brace we have running from side to side here, and that allows us to get that big massive three inch mandrel bent pipe up and over around this sort of congested area right here without any interference. We could do it, but the chances for rattling or vibration down the road, it just adds a little peace of mind. So we have these little spacers we made up and some longer bolts that go right back in the factory locations.

Bill:What's the first step in installing the actual exhaust system?

Jesse:Well actually after we move our brace down here, we actually just hang the muffler and then we sort of work towards the front of the vehicle. We'll just roll that guy first and then kind of roll it in. It's the longer of the two. Alright, next we're going to just go ahead and put our tip in here and adjust it for how far we want it in or out of the side of the bumper. Look good to you?

Bill:Yeah, looks pretty good. Now that we've got the tip where we want it we'll tighten it down. That looks pretty straight there. Alright, once you've got the tip lined up where you want it, you want to repeat the process on the other side.

There's no doubt the black exhaust is absolutely sick on a race car. Now, we're going to get it down we'll see how it sounds. Sounds good. Jesse, thanks for helping out with the install, our new exhaust looks great, sounds great, probably makes some horsepower force as well.

Jesse:Hey, thanks for having us.

Bill: Installation probably took you only around what, about an hour, you'll be back on the road in no time.

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