GT Performance Horn Button 9-Bolt Billet Small Tri-Bar Mustang 1965-1973

GT Performance:
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  • Durable Polished Finish
  • Features Tri-Bar Logo
  • Billet Aluminum Construction
  • For 9 Bolt Steering Wheels

GT Performance Small Billet 9-Bolt Horn Button with a Tri-Bar Symbol.

Finish off your new 9-bolt steering wheel and hub with a small style horn button with the classic tri-bar symbol. Small horn buttons keep the 9-bolt pattern uncovered for a high tech performance look. This small horn button looks fantastic in the middle of the 9-bolt steering wheel with its billet construction and unique mounting concept. Although the horn button is specific to the 9-bolt series steering wheels we offer, it will fit most standard 9-bolt pattern steering wheels as well. With multiple styles available, you're sure to find a horn button to match your Mustang.

Add a vintage theme to your steering wheel with this horn button featuring the classic tri-bar logo. The logo is colored with a black background. "Ford Mustang" is scripted above and below the tri-bar as well. The rest of the horn button is given a polished finish. Fitment is perfect every time due to CNC machining of 6061 billet aluminum. A unique o-ring on a billet base keeps the horn button secure. Never will you have to worry about a horn button popping off thanks to this exclusive mounting concept. The horn button snaps onto the base for a tight fit, although a plastic non-marring tool can be used to remove the horn button. Simply wire the horn button to the installation hub and your steering wheel is ready for action. Hardware is included.

Horn buttons are sold separately so you can choose the button that best fits your interior theme. The high quality construction and finish matches the 9-bolt steering wheels perfectly.

The Steering Wheel Experts at GT Performance have over 40 years’ experience in steering wheel design and manufacturing, so you can rest assured that your new steering wheel and steering wheel accessories will be the perfect addition to your classic pony. Browse around and order your new GT Performance parts now from CJ's

Pick up this brand-new replacement GT Performance 11-1125 Small Billet 9-Bolt Horn Button with a Tri-Bar Symbol from CJ Pony Parts now!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Subscribers to our YouTube channel are probably familiar with this 67 Mustang Convertible. I've done a ton of work on this car so far, including a T5 swap along with a Ford Racing crate engine. The owner drives the car a lot and is actually planning a big road trip with the 50th Anniversary Mustang Show down in Charlotte. He's looking for a little more comfortable steering wheel and the factory plastics and today we're going to remove that, replace it with this leather wrap, billet aluminum wheel with matching Mustang center cap. We'll be using this billet aluminum adaptor which is designed for all 67 through 69 stock columns to put an aftermarket wheel.

The wheel itself is a 14-inch wheel and it's a teardrop design. It's all aluminum. The outside is leather, but it's also padded making it really comfortable for long drives. The Mustang horn button is just a nice touch to finish it off. Because we're messing with the horn assembly and some wire, we're going to disconnect the battery. We'll start by removing the stock wheel and the horn ring. The factory wheel is not a bad-looking wheel and the 67 has a unique style to it. It's a very thin plastic. It's just not comfortable for normal driving. The leather should be a really nice upgrade. Remove the factory horn ring by pushing in and turning. It will come right off. We'll have access to bolts to remove our steering wheel.

Start by removing now the retaining nut, which holds the steering wheel to the column. Now we're going to remove the steering wheel from the column. There's a couple of ways to do this. You may need a steering wheel puller. If the wheel has been on here for a while, it's locked in it's hub pretty well, it may not come off. I would say try it by hand first. If you're going to do that, take the retaining nut and put it on just a couple of threads. That way if the steering wheel does come off, you don't go flying if you pull it off. Just enough to hold it, now you give it a good tug and see if it will come off. Now you can remove the nut and remove the wheel. Start the assembly by slotting the column sleeve over the hub itself.

If you look carefully, there's a small set screw. You're not going to tighten it yet, just put it on there for now. Now you want to look at the adaptor itself. You'll see these two tiny little dimples next to the one mounting hole for the steering wheel. That's going to be the top. We want to make sure that goes towards the top. This tab here is a little stud for cancellation for the turn signal. We want to make sure that's lined up as well. I'll re-install the nut. Now I'll grab a supply and Allen key for the set screw. What you want to do is leave yourself about an 1/8 inch gap at the bottom here between the column and the sleeve and then tighten it down. You can grab your new wheel, grab the supplied hardware, and screw it into the adaptor.

Best to get all nine of them started first before you tighten anything down. Once you get them all started, now you can work your way through and tighten them down, kinda of want a zig-zag pattern when you tighten them down. Not that you really could with the tool they provide, but make sure you don't over-tighten them too. Just get them snug. Now connect the terminals for our horn to the back of our horn button. We'll get that lined up. There's an O-ring that holds it in place. It is a tight fit, so make sure you get it lined up. You have to work it back and forth to work it in, and the installation is finished. Our new steering wheel looks great and it's a lot more comfortable to drive the car as well.

The only tools you're going to need for installation are 15/16 socket and possibly a steering wheel puller. Everything else is included with the parts. Installation should only take you around 15 minutes. You'll be back on the road in no time.

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