2022 Ice White Mustang Package Details

2022 Ice White Mustang Package Details

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Meghan Drummond

The Ice White Mustang Package is an option for 2022 EcoBoost and GT Premium models. The Black Accent Package has been available since 2016, but this is the first time since the Triple White Fox that Ford has offered a “white-out” package.

Front shot of all-white S550 Mustang with black grille
Rear view of all-white Mustang with view of spoiler
Black seats with white insert and white stitching
Close-up of white wheel
Close-up of white 5.0 badge

What’s Included with the Ice White Package?

Though it may look like the perfect foil for the Black Accent Package, the Ice White Package includes extra equipment. Many of these features definitely read as “Premium only.”

Included Equipment:

  • 19” X 9” Machined-Face Aluminum Wheels with White-Painted Pockets
  • Clear LED Taillamps with Sequential Turn Signals
  • Ice White Door Trim Panel
  • Ice White Instrument Panel
  • Ice White Performance Rear Wing
  • Oxford White Exterior Paint
  • Unique Black Grille with Ice White Front & Rear Pony Badging
  • Unique White Leather Seat Trim and White Interior with White Accent Stitching

The black grille is a great choice since it’ll provide the contrast needed to really show off the lights.

Grille shot of the 2022 Ice White Mustang

The interior is actually much more exciting than it sounds. The seats themselves are actually black, it’s the center insert that’s white, and coupled with the accent stitching they look sharp. The white dash is also very appealing. This is different from the Fox Body white package where the entire interior was white.

Seats, dash, and gauges in the 2022 Ice White Mustang

The white-painted wheel pockets are also “new” and look pretty fantastic while they’re clean. We’ll see how they look after some hard driving though. You may want to keep wheel cleaner on hand.

What Options Aren’t Available with the Ice White Package?

There are two major limitations of the Ice White Package: You can’t get it on convertibles, and you can only get it with Oxford White. The second stipulation should be obvious from the name, but this package would have looked great on a convertible. In fact, the Fox Body version was ONLY available on convertibles.

There’s also a long list of packages and options you can’t get in combination with the Ice White Package.

  • 2.3L High Performance Package
  • EcoBoost Handling Package
  • GT Performance Package
  • California Special Package
  • Black Accent Package

The nature of appearance packages should have made it apparent that most of these wouldn’t be available. You can’t have the Black Accent Package and Ice White Package at the same time. Likewise, a White Mustang is going to have a hard time being “stealthy.”

But it is a tough blow that most of the really attractive appearance packages eliminate the option of a performance package. Especially considering this is the first year the California Package could be combined with the GT Performance package. It seems like Ford should understand the appeal of combining looks and performance.

Many of the options included in the performance packages, like larger brake rotors or upsized sway bars, are easy to add via the aftermarket. If you’re an enthusiast, it’s likely you already had a long list of modifications you planned to make, and adding a few more isn’t really a deal-breaker. It’s a tough choice.

Fortunately, it’s not a tough choice with any wrong answers. This is an attractive package and it could easily be upgraded for even better performance. The appearance itself is hard to recreate, so if you love it, it might be worth making the mods yourself.

Price and Availability

As of right now, we don’t have an official quote on pricing. In terms of features, the Ice White package is more similar to the California Special than the Black Accent Package. In 2021, the California Special cost $2,000, so that’s probably a close estimate.

The Ice White Package isn’t listed as a late availability option, and review models have already gone out. That means these should be available as soon as the first 2022 Mustangs are. With supply chain issues, that date is still a little fuzzy.

The Ice White Package is a unique and fun way to close out the S550 generation. Who knows what options will make the jump over to the S650 generation, but if we had to guess, this reads as a limited edition.

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