TMI Headliner Kit Molded One-Piece Vinyl Coupe 1967-1968

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TMI Vinyl One-Piece Molded Headliner Kit for 1967-1968 Coupe Mustangs.

Every classic car restorer knows that original headliner is rare to find in good condition. So, when you're restoring your Mustang's interior, remember the headliner is just as important as the seat upholstery, and now you can replace the original, damaged headliner and upgrade to TMI's Vinyl One-Piece Molded Headliner Kit!

Vinyl Headliner Kit (20-7087) Includes:
- Vinyl Covered One-Piece Molded Headliner
- Pair of Vinyl Covered Molded A-Pillar Panels
- Pair of Vinyl Covered Molded Sail Panels

TMI's seamless One-Piece Molded Headliners for 1967-1968 coupes are closely contoured to the interior roofline and are covered in Sierra Grain Vinyl with an infused under layer of high density foam for a factory look and finish. Without this foam cushion, the original style vinyl by itself would show every lump, bump and imperfection for all to see. The small layer of foam helps the vinyl to lay smoothly over the natural irregularities for a professional appearance.

Installing a standard replacement headliner can be quite a chore, as it requires a good bit of dis-assembly, a time consuming installation, then reassembly of a large portion of your Mustang's interior. TMI's all new molded headliner is designed to fit directly into your 1967 or 1968 coupe without any adhesives or hardware. Installation should now only take an afternoon, as the headliner is securely fastened with the existing trim pieces and windlace already in your Mustang. There is no longer a need to remove window glass like original headliner. The new headliner also adds more than an inch of headroom, due to a better fit and the removal of the bows and brackets that held the previous headliner in. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and order your brand-new vinyl headliner from CJ's now!

*White is not bright white, it is an egg shell off-white color like original.
*This vinyl headliner kit is available in multiple factory-correct colors--please indicate your desired color choice in the drop-down menu.

When looking to upgrade or replace parts in your Mustang's interior, one brand name is the first to come to mind. TMI Products is an industry leader in Mustang upholstery, seat foam, and many other Mustang interior products. Each of their products is manufactured in the USA with attention paid to maintaining the highest quality, using the best materials available! CJ Pony Parts is proud to offer these premium-quality interior pieces for your Mustang--browse around and place your order today!

Purchase this premium-quality TMI (20-7087) Vinyl One-Piece Molded Headliner Kit for your classic 1967-1968 Coupe Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Today, we are taking a look at some ways to upgrade your Mustang's interior using premium products from one of our more popular vendors, TMI. TMI has been an industry leader for over 30 years, producing interior products for your '64 through 2013 Mustang. Today, we have a special guest in our studio, TMI sales manager Waylon Crumrie. Waylon, thanks for coming.

Waylon: Thanks for having me Bill.

Bill: I'm sure that you get this a lot, but what does TMI stand for?

Waylon: TMI was founded in 1982 by four brothers whose last name is Tuccinardi. So you get Tuccinardi Manufacturing Incorporated.

Bill:How did you get in to the Mustang market?

Waylon: Originally we started doing Volkswagen interiors, but we quickly saw the market demand for high-quality premium Mustang upholstery, and so we have been doing that now for about 25 years.

Bill: Where do you manufacture your products?

Waylon: We manufacture in Corona, California, where we have about 140,000 square feet and nearly 200 employees who do 100% of our manufacturing right here in the U.S.A.

Bill: I hear that you have some new products for us today?

Waylon: I sure do. Do you want to take a look?

Bill: Sounds good. Waylon, your new one-piece headliner is one of the products that we are most excited about in the shop. We have been installing headliners for years. It is always a costly installation; you have to remove the glass, the moldings, glue the new one in and put it all back together. It gets to two days pretty quickly and the price gets up there. This, I know is a much easier installation. What can you tell me about how it is held in?

Waylon: Absolutely. This headliner should cut down on both the frustration and the length of time it takes to install a stock headliner. This should actually be able to be done in a matter of hours. It's held in place simply by your window weather stripping in the front and the back and by the windlace on the sides. It is a five piece kit that comes with a single piece that we are looking at here, as well as the A-pillars, molded and covered and ready for install, as well as the sail panels, again completely molded to perfectly fit your Mustang and cover it in the correct material. I also brought along a pair of sun visors and a matching unisuede for the project.

Bill: We have a '67 coupe out in our shop waiting for a headliner. Let's say we take this out and test fit it?

Waylon: Let's go! In here, you can see the headliner installed and mocked up in a 1967 coupe: A-arms, headliner and sail panels all in place. Again, the headliner itself is held in place at the front and rear by the window weather stripping and by the windlace over the windows above the doors. Again, there is no adhesive or any hardware to hold the headliner up. The visors and the dome light do help hold the headliner up, but again it is all stock equipment that keeps this thing in place. Another thing that I do want to point out is that with the addition of the new headliner, the height gain, there should be about an 1" to 1 1/2" more headroom in the vehicle now that you no longer have the bows and brackets holding the original bow-style headliner down.

Bill: What models are available?

Waylon: Currently we have the '64 to '68 Mustang coupe available. You can get that in either the factory original vinyl with factory original colors or you can upgrade to what you see here with the unisuede option.

Bill: Do you plan on having a fastback model available?

Waylon: We are working on that right now.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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