2022 Coastal Limited Mustang Package Details

2022 Coastal Limited Mustang Package Details

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Meghan Drummond

The Coastal Limited Package is an option for 2022 EcoBoost Premium Mustangs. In many ways it acts as a replacement for the Pony Package, which did not return for 2022. The Coastal Limited Package’s unique features differentiate it from other appearance packages. Here’s what we know about this package so far.

Coastal Edition Mustang badge on grille
Coastal Limited Wheel close-up
Rear view of coastal limited edition
A sill plate that says Coastal Limited”
Top down shot of Coastal Limited Edition
A stripe decal that says Coastal Limited

Included Equipment

Though this is being called a “Pony Package” replacement,” its upgrades are more prominent. The only ones they really share are premium wheels and a unique side stripe.

The 2022 Coastal Limited Package includes:

  • 19” x 8.5” Machined-Face Aluminum with Tarnished Dark-Painted Wheels
  • Coastal Limited Lighted Sill Plate
  • Unique Body-Colored Grille
  • Pedestal Rear Spoiler
  • Side Scoops
  • Unique Vinyl Stripe

The wheels that come in this package are the same ones included in the Wheel and Stripe Package. But most of the other features are distinct and are limited to this package.

Close up of Coastal Limited Wheel

In particular, the body-colored grille should be an interesting exterior feature.

Coupled with the pedestal spoiler and side scoops, the Coastal Limited Package promises to offer a sporty style. Small features, like the lighted sill plate, will definitely help to give this package a premium feel. This combination of sporty and upmarket should appeal to a lot of people.

Coastal Limited Color Options

The Coastal Limited Package is restricted to just three exterior colors: Brittany Blue, Cyber Orange, and Rapid Red. No gray-scale or monochrome options here! It looks like the Coastal Limited Package is the only opportunity to get the Brittany Blue color.

Brittany Blue is a color that was only available in 1967 and ‘68. Coupled with the side scoops and spoiler, this package has a vintage vibe.

For interior options, ActiveX seats are available in Dark Ceramic. ActiveX leather-trimmed seats, or regular leather-trimmed seats, are available in Ebony. ActiveX is a synthetic material that’s “leather-like.” That mostly means it’s a premium vinyl that feels softer. On the plus side, this material is much easier to clean and care for than leather.

Coastal Edition convertible in Brittany Blue with top down

What Options Aren’t Available with the Coastal Limited Package?

Like most appearance packages, the Coastal Limited package reduces the number of other changes you can make to your Mustang. In particular, you can’t get any of the following options with it:

  • EcoBoost High Performance Package
  • EcoBoost Handling Package
  • Black Accent Package
  • Wheel and Stripe Package
  • Stealth Package
  • Ice White Appearance Package
  • Over-the-Top Racing Stripe
  • Spoiler Delete
  • Any of the Optional Wheels

Most of these aren’t a huge loss. The Stealth, Ice White, and Black Accent Packages are also cool appearance packages, but they’re obviously at odds with each other. You can’t really have a light blue Mustang that’s both stealthy and sporting a body-colored grille. Likewise, Ice White is only available on Oxford White Mustangs, a color that isn’t available with the Coastal Limited Pack.

The only two that feel like a loss are the High Performance Package and the Handling Package. Some of the High Performance Package's main features, like the upgraded engine, aren’t available any other way. Others, like the larger radiator or larger brake rotors, are easy enough to add via the aftermarket. Ultimately, it’s a tough choice.

A lot of people interested in performance have their own mods selected. For this group, starting with a Mustang that has a unique and hard-to-recreate appearance might be appealing.

Price and Availability

Out of the three new packages, the Coastal Limited Package is the one we know the least about. There hasn’t even been an official announcement, just information from order forms.¹ Unfortunately, that doesn’t include the price of the package. The 2021 Pony Package costs $995, but this package includes more and is more limited. It will probably cost a bit more.

So far, there are more differences between the 2021 and 2022 Mustangs than we expected. These appearance packages are just the tip of the iceberg.

On the order form, the Package is noted as having “Late Availability.” Usually, this means it’ll be available by summer 2022. But with supply chain issues, that’s more up in the air.

The Coastal Limited Package is one of the most unique ones that’s been unveiled for the S550. No matter when it arrives, it’s an exciting way to close out the generation as we prepare for the 2023 S650 Mustang.

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