2022 Stealth Mustang Package Details

2022 Stealth Mustang Package Details

Last Updated June 13, 2023 | Meghan Drummond

The EcoBoost Premium lost the Pony Package for 2022, but gained three new packages in its place. The Coastal Limited Package has late availability, but the Stealth Package and Ice White Package will be available as soon as the 2022 Mustangs are.

Front of blue Mustang with stealth package
Rear shot of stealth package showing wing and decklid
stealth package interior with black accents
Side view of stealth package showing spoiler height and wheels
Light up door sill that says “Mustang”
Closeup of Stealth package mirror cap
Stealth Package Mustang taillights

What’s Included in the Stealth Package?

The Stealth Package is only available on Fastback EcoBoost Premium Mustangs. It includes the following equipment:

  • 19” X 8.5” Ebony Black-Painted Aluminum Wheels
  • Stealth Lighted Sill Plate
  • Matte and Gloss Black Instrument Panel
  • Black Badges
  • Black Pony Grille
  • Performance Rear Wing
  • Black Mirror Caps
  • Clear LED Taillamps with Sequential Turn Signals

The theme for the Stealth Package is pretty obvious. It’s an upscale Black Accent Package, with a wing instead of a spoiler and a lighted sill plate. The wheels are even the same. The wing does actually look pretty neat though, making a convincing case for why the Stealth Package might be a more appealing option.

Closeup of the rear wing from the 2022 Mustang Stealth Package

The matte and gloss black instrument panel and dash accents carry the stealth theme through to the interior. The lighted sill plate is also a cool accent piece. If that's the only part of the package you love though, you can add an aftermarket sill plate through modifications.

Interior shot of the 2022 Mustang Stealth Package dashboard accents

What Options Aren’t Available with the Stealth Package?

The Stealth Package is only available on Atlas Blue, Shadow Black, Dark Matter Gray, Carbonized Gray, and Mischievous Purple. Four of these colors are available at launch, but Mischievous Purple is going to be a late availability option.

Choosing the Stealth Package means you’ll have to forego these other options:

  • 2.3L High Performance Package
  • EcoBoost Handling Package
  • Black Accent Package
  • Coastal Limited Package
  • Ice White Package
  • Wheel and Stripe Package
  • Over the Top Racing Stripe
  • Optional Wheels

All appearance packages cancel out the others. This makes a lot of sense. The Black Accent Package and Stealth Package would be redundant, but there’s also feature conflict with all the appearance options.

Like most appearance packages, choosing it also means letting go of the Performance Packages. And that’s a high cost.

The Performance Packages are one of the most economical ways to combine a large group of popular mods. Some features, like Active Exhaust or MagneRide, can be expensive or impossible to add later.

But it’s important to note that the Performance Packages are also very expensive, and a lot of the modifications may not be to your taste. Many enthusiasts prefer to opt out of the performance packages and upgrade their Mustangs over time. Though this approach is more piecemeal, it can make a lot of sense. What’s the point of heavy-duty springs if you plan to get coilovers? If you have your eyes on a particular set of brakes, then the large brake rotors with four-piston calipers may not be worthwhile.

If you like an appearance package and have a unique list of performance mods, you should probably opt for the appearance package now and then modify it over time. Or vice-versa. If your ideal build looks exactly like the Performance Package options, then you can always add some blackout style items later on.

Price and Availability

There are no official quotes for what the Stealth Package will cost. Based on the info we do have, we can make some assumptions.

The Stealth Package contains more features than the Black Accent Package, which was priced at $995 in 2021. The Carbon Sport Interior Package, which isn’t returning, was priced around $1,195. At the high end of the appearance package spectrum is the California Special, coming in at $2,000. Based on its equipment list, it’s likely the Stealth Package will come in around $1,300.

The Stealth, Coastal Limited, and Ice White packages will probably be offered for one year only, since the S650 generation is slated to start in 2024. Does that mean these packages will become collectibles? Only time will tell!

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