KONI Front Strut And Rear Shock Kit STR.T 1994-2004

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KONI STR.T Front Struts and Rear Shock Kit for all 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 Mustangs.

Enhance the operational performance of your 1994-2004 Mustang with this new STR.T Front Strut and Rear Shock Kit, assembled from KONI premium quality equipment and made available to you by CJ Pony Parts. Correctly pronounced "Street", the STR.T Front Strut and Rear Shock Kit is comprised of four of KONI's entry level performance pieces of equipment, made to improve the front and rear suspension of your 1994-2004 Mustang.

KONI STR.T Front Strut and Rear Shock Kit Includes:
- Two (2) KONI Front Struts (KONI23)
- Two (2) KONI Rear Shocks (KONI24)

KONI designed these performance front struts and rear shocks in order to improve ride quality and handling while maintaining the renowned KONI quality performance and appealing to the price conscious Mustang enthusiast. KONI STR.T front struts and rear shocks are the superior choice in terms of suspension options when choosing new equipment to replace worn out or damaged struts and shocks. When you are looking to upgrade your Mustang's suspension with performance enhancing lowering springs, struts and shocks, KONI is your best option.

KONI STR.T Front Strut and Rear Shock Kit Features and Benefits:
- Fixed Rate of Damping for Consistent Performance
- Improved Handling and Reduced Body Roll
- Greatly Increased Ride Comfort
- Designed for Both Stock Height and Lowered Vehicles
- Distinctive Bright Orange in Colors

These struts and shocks are non-adjustable, keeping the mechanical parts to a minimum as a way to minimize chances of failure while delivering the exceptional KONI performance over the original equipment. Owners will instantly experience greater handling and a decrease in body roll with KONI's performance street struts and shocks installed. With a fixed damping rate, this kit has been constructed to deliver constant, reliable performance throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

This strut has been designed and tested thoroughly to meet higher standards, based off of KONI's years of experience with their sport range damper and strut kits. The STR.T struts or dampers can be easily identifiable by their unique, bright orange strut body paint job. This unique paint job will let other enthusiasts recognize the premium quality products you employ on your 1994-2004 Mustang.

KONI has been used as the front strut and rear shock supplier of choice ever since Carroll Shelby selected KONI shocks and struts for the 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350. With nearly 50 years of Mustang suspension experience, KONI offers the STR.T struts and shocks to improve the handling and ride quality for present model Mustang enthusiasts. KONI's quality struts and shocks improve the handling and ride quality of your Mustang and will match street performance lowering springs as well as other suspension modifications. This affordably priced strut and shock kit is a perfect choice for anyone looking to complete their restoration or resto-mod project.

* Sold as a complete kit. Including Front Struts and Rear Shocks for both drivers and passenger sides. This kit will not fit 99-04 Cobra or Mustangs equipped with IRS (Independent Rear Suspension.)

KONI is known as being a quality shock absorber manufacturer. Their focus is high performance suspension damping technology. This company has evolved from a small local company into a premier multinational shock absorber specialist.

Order a new KONI STR.T Front Strut and Rear Shock Kit for your 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 or 2004 Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

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Installation Videos

Video Transcript

When it comes to modifying the suspension many late model Mustang enthusiasts simply add a set of lowering springs on and call it a day. A good set of lowering springs will give you that ride height that you're looking for. A lot of times your ride quality is going to suffer because the factory shocks and structures simply are of to the task of working at the lower ride height.

A good set of quality shocks and struts will make a huge difference in ride quality as well as performance. We've had excellent results from KONI STR.T series shocks and struts and other builds so, today we're going to install a set on our 2001 Mustang Bullet.

KONI’s been producing high quality shocks and struts for Mustang's ever since Shelby's picked them to be on the ‘65 GT350s. This kit here is their STR.T series. The STR.T series uses a twin two design with a large piston and a fixed rate dampening. Makes them inexpensive to produce. Makes them much better quality shock and strut than factory, but you don't have to deal with worrying about adjust-ability on them. The fixed rate will work great with all the stock or lowering spring. They're an excellent choice for your daily driver or for mild competition use.

We offer KONI STR.T series suspension for Classic Mustang's all the way up thought the modern models. And this kit here will figure '94 through '04 with the exception of the '99 through 2004 Cobra.

For this installation we need a lift and a jack or a jack and jack stands, ½ inch impact gun, 14mm deep socket, 15mm socket, 19mm socket, 21mm socket, 24mm socket, swivel, short extension, 18mm wrench and a 22mm wrench.

You want to start by getting the front of the car off the ground and get a jack underneath and support your factory arm. After that remove the retaining nut off the stud here that holds the bracket for the ABS line.

Now remove the two retaining nuts underneath. You may need to hold the bolt from the other side, usually the nuts just come off though. Now remove the bolts. You may need a hammer to do this, ours are coming out pretty easy. Now just work that free. Make sure there's not a lot of tension on the line and we'll load the arm just like this.

Once it moves freely we can move up to the engine then. Holding on to this strut we'll loosen the nut up top. We’ll pull it down and remove it.

Once you get the factory strut off, remove the dust boot and the lower bushel. Make sure they're in good shape, replace if needed. Take a look at the strut mount bushing, make sure it's in good shape, it's not dry rot or cracked or anything like that. The are available if you do need them. They're not included with the kit. Ours are in fine shape. Put back into place. We'll install our new strut.

First we'll install the lower bushing and then the dust boot on to our new KONI. We'll put it up into place. We install the top. Put a loosely thread on the supply nut. Then we put the spindle into this the strut. We kept everything loose to give it some room to play around with here.

Then we install the plate for our censor and then we'll tighten that down as well. And we're back to the end of that. Repeat the process on the driver's side. The top nuts for the shocks are actually located in the trunk so, the install is going to be in the trunk. You want to do one side at a time. We're going to start with the passenger side.

You've got to move the trim panels to access the top of the shock. Now unthread the mouth for the cargo neck. Now remove the pin up top here to get the side pin. Get in there and remove the nut. Hold the nut, the top plate and on top bushel. Once up in the air we can remove the lower shock bolt now. Pull and remove the shock. Going to install the lower plate and then the lower bushing on to the coating. Put it up into place and reinstall the bolt. And now we'll tighten it down.

If you're using a lift bring the car back down on the ground now. Make sure the shock lines up when it comes to the ground. Leave it on the ground with jacks hands, let's use a jack and jack it up into place.

Install the top bushing. Hold plate in with nut. You want to repeat the process on the other side, reinstall your rear interior truck panels and you're installation's finished.

The KONI STR.T series shocks and struts are an excellent choice for your lower Mustang, especially for a daily driver like our '01 bullet here. The car rides a million times better and it also feels like it handles and feels a lot tighter than the factory worn out shocks and struts that were on it. Installation is pretty straightforward, even on the ground. It should only take you around two hours, you’ll be back on the road in no time.

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