Steeda Water Pump Pulley Billet Mustang 5.0L 2013-2017



  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • Billet Aluminum Construction
  • For 3-Bolt Water Pumps
  • Reduces Rotating Mass
MSRP $199.99
You save 40%

Steeda Billet Water Pump Pulley for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Mustangs with a 5.0L Engine.

Your 2013-2017 5.0L Mustang's newest part comes in the form of this Steeda Billet Water Pump Pulley (555-3367) from CJ Pony Parts!

Features and Benefits:
- 6061 billet aluminum construction
- Weights just over one (1) pound
- Reduces accessory drive rotating mass
- Direct fit replacement upgrade
- Easy installation
- Includes necessary hardware
- Stainless steel finish
- Proudly made in the USA!

This upgraded water pump pulley (555-3367) by Steeda is constructed from premium-quality 6061 billet aluminum for its overall strength and its weight. Weighing in at just over one pound, this pulley helps reduce accessory drive rotating mass but doesn't change the water pump flow or your serpentine belt. A direct-fit upgrade, this water pump pulley is easy to install and includes all the necessary hardware with a premium stainless steel finish for increased durability. It is also proudly made in the USA!

*This water pump pulley will only fit 2013-2017 Mustangs with a 5.0L engine.

Vehicle Fitment:
- 2013-2017 5.0L Mustang

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

A lot of us modify our cars for different reasons. Some people wanted the look. Some people look for performance and some people kinda like both. This Steeda water pump pulley kind of falls into that category because not only does it look great, it's much lighter than the factory pulley, which will free up some rotating weight on the front of the engine. Today, we're gonna install this pulley on our 2015 Mustang GT. This Steeda build aluminum water pump pulley will be a direct replacement for the factory pulley on your 2013 through 2017 Mustang. Now this is a three bolt design. If you have an early 2011 through 2012 Mustang or some of the Mustang trade engines that have a four bolt design, Steeda offers a pulley for that as well available here at CJ Pony Parts. Again, this is gonna be a direct replacement and includes the hardware. It is not an underdrive pulley. It's just much lighter than the factory pulley and will look a lot better as well.

For this installation, you'll need a 3/8 ratchet, 10-millimeter socket, 15-millimeter socket, 6 millimeter Allen key, and a flathead screwdriver.

All right, so the first step in the process is gonna be to remove whatever cold air kit you have on the car because obviously the water pump is gonna be directly below the intake under here. So to access it, cold air kit's gotta go. The cold air kit can be pulled off in one piece. So what we're gonna do is remove the intake cover first. Then we can remove the cold air kit and get it out of the way. Even the stock one, same way. You can remove the fittings, remove the coupler, pull it off with as one piece.

All right, so now you can see the water pump pulley. It's located right here. Now what you want to do, leave the belt on for now. That way, you can actually loosen the bolts a lot easier because if you don't, the water pump will just spine. So we'll just loosen the bolts up then remove the belt and remove the pulley. Okay, so to remove the belt, what we're gonna do is put a socket on this pulley here and then remove it to relieve tension and remove the belt.

Okay, with tension off, now we can remove the bolts and remove the factory pulley. Okay, now we're ready to install our Steeda pulley. We're gonna be using the new hardware. Do not try to reuse the factory hardware. It's actually not long enough for the Steeda pulley. For safety sake, we're gonna put a dab of blue locktite on each bolt and then install the pulley with the new hardware.

Now we're gonna go back to the same kind of theory we did with the factory removal. We're gonna put the belt back on, which will hold the water pump and allow us to tighten down the hardware.

Okay, with the belt back on, the pulley won't move. We can tighten down the bolts. All right, with everything tightened down, now we can reinstall the cold air intake.

And your installation is finished. The Steeda pulley looks great on the car and definitely should free up some horsepower as well, since it's a lot lighter than the factor pulley. Now of course in our case, we have this massive intake in the way. But if you have a supercharger like a side-mount setup, it'll be a lot more visible and add a really nice touch to the car. The installation's very easy. It should take you around an hour and you'll be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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