2022 Mustang Colors

2022 Mustang Colors

Last Updated May 1, 2024 | Meghan Drummond

There are seven new colors for the 2022 Mustang. Most years see three, maybe four new colors. So, this year represents a huge shift. Here are all of the colors that are debuting, returning, and retiring. Whether you just want to know what colors will be available, or you're looking to apply touch-up paint, We’ll keep your updated on all the information on the 2022 Mustang as it becomes available.

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Please note paint samples are just that...samples. In real-life, the colors may look different.

New Colors | Returning Colors | Retiring Colors

2022 Ford Mustang Colors
Grabber Blue AE
Atlas Blue B3
New Color
Code Orange CN
New Color
Rapid Red Metallic D4
Called Lucid Red last year
Brittany Blue EB
New Color, Exclusive to GT500 Heritage Edition
& Coastal Limited Edition
Eruption Green FA
New Color
Shadow Black G1
Called Absolute Black Last Year
Dark Matter Gray HY
New Color
Iconic Silver Metallic JS
Carbonized Gray Metallic M7
Fighter Jet Gray NE
Mach 1 Exclusive
Mischievous Purple P2
New Color
Race Red PQ
Cyber Orange Metallic SB
New Color
Oxford White YZ

New Colors for 2022

Atlas Blue

The new dark blue for the Mustang has already been available for the Explorer. Since the Explorer has this color available without needing a special trim, we can assume this probably isn’t a GT500 exclusive.

Atlas blue is a little darker, while still being obviously blue. Much more muted than the also-available Grabber Blue, this is a great option for someone who needs a professional looking car, but wants something a little more exciting than the expected gray-scale.

Rendering of a 2022 GT500 in Atlas Blue

Code Orange

Code Orange is another color that’s “new for Mustang” but not “new for Ford.” Code Orange was a Raptor exclusive for 2021. Does that mean it’s going to be a GT500 exclusive? We’re not sure yet, but it is a bold choice.

Code Orange is a bright orange-red. When available for the Raptor, its colorway was mostly black. Orange and black can be hard to pull off well, but when it’s right, it looks amazing. Just check out the 2012 Boss 302.

A Code Orange GT500 Mustang rendering
Color Swatch of bright red/orange called Code Orange
Red/Orange Code Orange color swatch in bright light

Brittany Blue

Fans of the Mustang's first generation should be happy with Ford's decision to bring back Brittany Blue. Brittany Blue was last offered on a Mustang in 1968, but you'll have a chance to get it again if you opt for the Coastal Limited Package or the GT500 Heritage Edition.

The Coastal Limited Package is only an option on EcoBoost Premiums, while the Heritage Edition is a $2140 add-on to the GT500. For an extra $10,000, you can even add hand-painted Wimbledon White stripes to your Heritage Edition GT500.

2022 EcoBoost Mustang Coastal Limited Edition in Brittany Blue

2022 GT500 Heritage Edition Mustang in Brittany Blue with Wimbledon White Racing Stripes

Cyber Orange Metallic

Cyber Orange Metallic is a bright yellow-hued orange. A goldenrod shade that pairs well with darker colors. Already available for the Ranger and several other Ford vehicles, including the new Bronco, this color is definitely a hit.

While the lack of a true “yellow” is certainly a disappointment for die-hard yellow Mustang fans, this orange captures the brightness and energy of previous yellows. This is a fun option, and will definitely be a unique one for this year.

A 2022 Cyber Orange Mustang
A sample of Cyber Orange
Sample of cyber orange, new color for 2022
Different angle on cyber orange

Dark Matter Gray

Dark Matter is dark. Very, very dark. In some lights, it basically looks black. This color is also available for the Mach-E. Some critics have pointed out that it seems redundant with Carbonized Gray, but that’s where color swatches can be deceiving. On the Mustang, Dark Matter Gray is much, much darker than Carbonized Gray. Check out the slides below to see Dark Matter from a few angles and we're sure you'll see the difference.

Dark Matter Gray is a GT-only color for the Mach-E. There currently aren’t any indications as to whether this color will be limited on the Mustang. Given how many special colors are available this year, it’s tough to imagine putting a velvet rope around this one though.

Dark Matter Gray 2022 Mustang rendering
A sample of Dark Matter Gray
Sample of Dark Matter Gray, new color for 2022
Different angle on Dark Matter Gray
A sample showing the Dark Matter Gray paint color

Eruption Green

Eruption Green is a brand new color, and it’s interesting. Since the S550 debuted, the green options have been Guard (barely green), Dark Highland Green (Bullitt exclusive), Need for Green (bright green), and Grabber Lime (very bright green). But the swatches we’ve seen for Eruption Green make it look obviously green, dark, and generally very unique. This looks like a color that will pair beautifully with black to create a very classic look.

The name seems a little confusing at first, but there are actually green gemstones in volcanos. And they do actually capture this color very well.

Eruption Green 2022 Mustang rendered
One angle of Eruption Green
Eruption Green sample shot in daylight
Well-lit picture of new Eruption Green color

Mischievous Purple

This might be the most promising of all the new colors. The Blue-Purple immediately pulls to mind the Mystichrome Terminator Cobras. It is most likely the last year for the S550 Mustang. Did Ford decide to go big with another rare and amazing color option?

In the slides below, you can see that this color is very rich, with deep purples and blues present in the metallic fleck. It looks very different in each of the angles as it catches the light. This deep purple color is very unique in Mustang history.

Purple is one of the rarest Mustang colors. Since the Mustang’s launch, the color has been offered only six times. And three of those were very limited editions. In ‘67 you could get a Lavender High Country Mustang and an Evening Orchid She-Country Mustang. 1996 offered Mystic Cobras and 2004 had Mystichrome Cobras. The only readily available purple Mustangs have been Iris in 1994 and Deep Violet which was offered between 1996 and 1997.

A 2022 GT500 in Oil Slick Blue-Purple
A sample of oil slick blue-purple that shows the purple fleck
Sample of oil-slick blue purple, new color for 2022
Different angle on oil-slick blue purple

Returning Colors for 2022

Grabber Blue

Grabber Blue has been a Mustang favorite for decades. But as you can tell from the following pictures, this Grabber Blue is a little different (which is why it has a different paint code than in years past). The Grabber Blue you can see on the 2017 Mustang isn't nearly as metallic as the new Grabber Blue. Click through the slideshow to see what Grabber Blue looked like in 2017, what the new one looks like on the Mach-E, and what the paint samples look like in several different lights.

Though it's different from the Grabber Blue that's been well-loved, this Grabber Blue is still a fun, light color of blue, that will really pop with a few black accents.

2017 Grabber Blue Mustang
Color swatch card of Grabber Blue
Grabber Blue Mach-E
2022 Grabber Blue Mustang Color
2022 Ford Grabber Blue Sample
2022 Ford Grabber Blue AE daylight sample
2022 Ford Grabber Blue Sample
Grabber Blue Sample for 2022

Carbonized Gray Metallic

Carbonized Gray Metallic was introduced in 2021 as a replacement for the outgoing Magnetic. And honestly, it’s a fine color. It’s fine. It’s a nice, neutral gray that doesn’t show dirt as much as either black or white. With the right accents, Carbonized Gray Metallic can be stunning, but on its own, it’s a pretty okay neutral.

A lot of the trim pieces for packages, like the Pony Package, will come in Carbonized Gray, and that’s a great use for this color.

2021 Fastback GT Mustang in Carbonized Gray Metallic

Fighter Jet Gray

This color has been a Mach 1 exclusive, and we expect it to remain as such. If you’re getting a Mach 1, this is definitely a great color to consider. It’s gray, but it’s a reminder that gray can be pretty exciting. Especially when paired with the orange accents that come with the Mach 1’s appearance package.

2021 Mach 1 Premium Mustang in Fighter Jet Gray

Iconic Silver

It’s silver. If you want to get the least offensive, most commuter-toaster color out there, then get an Iconic Silver Mustang. But truly, if you have a vision for modifications, this color can be stunning. Even with the right packages it can gain a little interest. With the California Special package in particular, the silver looks more “right” and less like the absence of an actual choice.

2021 Fastback GT Mustang in Iconic Silver Metallic

Oxford White

If you can keep a white Mustang clean, it’s a great choice for paint. You can go any direction you want with customization and personalization. Blackout accessories on a white body create a stark contrast that will definitely make you stand out.

2021 Fastback GT Mustang in Oxford White

Race Red

This bright, fun red has had one of the longest color runs to date. And it’s really no wonder. This color looks gorgeous and iconic.

2021 Fastback GT Mustang in Race Red

Rapid Red Metallic

This color changed its name last year to “Lucid Red Pearl” but now we’re back to “Rapid Red.” It’s a questionable naming choice given that the other available red is Race Red, but the color itself is lovely. A dark red that looks great. A kind of grown-up Race Red that looks unique.

2021 Fastback GT Mustang in Lucid Red Pearl

Shadow Black

Shadow Black. Absolute Black. No matter what you call this color, it’s almost always the most popular option. There’s something about a black Mustang that appeals to just about everyone.

2021 Fastback GT Mustang in Absolute Black

Colors Retiring for 2022

Antimatter Blue

Antimatter Blue had a lot of promise, but in person it basically looked black. No hint at all of the purple undertones that were promised. Is that why we’re getting Oil Slick Blue-Purple now? Maybe! Hopefully the purple shines through a little more.

2021 Fastback GT Mustang in Antimatter Blue Metallic

Ford Performance Blue

This muted blue has been a nice option for the Shelbys the past few years, but it was time to retire. Without the GT350s, it feels a little unnecessary.

2021 Shelby GT500 in Ford Performance Blue

Grabber Yellow

We went from Grabber Lime, to Grabber Yellow, and now we’re back to Grabber Blue. In some ways, limiting the number of years these colors are available does make them a little more special. Still, it’s sad to see such a fun color go. Hopefully people looking for this one can be satisfied with Cyber Orange instead.

2021 Fastback GT Mustang in Grabber Yellow

Twister Orange

Alright. Let’s not get greedy. Code Orange and Cyber Orange are new this year. If we had three orange options? That would maybe be a little excessive. So Twister Orange got the axe. But we’ve got two great oranges left to pick from!

2021 Fastback GT Mustang in Twister Orange

Velocity Blue

This bright blue was immensely popular. But not as popular as Grabber Blue. And with the new Atlas Blue option, we don’t anticipate too many blue Mustang fans feeling left out.

2021 Fastback GT Mustang in Velocity Blue

2022 Mustang Lineup

The 2022 Mustang color lineup looks like a great blend of fun shades, more mature options, old favorites, and new colors. While there's still one more year of the S550, who knows which colors will carry over into the S650 generation?

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Image Credits: Our thanks to SSR Collision for letting us use these awesome pictures.

This article was researched, written, edited, and reviewed following the steps outlined in our editorial process. Learn more about CJ's editorial standards and guidelines.

This article was researched, written, edited, and reviewed following the steps outlined in our editorial process. Learn more about CJ's editorial standards and guidelines.