Smoked Basic Headlight Kit With Amber Reflectors Mustang 1987-1993

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  • Complete 6pc Set
  • Smoked Basic Style
  • Factory Like Fit
  • Amber Reflectors

Smoked Basic Headlight Kit with Amber Reflectors for all 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 Mustangs.

Are your headlights turning yellow due to years of exposure from the sun? This Smoked Basic Headlight Kit with Amber Reflectors is the perfect remedy to get that area looking fresh again. You will receive six pieces in this kit, which will fit just like factory.

Features & Benefits:
- Complete 6pc Set
- Smoked Basic Style
- Factory Like Fit
- Amber Reflectors

Kit Includes:
- Pair of Smoked Headlights
- Pair of Smoked Marker Lights with Amber Reflectors
- Pair of Smoked Parking Lights

Backing plates and seals are available separately. This kit is recommended for off road use only.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Novice skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Today we're going to improve the looks on my 1990 Mustang LX with a brand new set of custom headlights.

While my car already does have a set of smoke lights on it, they're an older style light that are very faded and were actually even spray painted at one point. So, these style lights will be a really nice cosmetic upgrade. Now, these are the original style lights with a smoke finish, which I personally prefer because I like the look of the fluted lenses and I love the amber corners. The smoked will really look good with the plans I have for the car. These will be direct replacements for the factory lights. While I'm at it, I'm going to replace the seals and the backing plates.

For this installation you'll need a quarter-inch ratchet, four millimeter socket, 7/16 socket, 7/16 wrench, Phillips head screwdriver, and a small flat head screwdriver.

You'll probably want to grab a wrench and probably a socket and a ratchet. They are kind of tough to get to the bolts. They're going to be 7/16 nuts. The first thing you're going to do, obviously, are remove the factory pieces. Start by disconnecting all the lights, and then we can remove them. We'll start with the three to remove the headlight. That will give us more room to work on everything else.

Before you put your old headlights aside, now we have new seals and new backing plates, we won't need those, but these little metal retaining clips for the adjusters, we will need. Just grab a small screwdriver and just pop them off.

Here's our old backing plate and our new backing plate. Our new backing plate is going to come with new adjusters. What I suggest doing, we're going to thread these in and basically just use the old one as kind of an example to go off of.

Obviously, we'll have to adjust once their installed in the car, but this will at least get us in the neighborhood, again, assuming your factory lights were adjusted properly. Again, just get them close in height. Then repeat the process with the other two. Before we install the backing plate, we're going to install our new seal. Now, the seal, you have these edges here and this flat piece here. The flat piece goes right in that groove, and these edges attach here. You want to make sure these are somewhat tight, and you have to squeeze them down later to make sure it sits in place.

With the seal on now, we can install the backing plate, we got our original clips. The assembled headlight's now ready to go back in the car. The only thing I'd suggest is put the headlight bulb in first. It will be easier to do it now than inside the car.

Now we're ready to actually install the lights. I want to make sure remove these stickers. It's very easy to forget, as I actually have in the past myself. Make sure you take these off before you try to put the lights in. They will go through, but it could actually cause an issue in the future.

If you have small hands, you might be able to get down through the top. I still found the easiest way to get the bottom one though is to go up through the bumper.

We're actually going to do the headlight next because then when you actually do the corner light, it will seal it up a little bit better against the seal on the headlight and kind of put the seal in place.

All right, got the headlight installed. Now we can move on to the corner light.

Once the headlights are installed, you want to pull up to a wall and adjust them. Basically, you have these two here. Adjusting these will give you more of your up-and-down adjustment, and the other adjustment is right here. That will give you your side-to-side.

These are original style smoked headlights. They look worlds better than the other ones and will look even better once the car's actually finally painted. As far as the installation goes, they're pretty straightforward. It's just kind of difficult because it's tight quarters, but I figured in no more than about two hours you'll be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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