BBK Strut Tower Brace Black Mustang 1986-1993

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  • Reduces Chassis Flex
  • Steel Construction
  • Black Powder Coated Finish
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
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BBK Black Strut Tower Brace for 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 Mustangs.

Correct excessive front end chassis flex with a Strut Tower Brace (2504) from BBK. These triangular braces join the strut towers together and tie them into the firewall for additional strength.

Features and Benefits:
- Simple Installation
- Reduce Chassis Flex
- Tubular Steel Construction
- Direct Fit Upgrade

The robotically welded BBK design is now available to fit all Mustang applications. These braces are designed to clear most engine modifications and improve handling on your Mustang. Constructed from strong tubular steel, the brace helps strengthen the front chassis for performance driving and everyday use.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We recently did a bunch of suspension upgrades to our 1992 Mustang GT, including new springs, new shocks and struts, caster and camber plates, and some sway bars. Now, with all that new suspension componentry on the car we want to make sure the chassis is tightened up so the suspension can work as good as possible. We going to start off today with the front of the car by installing this grip by BBK Front Strut Tower Brace.

This strut tower brace kit's going to fit your 1996 through 1993 Mustang and includes the brace itself and all necessary hardware for installation. The theory behind the strut tower brace is by tying the front end together you're going to stiffen it up. There's a lot of strain on the top of the shock towers so basically this bar here's going to go from shock tower to shock tower and the additional bracing, it goes back to the firewall.

For this installation we'll need a 3/8th ratchet, eight millimeter socket, half inch socket, 9/16th socket, 5/16th Allen key, a couple extensions, Phillips head screwdriver, small flat head screwdriver, panel removal tool, half inch wrench, marker, drill, eighth inch drill bit, 3/8th drill bit, and safety glasses.

It's not a bad idea to have some help with the strut tire brace. Freddy's going to give me a hand because sometimes you'll have to actually get in the wheel in order to tighten nuts and bolts so extra hands are going to help. The first thing you want to do though is just put it roughly in place, get an idea where it's going to go. The reason you want to do that is to just make sure it clears. Some aftermarket intake manifolds, superchargers, all the under hood stuff may not fit clear with the strut tower brace. Before you're mounting or drilling holes or anything roughly put it where it's going to go to make sure it clears everything in your engine bay. Then we're going to close the hood and start with the cowl.

The rear part of the brace is going to go through the firewall into the cowl area. What we're going to do first is remove the wipers and the cowl so we can get to the other side. Now we can remove the six screws that hold the cowl in place. You want to carefully lift the cowl up, this type of washer hose underneath. We use our panel removable tool to get these wiring harnesses out of the way, then we'll loosen them up so the strut towel brace can fit flat with one on each side. I'm just going to pull the washer hose out, get that out of the way as well. Then I'm going to test fit our bar again to get an idea where it's going to fit.

Every car might be different. You might find that you have a gap back here on the firewall. If you do that's normal. BBK provides this plate that will go behind it so when we tighten the bolts down it'll pull it flush. What we're going to do now is start drilling the holes. This is it helps to have a second person because I'm going to hold it in place while he drills. Now, the first hole drilled we're going to just put a bolt in place just to hold it, now we're going to go through and drill the other three holes. Finally, the last part we're going to be marking the firewall.

While Freddy's drilling out to the passenger side, I'm going to unbolt our starter solenoid just to move it out of the way and give us a little more room on this side. Everything else held in place, the last step will be the firewall. You're not going to be able to drill these so basically what you're going to do is mark them first then we'll come back and drill the holes. Since we know the bar is going to align this here and guide us, we're going to start with a pilot hole then we'll open it up. Bring the bar back into place, test fit everything again. Test here, make sure everything lines up. If you have to open those holes up a little bit, re-mount a little bit it's no problem, the plate can keep everything centered.

Our holes are good, now we can go back and put the spacer in, put the hardware back in place and start tightening everything up. Metal plate's going to go on. Make sure the plate can only go on one way. The hole for the washer is going to go towards the top. Now we're going to hold in the bolt, put the lock washer and the nut on inside the cowl area. Just put everything hand tight, we don't want to crank everything just yet. Now we're going to put washers on all the bolts, install the bolts on the towers themselves, and again put nuts and lock washers on the other side.

This part's a little tricky, it's going to be impossible to show it to you. What you want to do is take a lock washer and a nut and put them on the bottom of the bolt. If you're at the right height you might be able to reach your hand in. If not, just jack the front of the car up a little bit, reach up in there and connect them to the bolts. Now we'll tighten up the firewall, get everything mounted. Now we're going to fish the washer hose back through and you're going to reinstall your cowl and your wipers, and your installation's finished.

The BBK Strut Tower Brace looks good under the hood, was fairly easy to install, and should do a good job of tightening up the front suspension on a '92 Mustang GT. Installation should only take you around an hour or so, so you'll be back on the road in no time.

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