How to Permanently Disable Auto Start-Stop on Your Ford F-150

How to Permanently Disable Auto Start-Stop on Your Ford F-150

Last Updated February 15, 2024 | Kevin Brent

Many truck drivers find the auto start-stop function on their F-150 to be incredibly annoying, especially if you need to accelerate quickly after a stop. Thankfully, there's an easy fix. F-150 owners can disable auto start-stop without removing its functionality by using an auto start-stop eliminator!

Below is a quick and easy guide on how you can install an auto start-stop eliminator in your Ford F-150 pickup. All that's required for the installation are the part, a couple of hand tools, and a few minutes of your time to disable auto start-stop on your Ford F-150.

F-150 Auto Start-Stop Eliminator Install

Pick up an F-150 auto start-stop eliminator that fits your model year before you begin the installation. The steps may vary a little depending on which eliminator you go with, but the instructions below can still serve as a general overview of what's required.

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Parts and Tools Needed:

  • Panel Removal Tool
  • Ratchet
  • 7 mm Socket

Step 1: Remove Top Trim Panel

Use a trim removal tool to pop out the clips for the top trim panel on the dash of your F-150.

Mechanic removing the top console trim panel on a Ford F-150

Step 2: Remove Trim Panel Screws

Using a ratchet, remove the two 7 mm screws holding the front trim panel in place.

Mechanic removing top center console trim panel bolts on a Ford F-150

Step 3: Detach Auto-Stop Button from Front Trim Panel

With the screws removed, firmly pull on the front trim panel with two hands to detach the clips.

Once you're able to get your hands behind the panel, find the connector attached to the auto start/stop button. Push in on the two tabs on either side of the connector and pull it towards you to release it.

Mechanic removing the auto stop button on a Ford F-150

Step 4: Replace Factory Button Connector with Auto-Stop Eliminator

Press down on the red tab at the back of the factory button connector to disconnect it from the wiring. Attach the auto-stop eliminator to the button connector and connect the whole assembly back into the factory port.

Mechanic installing an auto stop eliminator on a Ford F-150

Step 5: Reinstall Front Trim Panel

Feed the wires from the eliminator back through the trim panel and hide them from view. Push the trim panel back into position until you hear the clips snap into place.

Mechanic reinstalling front console trim panel on a Ford F-150

Step 6: Reinstall Top Trim Panel

Use a ratchet to reinstall the two 7 mm bolts under the top trim panel. Push down on the top panel until you hear it click.

Mechanic reinstalling top console trim panel bolts on a Ford F-150

Congratulations, you're all done!

Disable Your F-150's Auto Start-Stop for Good

Now that you've disabled your F-150's auto start-stop feature, your engine will no longer shut off while you're sitting in traffic or at a stop sign. You'll still be able to turn on the setting if you'd like, but now you won't need to think about turning it off whenever you start your engine.

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