Hose Candy Hose Skin Kit Carbon Fiber/Kevlar GT 2011-2014

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Hose Candy Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Hose Skin Kit for 2011-2014 GT Mustangs.

Don't settle for those plain ugly rubber hoses or stainless steel braided hoses. Hose Candy brings you the best option for covering hoses with leak free technology. You can install Hose Skins over any stock or custom hose and hide the cut ends with Boa clamps and Boa sleeves for the ultimate custom look at a fraction of the cost of stainless steel braided hose. Hose Candy's Hose Skins look great in any application and are featured on many Ringbrothers builds including the award winning Producer Mustang.

Don't settle for a "one size fits all" kit. Hose Candy Mustang kits include Boa clamps, Hose Skins, Sidewinders and Performance Silicone Hose that have been packaged with the correct sizes and lengths for your vehicle. Installation is a breeze since all parts are made to fit your Mustang.

Carbon fiber and kevlar hose skins feature a proprietary weave and coating system called SkinPosite. This technology lets Do-It-Yourselfers "skin" their own hoses in their shop or garage. SkinPosite technology makes the skins easy to install, keeps the fiber pattern aligned, conforms to tight bends without bunching and prevents the fibers from getting the fuzzy look from catching on sharp objects. SkinPosite technology offers light weight protection to help provide bullet proof hoses, protects against heat and abrasion damage and looks great under your hood.

Patented Boa clamps replace ugly worm gear clamps for a tight seal. Thanks to dynamic tension technology, you will never have to re-tighten a clamp again. Once you heat shrink them to size with a heat gun, they will never let go and never leak. Never again will you cut yourself on those rusted worm gear clamps.

- Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Skin 2" diameter 2-1/2' long (2) (Fits 1.5" to 2.25" outer diameter hose)
- Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Skin 1-1/2" diameter 4' long (Fits 1.25" to 1.75" outer diameter hose)
- Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Skin 1" diameter 4' long (Fits 0.5" to 1.2" outer diameter hose)
- Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Skin 3/4" diameter 10-1/2' long (Fits 0.25" to 0.6" outer diameter hose)
- Boa clamps for upper/lower radiator hose (4)
- Boa clamps for radiator reservoir (6)
- Boa clamps for brake booster hose (2)
- Super Shrink 1" diameter (8)
- Super Shrink 1-1/2" diameter (6)
- Super Shrink 2" diameter (2)
- Super Shrink 3" diameter (4)

Multiple colors available to match your Mustang.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Today, we're going to take a look at these custom hose kits for your '64-'69 small block, as well as your 2011-2014 Mustang GT, from Hose Candy. All of Hose Candy's Mustang kits include these hose skins, which are a carbon/Kevlar weave known as SkinPosite. It allows a do-it-yourselfer to get the look of a high-end hose. All of the Hose Candy Mustang kits are going to include the hose skin, these boa clamps, and this super-shrink material. The boa clamp's going to take the place of your factory hose clamp, and both the clamp and the shrink get heated to provide an excellent seal.

To install the hose skin, you'll remove the hose from your car. You'll take this skin, and you'll want to bunch it up. Then you'll work your way around the hose. You'll want to get it to about 1/4" from the end. Put the Super Shrink over the top here. Then install the boa clamp. You install that to the pipe. You're going to shrink that to fit. You install the Super Shrink, and heat that as well. As you can see, once everything's heated and installed, it has that great look of a custom hose.

The hose skins are available in the carbon fiber, carbon fiber/Kevlar weave, an all-black Kevlar, green and black Kevlar, blue and black, orange and black, red and black, and yellow and black. The Hose Candy kit for your 2011-2014 Mustang GT is going to include 10 hose skins in your choice of color, along with boa clamps and the proper Super Shrink, giving you all five radiator hoses, air filtration hose, both PCV hoses, your air induction to throttle body hose, and your brake booster hose.

This is Hose Candy's kit for your '64-'69 small block Ford Mustang. It includes hose skins for both your upper and lower radiator hoses, along with a set for your heater hoses as well. This kit also includes this silicone line kit, as well as skins for the silicone lines, which can be used to replace the vacuum lines under your hood. It includes their patent pending Quick Connect system, which I'm going to show you how to assemble. The Hose Candy kit for the early small block ford includes three diameters of high-grade silicone hose to hold 30" of vacuum, or 125 PSI. It includes the hose skin, rotator cuff fittings in black, although colors are available, Super Shrink, and an assortment of fittings making for quick disconnects.

I'm going to show you how the fittings work. These are the three main style fittings you're going to use for the quick coupler. Take this size here, make sure the threaded end is outward, and put that into your hose. For this side here, you're going to take the longer end through the back of the coupler where it's splined and push it through until you hear it click. Now we'll take the other hose end, put it through our hose, and push them together, and a half turn will lock it in place. Once you have the fittings finished, you can wrap it with your hose skin and put some Super Shrink on the end.

These Hose Candy kits are an excellent choice to upgrade the under hood of your Mustang. Not only a lower cost alternative to expensive stainless steel braided hoses, the custom colors of the hose skins allows for a truly unique look. The SkinPosite material is going to protect your hoses, while the boa clamps provide a much better seal than a conventional hose clamp. If you're looking for that little something extra under the hood of your Mustang, make sure you check out these custom hose kits from Hose Candy.

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