AJE Suspension Colt 65 Suspension Kit With 289/302/351 Motor Mounts For Use With Late Model Spindles 1965-1970

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AJE Suspension Colt 65 Suspension Kit with 289/302/351 Motor Mounts for 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970 Mustangs with Late Model Mustang Spindles.

Modernize the front suspension on your classic Mustang with the AJE Colt 65 Suspension Kit. This kit includes everything needed to add 1987-2004 spindles to your Mustang and upgrade to late model style suspension. In addition to a more up-to-date suspension, you will have a large selection of wheels at affordable prices to really set off the look of your Mustang.

Colt 65 Suspension Kit Includes:
- Tubular k-member
- Tubular front lower control arms
- Front coilovers
- Caster/camber plates
- Small block Ford motor mounts

*When you purchase this AJE Colt 65 Suspension Kit a Rear Sump Oil Pan and Rear Sump Pickup Tube is required.

AJE Suspension's k-member is constructed from heavy duty tubular mild steel and is finished with a black powder coat. The k-member is a complete bolt-in assembly that allows the installation of a Fox Body rack and pinion, as well as Fox Body (87-93 only) or SN95 Mustang spindles. All necessary mounting hardware is included with weld-on sleeves for mounting the k-member to the chassis and steering rack mounting bushings. This k-member comes with a pair of motor mounts that will accept a 289, 302 or 351 engine.

AJE Tubular K-Member Features:
- Includes all necessary mounting hardware
- Power steering rack bushings
- Motor mount bushings with mounting bolts
- Weld-on sleeves for mounting the k-member to the chassis
- Light-weight design
- Heavy-duty mild-steel construction
- Black powder coated finish

This pair of heavy duty, tubular front lower control arms from AJE Suspension keeps you in constant control of your Mustang. The AJE control arms provide a reduction in overall weight plus improved suspension geometry. Each control arm is made from premium quality tubular steel for strength and finished with black powder coat for long lasting good looks and corrosion resistance. AJE includes polyurethane bushings with every control arm to provide increased responsiveness with minimum noise.

AJE Tubular Lower Control Arm Features:
- Heavy-duty tubular steel construction
- Lightweight design
- Caster and camber adjustment
- Polyurethane bushings
- Black powder coated finish

The coilovers feature an adjustable collar to adjust ride height/spring preload. Caster/camber plates bolt directly to the shock towers while offering adjustment to dial-in your alignment. AJE's c/c plates will allow you to properly set up the alignment so you can take full advantage of the performance offered by late model Mustang suspension.

The 150lb springs are the softest set of springs that are available from AJE Suspension that can be used on your 1965-1970 Mustang. The pair are intended to be used by Mustang drivers that prefer to keep their machine moving in a straight line as opposed to maneuvering through the turns. For those that wish to carve the corners, you can choose the 200lb springs. The stiffer spring rate will increase handling but lack performance at the drag strip. For those wanting a nice medium between these two spring rates, the 175lb springs are the perfect choice offering great performance in a straight line and through the curves. Being the mid-range of spring strength, this pair will give you great performance in a daily driver that is going to be driven by an enthusiastic owner.

Front Coilover Includes/Features:
- 150lb/175lb/200lb coil springs to provide great straight line acceleration or increased cornering
- Two caster/camber plates for secure shock and spring fitment as well as alignment adjustment
- Two coilover shocks for improved suspension and ride quality
- Included installation hardware for eased install process

Finishing off the Colt 65 suspension kit is a pair of motor mounts ready for your 289, 302 or 351 engine. The mounts are solid and they bolt directly to the engine and k-member for a secure fit. A single bolt attaches the mount to the k-member and the bolt runs through a cylindrical bushing. AJE's mounts will help put your Mustang's power to the ground, however, the use of these solid motor mounts may cause some additional engine vibration due to the lack of flex in the mounts.

Please Note: Cutting the original motor mounts and lower control arm mounts is necessary to install this tubular K-member into any 1965-1970 Mustang. Also, if using SN95 spindles a 3/8" spacer is included. Without this spacer, the nut will bottom out on the ball joint's threads before it properly tightens the tapered stud to the spindle.

*This kit requires 1987-2004 spindles and brakes, aftermarket steering shaft kit and a 1979-1993 rack and pinion.

AJE Suspension's Colt 65 Suspension Kit is a great way to install late model style suspension in your 1965-1970 Mustang. This kit includes all of the main components needed to upgrade your suspension, excluding the 1987-2004 spindles. With an abundance of used spindles in salvage yards, you can fully revamp your classic Mustang's front suspension for a great price!

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We’re here with AJE’s front suspension kit fitting your 1965 through 1970 Mustang.

The AJE suspension kit is basically designed to allow you to upgrade to more modern suspension on your ’65 through ’70 Mustang. When using these pieces you use the steering and spindles off of a ’79 through ’04 giving you a lot more options as far as brakes and wheels.

The heart of the system is this AJE K-member. What this does is once you remove your factory lower control arm mounts and factory motor mount location this is going to bolt to your frame rails and allow you to use their late model suspension style setup. You’ll also use a Foxbody rack that will bolt up to the AJE control arms and coil over conversion. Motor mount brackets are designed to use either a modular motor, a small block, or a Ford big block.

When you order the kit you want to specify what motor you’re using. These motor mounts here will fit your 209, 302, or 351 Windsor. We offer a big block version that will work with a 390, 428, 429 or 460, as well as a mod motor mount that will work with any 4.6 or late model 5.0 engine.

These are the tubular steel A-arms that have to be used with the AJE K-member to use the late model spindle. The ball joints are off of a ’79 through ’93 Foxbody and can be upgraded if necessary. It includes spacers that allow you to use either the ’79 through ’93 spindle, or the ’94 through ’04.

When using the AJE kit this is the coil over conversion. It’s going to replace your factory shocks and coil springs with these adjustable coil overs. They’re adjustable for ride height. You also have your options of different spring rates from 150, 175 or 200 pounds for different applications. By turning the collar here you can adjust your ride height and they come with mountable camber plates that allow you to adjust caster and camber on the car.

While these parts are available separately they are designed to be used as a complete kit. The arms will require the K-member. You will need the coil over conversion to use the entire package. If you’re looking to upgrade your early Mustang to a late model style suspension to give you a lot more options, as well as a lot more performance check out this complete line of AJE suspension.

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