Classic Design Concepts Light Bar Convertible 2005-2014

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Classic Design Concepts Light Bar for all 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Convertible Mustangs.

Give your 2005-2014 Convertible Mustang a vintage look with modern functionality by installing this Light Bar from Classic Design Concepts. The light bar is designed to look like the factory roll bar found on the 1967-1968 Shelby. It's also a great addition to your late-model convertible because it adds safety with a highly visible LED 3rd brake light.

Features and Benefits of the Classic Design Concepts Light Bar:
- Made from premium quality steel, polyurethane and vinyl
- Comes in your choice of color
- Designed to look like classic roll bar
- Adds LED 3rd brake light
- Designed to provide a factory fit
- Comes with necessary hardware and mounting brackets
- Included wiring disables the light when top is closed
- Installation takes about two hours
- Made in the USA

This Light Bar from Classic Design Concepts is engineered to fit the curves and natural lines of your Mustang to provide a factory-looking fit. It comes in your choice of four colors - Charcoal, Camel, Dove Gray or Carbon Fiber Look. The high-mounted LED 3rd brake light provides added safety and the factory convertible top effortlessly fits over the light bar. It does not interfere with any original factory functions.

Classic Design Concepts designed the Light Bar using a sturdy 1-1/4" round steel tube with a 1/8" wall thickness. They then molded polyurethane around the tube and hand-wrapped it in vinyl, grained to match your S197's interior trim. The bar comes with the brackets you will need to mount it to your Mustang's B-pillars, giving the light bar a sturdy mount and also stiffening the body. The included wiring automatically disables the light when the convertible top is closed, meaning no external cut-off switch is needed.

Please Note: This will not fit Coupe Mustangs.

*This light bar is not intended for rollover protection.

Classic Design Concepts parts are designed using OE certified materials and manufacturing processes that meet or exceed OEM standards. Each of Classic Design Concepts parts feature factory fit and finished, with a one-of-a-kind appeal.

Buy this Classic Design Concepts Light Bar for your 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014 Convertible Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Classic Design Concepts manufactures a lot of parts, allowing you to give vintage look to your late-model Mustang. One of the most popular parts is going to be their classic Light Bar. They're designed to look like the factory roll bar found on the '67 or '68 Shelby. This is a great addition to any late-model convertible, and also adds safety by adding this additional third brake light. Today we're going to show you how to install one, using this 2005 Mustang Convertible.

CDC's classic Light Bar is available in the black vinyl shown here, as well as camel, dove grey, or carbon fiber finish. It's available with or without optional dome lights that would be found here. It's designed to work with the factory wiring, which means when your top's up, the third brake light will not work. Keep in mind, these are designed for looks mostly. Although they will stiffen the body, they are not designed for rollover protection.

For this installation, you're going to need a 3/8 ratchet, 13mm socket, 10mm socket, 3/16 Allen key, T50 Torx Bit, 1/2" wrench, panel removal tool, center punch, drill, 1/8" drill bit, 5/16" drill bit, 2" hole saw, 1/4" Allen key, scissors, a flashlight, and safety glasses.

You'll want to start off with the top down. The first step is to remove the back seat, so we're going to remove our quarter trim panels. Two clips under the seat, you simply push in and pull up. Your seat back's going to be held in by two 13mm bolts, one found on each side. Before you remove the seat back by pushing it up and pulling it out of place, you want to remove the well liner. Simply is a lip here, pull down to separate it. Some people actually lift the seat up and sort of wedge it underneath the convertible top frame, but I've found it's easier to get it out of your way.

Once the back seat's out, we'll begin removing the quarter trim panels by removing the quarter trim caps. Just stick your hand underneath where the seat belt is, and pull up to pop the clips off. Just the top portion of the quarter trim panel has to be removed. If you look, you'll see there's actually a seam down here that goes all the way back. You want to separate the two panels and remove the top piece. Finally remove it. There's one pin back here you just gotta disengage ... and remove the panel.

Now we can install the Light Bar brackets to begin installation of our Light Bar. You're going to start by removing the bolt here that holds the seat belt in place, and the secondary bolt here, so we can install the bracket. Brackets are side-specific and they are labeled, make sure you get the right side. Put that right there and bolt everything right back down.

The factory hardware we installed for the brackets is more meant to hold it in place than to actually mount it. If you look, there's a hole here and another one in the front. Those have to be drilled out for the actual mounting hardware. We're going to start with a 1/8 drill bit to make a pilot hole, then drill it out to 5/16. We'll start by punching a hole to get a center point here. We'll do the same over here. So, just putting a rag below here when you drill. You don't want to the metal shards to get down into your seat belt pieces down here, especially the retractor. Just make sure whatever rag you put down here, you don't use it to clean your car in the future. We'll start with our pilot hole. Now we'll open the holes up. The same with the front hole. Now do the same thing with the driver's side bracket. Whenever you use the supplied hardware to bolt this down where we just drilled the holes out, again, I should just grabbing a towel here and putting it down in this opening. If you happen to drop a nut down there, it's pretty hard to get out. It's a pretty small opening, so you may have trouble getting the nut in there. And, again, repeat the process on the driver's side.

Now we're going to wire up the third brake light. Before you do so, you want to disconnect your battery. Whenever you're messing with electrical, it's a good idea. You're going to start by taking the plastic end of this and fishing it up through the passenger-side bracket. OK, tuck that into the seat belt wire here so it doesn't go anywhere. Now we'll start with the ground. You'll want to locate the speaker harness located right behind the speaker here. I want to pull up on this plug. The easiest thing to do is disconnect this here. This is where we're going to tap in our ground. What you're looking for is the white wire with the purple stripe. It may be a solid one if you have a 2011 or up car. If it's anything earlier, it's definitely purple and white, but it's going to be one or the other. What you're going to do is take the terminal supplied here, there's no cutting required. Just going to push this down into this terminal, that'll give us a good ground. Then we'll zip tie this on so it doesn't go anywhere. The zip tie will do the job, but for peace of mind, I'm going to put a little electrical tape on there, too. And we're going to fish the red wire back into the trunk area. Make sure you go under the seat belt. On 2005 and 2010 models, you want to locate this plug right here. If you have an 2011 and up, the concept's the same, the wiring card is a little bit different. You'll want to follow the instructions included with the Light Bar kit. I'm going to pull this out to get a better look at it. And what you'll want here is the tan wire with the blue stripe, right there on the end. Just like up front, we'll take the terminal, slide it in. Do the same thing here - zip tie and then electrical tape.

At this point, you're ready to start putting everything back together. But before you do so, you want to test it out. Reconnect your battery and then plug the Light Bar into the harness, step on the break, and see if it works. Apparently these work perfectly, everything's good. We can start putting it back together.

Now we can re-install the upper quarter trim panels on both sides. Make sure all your wires are tucked away out of the way, plus also make sure they're clear of the convertible top mechanism. Re-install the rear push pin. The back page of the instructions is a template for cutting out the quarter trim caps where the Light Bar's going to go through them. You're going to lay it roughly where it goes to get an idea. We're going to put some tape over the area we're going to be drilling out. Punch a hole in the middle. Start with a small pilot hole. Now you need a 2" hole saw to finish up the hole that we're drilling here. You want to go really slow with the hole saw; it can tear the plastic up pretty quickly. Just take your time and lightly push down. You got a nice clean hole. Now you can re-install the quarter trim caps. Again, make sure the wiring harness comes up through it.

Now we're ready to install our Light Bar. Make sure you first remember to plug it in. Got to make sure it's nice and snug against our caps, and we're ready to tighten it down. You want to grab a flashlight, a 1/4" Allen key, go right through the opening for the seat belt ... and tighten it down.

Now we'll re-install the seat in the back. Same order we removed it - we'll start with the back, then the bottom. Make sure you don't forget to get the seat belts out in front of the seat back. We're going to re-install the seal we removed earlier. Re-install the two bolts. And now the last step, re-install the seat bottom. Don't forget to fish the receivers through. Latch into place, reconnect your battery, and installation's finished.

The Classic Design Concepts' classic Light Bar looks so good on the 2005 GT, you'd think it was a factory item. The third brake light adds a nice element of safety as well, and when the top's up, the brake light does turn off, so it doesn't light up your interior. Installation should only take you around two hours; you'll be back on the road in no time.

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