Mustang Starter Solenoid (1965-1973) Installation Instructions

Tools Required:
  • 1/2-inch Wrench
  • 3/8-inch Wrench
  • 100 grit Sandpaper
  • Zip Tie/Twine
Install Difficulty:
  • Easy
  • Easy Project
1. To start installing your new Mustang Starter Solenoid, disconnect positive battery cable. Use a zip tie or a piece of twine to secure the battery cable away from the battery post to avoid any accidental arcing.
Mustang Starter Solenoid Install Image
2. Transfer the two push on Mustang battery cables from the old solenoid to the new solenoid one at a time to avoid placing the wires in an incorrect location. This is a good time to inspect all of the wires for cracks in the insulation and heat damage. (The cables in my photographs are in need of repair or replacement.)
3. At this point, the old Mustang starter solenoid should remain attached to the fender apron.
Mustang Starter Solenoid Install Image
4. Use a 1/2-inch wrench to remove the cable that runs to the starter from the old solenoid, clean the connector, and install finger-tight on the new solenoid. Note that the lock washer should be between the starter cable connector and the nut.
5. Do the same with the cables on the battery side of the solenoid.
Mustang Starter Solenoid Install Image
6. Remove the two bolts that hold the old solenoid to the Mustang fender apron with your 3/8-inch wrench.
7. Mount the new Mustang starter solenoid. Do not over tighten.
Mustang Starter Solenoid Install Image
8. Use the 1/2-inch wrench to tighten the cables on the Mustang battery side and the starter side.
9. If you ordered new Mustang starter solenoid bolts along with your solenoid, slide the rubber protectors that came with the bolt kit onto the back side of the bolts inside the fender well.
Mustang Starter Solenoid Install Image
10. Reconnect the positive cable to the battery and your new Mustang Starter Solenoid should be ready to get your Mustang cruising.