Best Mustang Disc Brake Conversion Kits

Best Mustang Disc Brake Conversion Kits

Last Updated June 6, 2024 | Meghan Drummond

Four-wheel disc brakes weren’t standard equipment on Mustangs until 1993. So, if you own a first-gen, Mustang II, or Fox Body, you probably have drum brakes on the front wheels (and possibly the rear ones too).

Disc brakes have advantages over drums that make them a better choice, especially for performance cars. Besides improving stopping power, disc brakes also look a lot better and are easier to maintain.

If you're ready to make the switch from drums to discs, disc brake kits make it easy to complete this upgrade. We'll break down the best disc brake conversion kits below based on a variety of factors.

A Wilwood 6-piston caliper

Best 4-Lug Kits

Many classic Mustangs came with 4-lug wheels. Making the swap to 5-lug wheels means more aftermarket options, but a lot of iconic wheels only come as 4-lugs. If you really love the 4-lug wheels you got in your pony package, you can keep your classic look and still upgrade to disc brakes.

4-lug setups are lighter, so if you’re considering making a track Mustang, that’s something to consider. Some disc brake kits, like the options from CJ Classics, offer disc brakes similar to the factory options. Other companies, like Wilwood and Baer, focus on performance options.

Best 5-Lug Kits

5-lug Mustangs have the largest number of aftermarket wheel options. If you like to change out your wheels often, or have your eyes on a particular set, then a 5-lug setup can be beneficial.

Most Mustangs came with 5-lug setups, and many owners with 4-lug Mustangs opt to convert their Mustang to 5-lug. This means that you have a lot of disc brake options.

Naturally, there are kits that can offer you an OEM-style look. But you’ll also find kits that offer a more restomod-performance brake style.

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Best Classic Mustang Kits

Upgrading a classic Mustang’s brakes is important for safety. In addition to four-wheel disc brakes, you can also consider adding power braking. With power brakes, stopping your Mustang will take less effort.

If your classic is showing signs of age, it’s also a great time to look into other brake upgrades, like changing out the brake lines. A full brake kit includes everything you need to do a complete brake swap at once.

A blue classic Mustang with yellow brake caliper

Best Fox Body Mustang Kits

There’s no shortage of great kits for a Fox Body disc brake conversion. Since the Fox has proven its prowess for drag racing, drifting, and other performance driving, adding stopping power has become a must.

If you’re looking for a serious disc brake kit for your Fox, there are a few features to keep an eye on. The first is the caliper itself. 4-piston calipers are awesome, and will suit most drivers. But if you want more serious stopping power then 6-piston calipers are a worthwhile investment. Likewise, a larger rotor is able to dissipate heat better, but will also change your wheel options.

A teal Fox Body Mustang with front disc brakes

Top Picks by Mustang Owners

These are kits other Mustang owners recommend based on their experience. One of the main reasons they’re popular is because they’re easy to install. The Wilwood disc brake kits are well-liked because they offer the option to easily upgrade the rear disc brakes later. High-quality parts can be expensive, and having the option to divide up the purchase is a big deal for many.

Bill’s Picks

Bill Tumas has had extensive experience installing disc brakes into Mustangs of all generations. These are some of the conversion kits that he recommends.

Best Value

If you want high-quality brakes but don’t want to spend your entire budget on them, these kits should be a good fit. Buying the whole kit at once saves you money and ensures you won’t need to drive to your local hardware store to finish your installation.

A GT with Niche wheels and Wilwood brakes visible

Installing Your New Disc Brakes

Once you’ve selected your disc brake kit, you’ll need to install it (or get a shop to). Check out our guide on disc brake installation to see if it's a project you feel like tackling. You should also read through bedding in your new brake pads (and selecting brake pads in the future).

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