Edelbrock Intake Manifold Performer 390 Satin Without EGR 332/352/360/390/427/428



  • Made In The USA
  • RPM Range Up To 5500RPM
  • Improved Torque Over Stock
  • Satin Finish
MSRP $597.95
You save 10%

Edelbrock Satin Performer 390 Intake Manifold for 332, 352, 360, 390, 427 and 428 Engines without EGR.

If you're looking to continue your vehicle's performance upgrades under the hood, than consider swapping that lame stock manifold for this premium Edelbrock Satin Performer 390 Intake Manifold (2105), now available to purchase here at CJ Pony Parts!

Performer Intake Manifold Features and Benefits:
- Fits 332/352/360/390/427/428 engines
- Classic Satin finish
- Dual plane design
- Low rise design
- Square carburetor mounting flange
- Improved torque over a wide RPM range
- Power band: Idle-5500RPM
- No EGR provisions
- Made in the U.S.A.

Edelbrock designed this Performer Intake Manifold to help boost your Big Block Ford engine's torque over a wider RPM range! The included square carburetor mounting flange will ease your installation process and help make the project easier and get you back on the road faster. Your new direct-fit upgraded manifold will provide increased top-end horsepower gains while retaining great throttle response from off-idle through 5500RPM, so it's perfect for performance or off-road applications where you need way more power. Don't wait and order your new intake manifold now from CJ's!

Intake Manifold Specifications:
- Front Intake Manifold Height: 4.35”
- Rear Intake Manifold Height: 5.5”
- Carb Pad Height: 4.92”
- Port Exit Dimensions: 1.06”X1.75

Vehicle Fitment:
- 1967-1973 Mustangs
- 1968-1976 F-100s

Please Note: Mounting hardware (IMB16) and intake manifold gaskets (IMG3) are not included--must be purchased separately.

If you're looking for more performance from your Ford Engine, check out Edelbrock, who is one of the industry leaders with parts for most Ford Engines and more than 75 years of experience. Carburetors, exhausts, intake manifolds, and superchargers are just a few of the things that Edelbrock provides, giving you many ways that you can get the most out of your Small Block Ford with high quality performance products.

Go ahead and purchase this all-new Edelbrock (2105) Satin Performer 390 Intake Manifold for your 332, 352, 360, 390, 427 or 428 Engine without EGR today from CJ Pony Parts!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Only for use on pre-pollution controlled vehicles: This product can be used on vehicles that were manufactured before emissions control regulations were imposed. Pre-pollution vehicles are defined as:

  • 1965 and older U.S. manufactured California certified vehicles
  • 1967 and older U.S. manufactured federally certified vehicles

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

I'm here with Cary from Edelbrock, who's going to tell us a little bit about their intake manifold for carburetor applications.

Cary: Fantastic. Thank you, Bill. Appreciate it. We've got a wide assortment of intake manifolds that are all made here in the States. We've got our multiple different series. We have a Performer series, an RPM series, a Victor series. We have you covered from mild to wild. If you're doing just a restoration project, you're looking for an aluminum intake versus that old heavy cast-iron one, you want to pull that two-barrel off, our Performer series is really going to fix you up and do what you need to do. That's got an RPM range from 1500 to about 5500 RPM. When you get into their Performer RPM series, that goes from 1500 to 6500. Really, it's just a little taller as far as the intake deck height itself.

When it gets to the higher end side of things, we have our Air-Gap here, and basically what the Air-Gap is, as you can see, it actually just allows air to go underneath the runners. It keeps the oil that's on the bottom of the intake from splashing up and putting heat on those runners. Gives you a cooler denser charge. Allows you to have a lot more horsepower when you're running down the road.

Bill: You mentioned the operating RPM for both the Air-Gap and the Performers, around 6500 RPM?

Cary: That's correct.

Bill:What if you get somebody who wants to spin a little higher than that. What else do you have?

Cary: We actually have the Victor series. We don't have it here today to show, but the Victor series is a single plane manifold with a little higher carburetor deck and allows you to spin it up to about 8500, or if you want to port that thing out, I've seen it go as high as 10,000 RPM.

Bill: Are all your different manifolds available in multiple finishes?

Cary:Yes, all the manifolds are available in multiple finishes. The satin finish is the primary finish. We have it available in a Durashine. We also have a black version. The coating that's on here is like a powder coating. It's a dipping process with multiple layers to it, with a clear coat on top of it to allow it to actually stay shiny just like this.

Bill: The black, is that a painted finish? Is it a powder-coated finish?

Cary: That is a powder-coated finish as well.Bill: Is it high gloss or is it a flat finish?

Cary: It's a flat finish. It's a flat finish; it's not a high gloss.

Bill: With the manifolds here, we know Edelbrock makes an excellent carburetor as well. It looks like you have everything else to install it.

Cary: Absolutely. Thank you, Bill. We actually have a lot of the other accessory items that you'll need to do the job right. What it takes to do the job right is really what we focus on at Edelbrock. We've got intake gaskets. We've got intake bolts. Because each of our intakes could be different depending on application, you may need a different length bolt. Plus, it's just a much more stylish accent to the intake install. A lot of items that get forgotten about when they do a carburetor in intake swap, is actually the carb studs, and that's one of the things that you offer here, as well, at CJ Pony Parts; to go along with that, any of the accessory items for the carburetor, breathers, air cleaners, as well. There's just a lot of different parts that we have. Anything to do the job right is what we're really focusing on to do.

Bill: Great. Thank you.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following F-100 years:

  • 1968,
  • 1969,
  • 1970,
  • 1971,
  • 1972,
  • 1973,
  • 1974,
  • 1975,
  • 1976,

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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