Pedders Front And Rear Suspension Kit SportsRyder EziFit Mustang V6 2015-2017/ EcoBoost/ GT 2015-2024

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Pedders SportsRyder EziFit Front and Rear Suspension Kit for 2015, 2016, and 2017 V6 Mustangs and for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 EcoBoost and GT Mustangs.

Upgrade your 2015-2017 V6 or 2015-2024 EcoBoost or GT Mustang’s suspension with this all-in-one Pedders SportsRyder EziFit Front and Rear Suspension Kit from CJ Pony Parts!

This Kit Includes:
- (2) SportsRyder EziFit Assembled Front Struts with Springs and Strut Mounts (P/N: 909157)
- (1) SportsRyder EziFit Rear Shocks with Springs Kit (P/N: 902315 - Includes 2 Shocks and 2 Springs)

Features & Benefits:
- Bolt-In Suspension Upgrade: Makes Upgrading Suspension Easy
- Each Component is Carefully Designed and Engineered to Work with Each Other 

Rear Shock and Front Strut Features & Benefits:
- Precisely Tuned Valving
- Heavy Duty Construction
- Nitrogen Gas Pressurized
- Direct OE Fitment

SportsRyder Spring Features & Benefits:
- Lowers Center of Gravity for Improved Handling
- Cut to Precise Length for Precise Fit
- Hot Formed Coils are Quenched in Oil Bath
- Slowly Tempered in Oven for Strength
- Shot Peened and Powder Coated

This Pedders (803051) SportsRyder EziFit Front and Rear Suspension Kit will help you quickly and easily upgrade your S550 Mustang’s front struts and springs and rear shocks and springs. Each component is designed and engineered by Pedders to work hand-in-hand with each other so you’ll see an improvement in handling and more whether on the street or at the track. The included rear shocks and front struts offer precisely tuned valving and direct OE fitment. The included SportsRyder springs are designed to lower the center of gravity to help improve handling and will come to you precisely cut for a perfect fit!

Lowering Specs:
Front and Rear: 1.18"

Spring Rates:
Front: 184.8 in./lbs.
Rear: 806.4 in./lbs. 

Vehicle Fitment:
- 2015-2017 V6 Mustang
- 2015-2024 EcoBoost Mustang
- 2015-2024 GT Mustang 

Please Note: This kit is NOT designed to work with vehicles that are equipped with the factory MagneRide suspension. 

Tech Tip: A wheel alignment is strongly recommended after the installation of this kit.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

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Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Today, we're going to upgrade the suspension on our 2018 Mustang GT with help from Pedders. When replacing the springs in your Mustang, it's never a bad idea to replace the shocks and struts at the same time. Now, I know a lot of people buy springs and never know what shock and strut to go with. Well, Pedders makes that very easy with their EziFit SportsRyder system, which will fit your 2015 through 2022 Mustang.

The SportsRyder EziFit system provides direct replaceable components for any 2015 through 2022 Mustang without a factory MagneRide option. Now, the nice thing with the EziFit, there's no spring compressor or special tools required for installation. They provide you a completely assembled strut assembly for the front along with new springs and new shocks for the back. This will lower your Mustang approximately an inch and a quarter, and they're going to be a direct replacement for the factory components and much easier to install than a lot of other aftermarket pieces.

For this installation, a lift and a pole jack, or a jack and jack stands, 3/8" ratchet, 13mm socket, 15mm socket, 18mm socket, 1/2" ratchet, 21mm socket, 24mm socket, short extension, torque wrench, 17mm wrench, and a clip removal tool.

We're going to start off under the hood. First thing you want to do is remove two of these nuts holding the strut mount, and just loosen up the third. All right, now we're down in the wheel well area. The first thing, obviously, remove your wheel, and then what we're going to do is remove the caliper by removing the two bolts on the back. We have to remove the caliper to get it out of the way, to access the two nuts to separate the spindle from the strut.

Now, with the caliper off, just place it on the K-member, safely out of the way. Don't let it hang from the hose. With the brake caliper out of the way, now we can start removing the strut from the car. The first step here is to remove the sway bar. You're going to hold it in the back with a 17mm wrench, and remove the nut from the front. Now, the last step is, obviously, to remove the nuts and bolts that hold the spindle onto the strut. Before you do that, make sure you disconnect all the ABS line. Just pop the clips off the strut and the mounts.

All right, now we can separate the spindle from the strut. You're going to remove the nuts, but just screw them out to the very edge of the bolts because then you have to hammer them through. Basically, you want to make sure this is out past the edge, that way you can hammer on the nut to push the bolt through without mushrooming the edge of the bolt, because if you mushroom that, you'll never get these nuts back on.

All right, now we can remove the nut we left loose up in the engine bay and remove the assembly from the car. With the original parts out, now we can install the EziFit from Pedders. You want to make sure this little notch here goes towards the engine. This one faces out. First going to get these hand tight for now. All right, now we can reconnect the spindle to the strut assembly using the factory hardware. Now, these are splines where the nuts will pull through. Just give them a little tap to get them started. Now we'll torque these nuts to 184 foot-pound.

All right, with those bolts tight, now we can reinstall the ABS line clips and then move on to the sway bar end link. And to the last step in the wheel well, reinstall the rotor and the caliper. Then I'll come back up and tighten these down, and these will get torqued when we're done to 46 pound-feet.

Okay, we'll repeat the process on the other side, we'll move on to the rears. Okay, with the front done, now we can move on to the back. Now, the first thing we're going to do with the rear suspension is unbolt this brake line and then unbolt the shock, so we will have to actually lower down the subframe to remove the spring. Now we're going to go down in here and remove these two bolts at the bottom so we can remove the shock and replace it with our new unit from Pedders. Now, you will have to take the shock apart because the mount will have to be transferred over unless you bought a new one.

To remove the spring, we have to lower the subframe. It requires us to remove two bolts. One's up here, there's one in the back. Before we can remove this bolt, we have to remove these two small ones up here so the bracket comes off with it. All right, now we're actually ready to lower down the subframe. Now, before you do so, make sure you support it with a jack or a pole jack, and then we can lower it down by removing both bolts. Now we can lower down the subframe and remove the spring.

Ready to install the rear springs. Now, we transferred over the factory insulator that we're going to move over to the spring. Now, as far as a progressive spring, we're going to have some tighter coils. In actuality, it really doesn't matter if they're top or bottoms. It does not change the spring orient. There's a huge argument on this, which way is better. I always like these at the top, Brendan prefers them at the bottom, but either way it doesn't matter. We're going with the top because I'm his boss. And make sure when the spring's in here you're going to turn it until it fits into the factory isolator at the bottom, then we can raise it back into place. With the subframe back up, we can reinstall the bolts. All right, now we can reinstall the front bolt along with the two support bolts.

We're ready to install the shock. Like I mentioned before, the one part you do have to remove from your factory shock is the mount. To do that, remove the plastic cap, remove the nut off the top so you can remove the mount. Now, along with the mount, you want to transfer over your bump stop and the boot as well. Ready to reinstall the plastic cover on the top, and we're ready to install the shock in our car. Now we install the Pedders EziFit shock using the factory hardware. Easier to bolt it in the control arm first and then up in the body.

The last step here is to reinstall the brake line. You want to repeat the process on the other side. Reinstall your wheels and tires, and your installation is finished.

The SportsRyder EziFit suspension was an excellent choice for our 2018 Mustang. It gives it a really nice stance. Because the shocks and struts were designed to work with the springs, their ride quality and performance is excellent as well. The installation's actually easier because they are direct easy fits. Figure about two to three hours total, be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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