Five Cheap Mods to Improve Your 2024 Mustang

Five Cheap Mods to Improve Your 2024 Mustang

Last Updated February 13, 2024 | Nate Moonis

Ever since hitting the market in 2023, the S650 generation of Mustangs has taken the community by storm. Their attractive looks and impressive performance have made them an instant hit with enthusiasts everywhere. Because they've been so popular, there is a robust aftermarket of upgrades and modifications to take your S650 to the next level. Today, we're going to talk about five mods that will improve your 2024+ Mustang without breaking the bank. Each of these mods can be purchased for under $500!

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Resonator Delete

A resonator delete has been a common mod for Mustangs for generations, so it's no surprise it makes an appearance on this list. Choose between the cheaper aluminized option or a higher-quality stainless steel to fit your budget. Whether or not you need professional installation, a resonator delete for your S650 Mustang is a great budget-friendly modification.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to delete the resonator on an S650 Mustang for more information regarding the installation process.

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs are another common enthusiast mod that improves both the performance and looks of your 2024 Mustang. They replace the stock coil springs, lowering the ride height and reducing body roll in corners. They’re not as adjustable as coilovers, but they're a great budget option for those looking to lower their S650 without spending thousands of dollars.

If you want to learn how to install lowering springs on your 2024+ Mustang, check out our installation guide.

Air Filter

Upgrading the air filter in your 2024 Mustang is a quick and easy way to squeeze a bit of performance out of your ride. While not as impactful as a new supercharger or exhaust system, swapping out the factory air filter for a less restrictive unit can lead to performance and efficiency gains.

Many of these aftermarket filters are meant to be used over and over, so it's important to learn how to clean a reusable air filter.

Oil Separator

If you plan to take your S650 to the track or push it on some backroads, an oil separator is a must-have mod.

These small, cheap, and easy-to-install upgrades capture oil blow-by from your engine and separate and recirculate the oil back into your engine. This keeps your engine running right. Learn how to install an oil separator in your 2024 Mustang and find the perfect unit for your needs below.

Wheel Spacers

Another cheap and effective mod for your S650 is a set of wheel spacers. These allow you to dial in your fitment after you've lowered your car or upgraded to a set of aftermarket wheels. Wheels spacers are extremely easy to install and come in a variety of sizes and bolt patterns to fit your ride.

Upgrade Your Modern Muscle Car for Cheap

You don't need to spend a ton of money to significantly improve the look and driving experience of your S650 Mustang. There are many more inexpensive S650 mods you can try, like tinting the lights on your S650 Mustang. Whichever Mod you go with, it's sure to make your ride look great and perform even better.

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