Sequential LED Taillight Assembly 1967-1968

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  • Sequential Taillights
  • 84 Bright Red LEDs
  • 1157 Plug Type
  • Brake Attention Feature
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Sequential LED Taillight Assembly for all 1967-1968 Mustangs.

If you're looking to add a modernized upgrade to the taillights on your 1967-1968 Mustang, this Sequential LED Taillight Assembly from CJ Pony Parts is exactly what you're looking for. The Sequential Taillight Assembly features 84 super-bright red LEDs set behind a polycarbonate lens. The sequential operation in this LED taillight assembly works with a selector switch that allows you to choose from sequential left, sequential right or sequential function off. It also comes with a sequential-once brake attention function.

Features and Benefits:
- 84 extremely bright red LEDs
- Polycarbonate lens
- Fits both left and right hand side of Mustang
- Sequential left, sequential right or sequential function off selector switch
- Sequential-once brake attention function
- Epoxy coated, fully sealed electronics
- Solid state circuit boards are designed for 7.7-14.0 VDC
- Original style 1157 plug type

All the electronic components are epoxy-coated and fully sealed to keep the housing unit free of debris and moisture from the everyday driving. This Sequential LED Taillight Assembly features an 1157 plug connected to a solid-state circuit board designed for 7.7-14.0 VDC. Fit this taillight assembly into the driver side or passenger side as it is not side-specific.

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Tech Tip: It is recommended to upgrade to an LED flasher (HW2811) during install. When using LEDs, your Mustang's stock flasher mechanism cannot engage properly due to less heat given off from the LEDs than original bulbs. The two terminal flasher allows your taillights to work properly when using LED style lights.

Order this Sequential LED Taillight Assembly for your 1967 or 1968 Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Matt Mohl: If you're looking to give the back end of your 67-68 Mustang a modern touch, today we're gonna be installing a set of sequential LED taillights into our 68 Mustang.

So, before you guys freak out, my name's Matt. I'm from the CJ Off-road side of things. Bill's currently wrapping up some things for SEMA so I'm filling in for him. So we're gonna dig into these 67-68 sequential LED taillights to tell you some more about their features. These sequential LED taillights are going to fit all 67-68 Mustangs. They feature a durable red gloss finish with a sequential LEDs built right into them. They use a factory plug with one additional wire and feature an almost plug and play design. Now we're gonna get installed in the back of our 68. See how they look and show you guys how it turns out.

So luckily for us, we've already got a set of the sequential turn signals installed on our 68 Mustang. Now in order to do this, you have to run a single wire up to the front end of your Mustang. It's gonna be fished along the side right along the driver's seat, go behind and your brake switch is going to tap into the output wire of that. So you're gonna cut that wire to where it would normally go, tap in the single wire and run it back through, and that's gonna go into the yellow wire at the bottom of our sequential LED turn signal. Let's get this taillight pulled out so we can swap in the new sequential turn signals. Let's get started.

So the first thing I'm gonna do is pop out this bulb assembly by pulling it straight out. Giving this a counterclockwise turn and then pulling that out as well. Now this factory harness, all that can be tucked away. And what I'm gonna do is use a nine millimeter socket to get these bolts off of the studs that hold onto the chrome housing on the outside of the taillights. There's six, three at the top and three at the bottom. So get those out first. Pulls these nuts off, set them aside for later. One thing I've also run into is that the whole stud will actually unthread. That's okay too. We can thread it back in. Alright now with all those off, can pull the housing backwards and free it from the vehicle. So with the taillight off, we're gonna pull the seal out. Now if your seal's gone bad, it's a good time to replace them. Okay now with the seal out, they're going to be six Philips head screws that surround this taillight panel. We're gonna get them removed and then install our new sequential LED in its place.

Same thing with the hardware here. If your has gone bad, it's available right here through CJ's. Also get that replaced. But once again, ours seems to be okay so we're gonna reuse it. Alright now with all those pulled off, we can pull this taillight assembly out. Make sure you save the seal and we're gonna reinstall it. Before you install these turn signals, look in the back. There's a small switch here. Now for the passenger side, you're gonna wanna make sure that this all the way towards the bottom of the circuit board. For the drivers side, make sure that, that's all the way up. It's very important to do this before you put them in. If you do forget, you can pop up the back harness and use a small pick to fix it. However, it's much easier to do it here before all the screws, everything's in the vehicle. So we're gonna make sure that this is all the way down for that passenger side.

Now what you're gonna do is reinstall all six of those screws. With all these screws properly installed, we're now going to reinstall this seal that we just pulled off. Okay now it's ready to go back into our Mustang. Now that everything is assembled, it's now time to put it back in the vehicle. Now we're gonna align the studs with the bottom and the top; it takes a little bit sometimes to work it. Just be patient with it. Okay once you get them started, reinstall the nuts that you pulled off. I like to get some on the top and some on the bottom started right away. You're gonna go around and tighten them all up as even as you can. We're gonna make the connection to the factory plug by pushing it in and clockwise, and then push that back into the housing. Make sure the wires all go in with it.

And then with that pink wire that we already have ran, we're gonna tap it into the yellow wire from these new sequential LEDs. Just use a butt connector and get it finished up. Once it's connected, I'm gonna heat that up so it clamps then repeat the same process for all this on the other side and your install will be complete.

Now as I mentioned before, I am from the Off-road side of things. However I think these sequential taillights look really great in the back of our 68 Mustang. They give it a modern touch with a sequential feature and some super bright LEDs. You're gonna need some basic tools including some wiring tools to get this done, and you can find these as well as many other great parts for your Mustang right here at

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