2022 Bronco & Bronco Raptor Colors

2022 Bronco & Bronco Raptor Colors

Last Updated June 13, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

The 2021 Bronco launched with 12 exterior paint options. In its second year, that number will remain the same (if not grow).

In 2022, all but two Bronco colors are carryovers from the 2021 model. Sadly, three great shades from the first year won't be making a return. But Ford will be adding a deep forest green and a burnt-orange red that should get some new buyers excited. There's also the exciting Code Orange for those who might be lucky enough to get their hands on a Bronco Raptor.

Without further ado, here's the color lineup for the 2022 Ford Bronco.

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2022 Ford Bronco Colors
Area 51 KU
Cactus Gray NE
Carbonized Gray M7
Code Orange Unknown
Cyber Orange Metallic SB
Eruption Green Unknown
Hot Pepper Red Metallic Unknown
Iconic Silver JS
Oxford White YZ
Race Red PQ
Shadow Black G1
Velocity Blue E7

Sample colors are for representation purposes and may not accurately portray actual paint color due to screen settings, metallic finish, etc.

New Bronco Colors in 2022

Code Orange

The Bronco Raptor everyone expected was finally confirmed by Ford for the 2022 model year. Sadly, it will not be called the Warthog. Code Orange will be exclusive to the Bronco Raptor trim.

We haven't seen a full picture of the Bronco in Code Orange yet, but it's a color we've already seen on the 2021 F-150 Raptor. Despite two other colors having an orange tinge (Cyber Orange Metallic and Hot Pepper Red), this color is more on the pumpkin side of the orange spectrum. It looks great on the F-150 Raptor, and we expect it'll look just as good on the Bronco.

2022 Ford Bronco Raptor in Code Orange with black Ford grille

Eruption Green

The new green confirmed by Ford earlier this year was finally revealed in late August at the Woodward Dream Cruise. Despite rumors that it would be called Everglades Green or Overland Green, Ford settled on Eruption Green. That makes sense since it's also one of the new Mustang colors for 2022.

The color was added due to customer demand for a green option, and it’ll be available on all trim levels. This dark, foresty green takes inspiration from Mallard Green, a color you could get on first-gen Broncos starting in 1973. It’s nice to see such a rich color in the lineup, and it just makes sense given the outdoor aesthetic of the Bronco.

Eruption Green Bronco off-road with muddy tires

Hot Pepper Red Metallic

While confirming Eruption Green, Ford also announced the new Hot Pepper Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat. There are no official pictures of the Bronco sporting this new color yet, but it is an option on the 2022 Maverick. We put together a rendering below based on that shade.

Artist rendering of a Hot Red Pepper Metallic Bronco in a desert environment

Hot Pepper Red Metallic is more of a burnt orange color than a true red. The metallic flake does make it change shades depending on the light, though. With the departure of the darker Rapid Red, and Cyber Orange Metallic being more yellow than orange, this color might fill the gap right between the two.

Returning Bronco Colors for 2022

Area 51

Those holding out until the 2022 model year should be relieved to see that Area 51 made the cut. While it's still on the gray side of the spectrum, it at least has some blue tones to it. Given the loss of the other blue options like Antimatter and Velocity Blue, this is the only blue-ish paint option left for the Bronco.

2022 Bronco with Area 51 paint color in a rocky environment

Cactus Gray

Despite being another shade of gray, Cactus Gray is still a pretty good looking color. Depending on the lighting, it seems to shift from slightly off-white to a light sage green. The neutral tone pairs well with a white or black roof, and black or chrome wheels. In other words, it's hard to mess this color up.

2022 Bronco with Cactus Gray paint in a rocky environment

Carbonized Gray

Carbonized Gray is the standard dark gray color in the lineup. As one of the few metallic paint options, it looks especially good in the sun. This classy color pairs well with black wheels and accessories, but looks just as good with machined aluminum.

2022 Bronco with Carbonized Gray paint in a rocky environment

Cyber Orange Metallic

With the removal of Velocity Blue, Cyber Orange Metallic is one of the only bold color choices left on the 2022 Bronco. Cyber Orange looks more dark yellow than orange, but we love it anyways. The metallic flake adds so much depth and interest to this color when it's out in the sun. Ford has also expanded the availability of Cyber Orange to the Base and Big Bend trim levels for 2022!

Cyber Orange Metallic Bronco in a desert environment

Iconic Silver

Iconic Silver is another classic color that looks great on the Bronco. Silver pairs well with just about any accent color you can think of. The trend seems to be all black accessories these days, but you can stand out more with some blues or bright reds. Given the lack of color options for the Bronco, you might want to go with this blank canvas and add your own pops of color.

2022 Bronco with Iconic Silver paint in a rocky environment

Oxford White

Oxford White is another classic, if bland, color option from Ford's paint lineup. This color has been on most Ford vehicles at one point or another. Like Iconic Silver, this color looks great with black. But you can also pair it with some bold accessories to stand out from the monochromatic herd.

2022 Bronco with Oxford White paint in a rocky environment

Race Red

If you want your Bronco's color to make a bold statement, Race Red is your only option besides Cyber Orange in 2022. Luckily, Race Red is a beautiful shade that's deep and bright. The glossy finish is super reflective, making the paint pop even in low-light settings.

2022 Bronco with Race Red paint in a rocky environment

Shadow Black

Shadow Black is the perfect color for those who are either obsessed with detailing or who like to wear mud as a badge of honor. Either way, black is a great-looking color on almost any vehicle, and the Bronco is no exception.

2022 Bronco with Shadow Black paint in a rocky environment

Velocity Blue

This bright blue is well-loved, and is one of the few bold metallic paint options buyers have on the Bronco. With the exit of both Antimatter and Lightning Blue, it's good to see at least one shade of true blue stick around for 2022.

2021 Bronco with Velocity Blue paint in a rocky environment

Bronco Colors Not Returning in 2022

It seems like Ford has it out for the color blue this year. For some reason, two of the three colors not returning for 2022 are shades of blue. And we think that's just a shame.

Antimatter Blue

Antimatter Blue, while not particularly bold and bright, is just so rich and deep that we're sad to see it go. If you want a deep, dark color in 2022, your best bet will be Shadow Black. Hopefully this blue makes a comeback on future models.

2021 Bronco with Antimatter Blue paint in a rocky environment

Lightning Blue

Nobody expected Lightning Blue to return in 2022, considering it was exclusive to the First Edition models. Still, we're sad to see it go.

2021 First Edition Bronco with Lightning Blue paint

Rapid Red

It seems Rapid Red lost the popularity contest to Race Red in 2021, which could be why this color is being retired. Rapid Red was a much more nuanced red, with a darker, deeper color than Race Red. Although it’s being replaced by Hot Pepper Red Metallic, that color is a bit more orange. The more distinct orange-red color might be exactly what buyers are looking for. But if you’re a fan of pure red hues, you’re stuck with just one option this year.

2021 Bronco with Rapid Red paint in a rocky environment

What About Yellowstone Yellow?

Hot Pepper Red Metallic was a bit of a curveball considering Yellowstone Yellow was also a rumored new color. While Cyber Orange is already more yellow than orange, having a more obvious shade of yellow would’ve been nice. But given the delays and production issues Ford’s had with the Bronco, it makes sense that they’d go with an existing color from another model.

With production for new colors set to begin in December, we wouldn't hold our breath for a yellow in 2022. But hey, there’s always a chance it could be on the list for 2023! Until then, sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on all things Bronco.

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