2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Specs

2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Specs

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Hamilton Schutt

The new Ford Bronco Raptor is intended to be a true off-roading champion. Ford’s CEO Jim Farley describes the new Raptor as an “absolute desert-racing beast” that is “the real deal. It's not for show and it's not for everybody. But for people who love to get out in the wild, it's the ultimate.”

So, does it live up to the promise? Here’s a full run-down of the specs, features, and options you’ll see on the Raptor.

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How Does It Compare to the Regular Bronco?

Here’s a quick look at how the specs compare to the base 4-door Bronco and the Wildtrak trim.

Bronco vs Bronco Raptor Specs and Dimensions
Spec2022 Base 4-Door Bronco2022 Wildtrak 4-Door Bronco2022 Bronco Raptor
Price $33,200 $51,370 $69,995
Engine 2.3L Turbocharged 4-Cylinder EcoBoost 2.7L Twin-Turbo V6 EcoBoost 3.0L Twin-Turbo V6 EcoBoost
Horsepower 275 hp 315 hp 400 hp (est)
Torque 315 lb-ft 410 lb-ft 500 lb-ft (est)
Transmission 7-speed manual or
10-speed automatic
10-speed automatic 10-speed automatic
Length 189.4” 189.4” 191”
Width 75.9” 75.9” 85.7”
Wheelbase 116.1” 116.1” 116.5”
Tire Size 33” 35” 37”
Ground Clearance 11.6” 11.6” 13.1”
Approach Angle 35.5 degrees 43.2 degrees 47.2 degrees
Departure Angle 29.8 degrees 37.2 degrees 40.5 degrees
Towing Capacity 3,500 lbs 3,500 lbs 4,500 lbs


The Bronco Raptor’s engine’s displacement is larger than any current Bronco engines. Ford is estimating that it should be able to produce around 400 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque.

Bronco Raptor with hood popped showing off the engine bay

The 3.0L EcoBoost engine is going to be heavily based on Ford’s nano compact EcoBoost design. A version of this engine (at this displacement) is available currently in vehicles like the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. Here’s how these engines compare.

Bronco Engine Comparisons
Spec2.3L EcoBoost (Bronco)2.7L EcoBoost (Wildtrak)3.0L EcoBoost (Explorer ST)3.0L EcoBoost (Bronco Raptor)
Bore 87.55 mm 83 mm 85.4 mm 85.4 mm
Stroke 94 mm 83 mm 86 mm 86 mm
Compression Ratio 10.0:1 10.0:1 9.5:1 10.0:1
Intake Valve Diameter/Lift 32.55 mm/ 8.9 mm 32.50 mm/ 10 mm 32.5 mm/ 10 mm 32.5 mm/ 10 mm
Exhaust Valve Diameter/Lift <30 mm/ 7.8 mm/td> 28.3 mm/ 9 mm 28.3 mm/ 9 mm 28.3 mm/ 9 mm
Horsepower 275 hp 315 hp 400 hp 400 hp (est)
Torque 315 lb-ft 410 lb-ft 415 lb-ft 500 lb-ft (est)


While the changes to the drivetrain are subtle, the Bronco Raptor does have a few upgrades worth noting.


The transmission for the Raptor is the same 10-speed automatic currently available. With the same gear ratios. You can get magnesium paddle shifters with the optional interior packages though, which some will appreciate.

The lack of availability of a manual transmission shouldn’t surprise anyone, since the F-150 Raptor also doesn’t have one. None of the high-end Bronco trims have manuals either.

Transfer Case

The 2-speed transfer case is a little more interesting. The clutch has a higher capacity and it has a 67.9:1 crawl ratio. This is nearly identical to the Sasquatch Package’s 67.8:1 ratio.

The 4x4 system has three-modes: 4H, 4L, and 4A. So, basically you get the same combo as you would with the Sasquatch Package, but with a higher capacity clutch pack. What’s not to love?


The Raptor’s front axle is a Dana 44 with reinforced half-shafts. Meanwhile the rear axle is upgraded to a Dana 50.

Bronco Raptor's rear axle, exhaust tips, and disconnecting sway bar

Bronco vs Bronco Raptor Axles
SpecStandard BroncoOptional BroncoBronco Raptor
Front Axle Dana AdvanTEK Dana AdvanTEK Dana 44 AdvanTEK
Rear Axle Dana 44 AdvanTEK Dana 44 AdvanTEK Dana 50 AdvanTEK
Front Differential M190 M210 w/Spicer Peforma-Trak Electronic Locker M210 w/Spicer Performa-Trak Electronic Locker
Rear Differential M220 M220 w/Spicer Peforma-Trak Electronic Locker M235 w/Spicer Performa-Trak Electronic Locker

Bronco Raptor Suspension

Bronco Raptor's suspension with Fox Live Valve shocks

One of the hallmarks of the Raptor package has always been the high-quality Fox Racing Shocks. In particular, the most recent F-150 Raptor has Fox Live Valve Shocks with a 3.1” diameter. These same shocks come equipped on the Bronco Raptor as well.

The “Live valve” feature refers to a needle valve that raises or lowers the internal shock pressure. This allows the shock to adjust to your unique driving habits. It also allows it to accept input from the drive modes and off-road features like trail control.

Coupled with a few other suspension upgrades like Ford Performance front and rear control arms allows the Bronco Raptor to have greater suspension travel.

The Bronco Raptor has 13” of front suspension travel and 14” of rear suspension travel. This represents a 60% improvement over the base Bronco in the front and a 40% improvement in the rear. Like the regular Bronco, the Raptor comes with a hydraulic sway bar that can disconnect under load.

Here’s a quick glimpse of the Bronco Raptor tackling tough terrain in this video from Ford:

True Dual Exhaust

The Bronco Raptor’s exhaust is more efficient, thanks to a true dual setup. This is a pretty big improvement over the Bronco’s other systems. The other big exhaust feature the Raptor gets is an active exhaust system.

The active exhaust allows drivers to pick from four sound levels: Quiet, Normal, Sport, and Baja. Quiet mode is perfect for keeping the neighbors happy, and Baja offers a loud, wide-open exhaust experience.

Bronco Raptor's Active Exhaust sensors

Equally impressive, the Bronco Raptor doesn’t feature a showy exhaust tip. While large exhaust tips can be fun, they can also be a liability in terms of off-roading, where they’re likely to encounter damage.

Chassis shot showing the Bronco Raptor's tucked exhaust tips


The Bronco Raptor’s taillights stick out considerably farther than the base Broncos. This allows the lights to clear the massive spare tire mounted between them. The spare tire also necessitated a third brake light extension.

Rear shot of the Bronco Raptor showing the large spare tire, big taillights, and higher third brake light

While a majority of the lighting changes are at the rear of the Raptor, there are a couple of additions to the front as well. Rigid LED fog lights and off-road lights offer bright, reliable light and are also removable. This is perfect for off-road rigs that need to stay road-legal as well.

Front shot of the Bronco Raptor's powerful headlights shining through thick dust

Wheels and Tires

The Bronco Raptor comes with 17” black high-gloss painted alloy wheels wrapped in massive 37×12.50R17LT BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain tires. If you're interested in installing larger wheels, consider adding a spacer lift to your Bronco. The increased wheel size led to a heavier spare tire, which required Ford to redesign the spare tire carrier.

The new spare tire carrier offers bolt-on locations for jacks and recovery boards.

There are two optional beadlock-capable wheels available as well.

  • 17-inch Magnetic low-gloss alloy painted, beadlock-capable cast-aluminum wheels
  • 17-inch Dark Carbonized Gray alloy painted, beadlock-capable forged wheels

Close-up of  one of the Bronco Raptor's 37

Exterior Changes

To add functional off-roading prowess, Ford upgraded the Raptor’s exterior. While some of these changes are obvious, others are more subtle.

Upgraded Pillars

With the Bronco Raptor being “the world’s first Ultra4 Racing-inspired SUV,” the B-pillar and C-pillar were refreshed to stand up to the challenges of off-road racing.

The B-pillar is redesigned with a durable aluminum construction and is placed behind the headrests of the front seats. This allows room for the driver and passenger to wear helmets for extra safety during races and outings.

The C-pillar is in the standard location over the rear seats but is enhanced with carbon-fiber reinforcements. With the strengthened pillars, the Bronco Raptor’s torsional rigidity is 50% better than the base model.


The Bronco Raptor comes with a heavy-duty modular front bumper. This steel bumper is winch-capable and features tow hooks and removable bumper end caps. The end result is better off-road clearance and functionality.

Front bumper and skid plate on the Bronco Raptor

Fender Flares

With huge tires, additional clearance is necessary. But keeping mud and debris away from your paint is even more important. Ford’s solution? A set of fender flares so wide and prominent that everyone has an opinion about them.

Ultimately, they’re better than pretty, they’re functional. The rear fender flares also have replaceable panels at the front for an easy swap should they sustain damage.

Close-up of the Bronco Raptor's wide fender flares with replaceable front section

Skid Plates & Rock Sliders

You’ll also find skid plates protecting the Raptor’s driveline, transmission, and transfer case. These should give you some peace of mind while you take your rock-crawling game to the next level. But, if you still aren’t satisfied, removing the running boards will reveal the rock sliders lying in wait to keep your doors safe while you cruise through the backcountry.

Code Orange

The Bronco Raptor shares all of the 2022 Bronco’s available colors, but gains an exclusive. Code Orange is one of the most eye-catching Ford shades available, and definitely stands out in a sea of gray.

If you choose the Code Orange exterior, you’ll also be able to match the interior with Code Orange accents.

Bronco Raptor Interior

Given the off-road nature of the Bronco Raptor, it was safe to assume that most of the upgrades would be for the exterior, engine, and drivetrain. But Ford didn’t forget the interior, and they didn’t disappoint.

Some of the most immediately striking features of the Bronco Raptor’s interior are the Code Orange and carbon fiber accents sprinkled throughout the cabin.

Interior of Bronco Raptor with plenty of Code Orange accents
Bronco lettering on the dash in Code Orange
Raptor logo at the bottom of the carbon-fiber trimmed steering wheel


While all of the F-150 Raptor trims start with leather seats, the Bronco Raptor’s base trim comes with the same marine-grade vinyl you’ll find on the regular Bronco.

But an upgraded interior package offers leather and faux suede seats as well. The premium interior offers Code Orange accents, including on the Rhapsody Blue seats.

Bronco Raptor’s base seats without Code Orange accents
Bronco Raptor seats with the optional Code Orange accents
Optional Code Orange seat belt on Rhapsody Blue seats


The Bronco Raptor comes standard with washout vinyl flooring and built-in drain plugs for an easy clean-up after a day in the mud. But, if you’re more interested in comfort than function, the optional Lux Package will give you carpet instead of rubber.

Either way, aftermarket floor mats can make up for the shortcomings of either flooring option.


One of the things that made the newest Ford Bronco so special was the availability of off-road features like drive modes and trail control. Those same great features return for the Bronco Raptor with a few key upgrades.

LCD Digital Gauge Cluster

The addition of the LCD digital gauge cluster is exciting news for anyone familiar with the LCD cluster in the Mustang family. These clusters are highly customizable and easy to navigate.

If the cluster is anything like the Mustang’s variation, you can expect additional gauges, custom colors, and maybe even a MyMode option. As of now, there’s one Raptor-exclusive performance layout that puts emphasis on the tachometer and the gear you’re in.

Bronco Raptor's LCD Digital Gauge Cluster in action

Auto Start-Stop

The 2022 Bronco comes equipped with an auto start-stop feature that can be toggled on and off with a button on the dash. This feature helps save you gas if you're making frequent stops by turning the engine off when you're not moving. If you would like to learn how to disable this feature permanently, check out our Ford Bronco auto start-stop eliminator install guide.

Drive Modes

The Raptor receives all 7 available G.O.A.T drive modes. Additionally, a towing mode has been added and the Baja mode has been improved.

The improved Baja mode features anti-lag capabilities. Turbo-lag is one of the few downsides to a turbocharged engine, but anti-lag eliminates that. The turbos keep spinning, giving you worse fuel economy but better throttle response.

The tow mode is a Bronco Raptor exclusive.

Ford SYNC 4

It wouldn’t be a modern Ford vehicle without the inclusion of Ford SYNC, and the Bronco Raptor delivers. Included as a standard option, the 12” touchscreen on the center console provides complete access to all the features of the latest SYNC generation. Check out our Ultimate Guide to SYNC 4 for an in-depth look at the benefits of this infotainment system.

Bronco Raptor cabin with SYNC 4 display in the center of the dash

There’s Still Plenty to Learn About the Bronco Raptor

Although we got lots of information from Ford from their official announcement, there's still a lot we don't know about the Bronco Raptor. We've got horsepower and torque estimates, but no official numbers. The 0-60 time is also an unknown at this point.

As for order and release dates, the 2022 Bronco Raptor won't be arriving at dealerships with the other Bronco models. It will likely begin production in mid-2022 and arrive sometime in the summer or later. It’s not yet known whether the Raptor will be designated as a 2022 or 2023 model year.

We’ll continue updating this page with the latest and greatest in Bronco Raptor news. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter in the meantime.

If you want more Bronco Raptor content, check out our previous news and rumor updates below. Some predictions were spot on, but we’re still left wondering if we’ll ever get a V8 Bronco or if the Warthog will return as a trim or package.

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Bronco Raptor Spy Shots

Few things fire up the fanbase before a vehicle drop like spy shots can. Here's a collection of pictures that leaked during the lead-up to Ford's official announcement of the 2022 Bronco Raptor.

Front shot of camouflaged Ford Bronco Raptor on the road
Rear shot of camouflaged Ford Bronco Raptor on the road
Side shot of camouflaged Ford Bronco Raptor on the road
Front shot of camouflaged Ford Bronco Raptor at the top of a dirt hill
Side shot of camouflaged Ford Bronco Raptor at the top of a dirt hill
Side shot of camouflaged Ford Bronco Raptor on a dirt road
Camouflaged Ford Bronco Raptor taking a turn and kicking up mud on a dirt road
Rear shot of camouflaged Ford Bronco Raptor kicking up mud during a turn
Ford Bronco Raptor digital dash cluster spy shot
Spy shot of Ford Bronco Raptor steering wheel with paddle shifters
Spy shot of Ford Bronco Raptor interior with orange accents highlighted

Leaked Ordering Page (Sept 20, 2021)

The details on the Bronco Raptor are scarce. But, thanks to a leak in the ordering system, we have a few details on one of the Raptor add-on packages that’ll be available.

Leaked Bronco Raptor ordering guide

From the image above, we can gather that drivers will enjoy:

  • A 10-speaker sound system
  • Voice-activated navigation
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • A heated steering wheel
  • A wireless charger

There may be more coming to the luxe packages. After the leak, a Bronco Raptor promotional video dropped. This was followed by Ford CEO Jim Farley saying “hold on to your butts.” This comment could mean there are even more benefits in the works, but we'll have to wait and see!

Is a V8 Bronco On the Way? (January 26, 2021)

With Jeep releasing the new HEMI 392 Wrangler, Ford could feel pressure to add a V8 to the Bronco lineup. The Raptor would be the perfect vessel for such an engine.

But with the way Ford has positioned their models lately, that seems unlikely. It’s not an issue of fitting something like the Coyote V8 under the hood. There’s probably enough space. The bigger problem would be fuel economy standards and Ford’s preference for the EcoBoost line of motors.

Plus, on social media, Ford has replied that the "GOAT" (the Bronco’s "Go Over Any Terrain" modes) doesn’t need a V8. We expect to see the twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 in the Bronco Raptor, but a V8 would be a nice surprise!

What Happened to the Ford Bronco Warthog? (Oct. 16, 2020)

The Warthog moniker would be completely new for Ford. But, likely due to branding, it was dropped to further the Raptor legacy. Some speculate the name “warthog” was released as a distraction to throw enthusiasts off the trail of the new Raptor.

However, Ford's trademarking of the Warthog name and the appearance of “warthog” written in a spy shot show that this name still has potential. We could see a Warthog trim option after the mysterious Everglades trim makes its debut.

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