1973 Mustang VIN Decoder

1973 Mustang VIN Decoder

Last Updated May 24, 2024 | Kevin Brent

Any classic car restoration project is a big undertaking, but if you're prepared and do your research beforehand, you can save yourself a lot of time and money. If you own a 1973 Mustang, one of the most important things you can do is decode your Mustang's VIN and data plate. Use our 1973 Mustang Vin decoder below. This will tell you what body style, paint color, trim, axle ratio, engine, and transmission your 1973 Mustang came with from the factory. Knowing this information will help you replace old parts and ensure that you're working with all original parts.

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Keep reading to learn where to find the VIN and data plate on your 1973 Mustang. Then, look up the data codes in our tables to learn more about your Mustang. With a little bit of effort upfront, you can make sure your classic Mustang restoration project is a success. If you'd rather just type in your data plate information, use our classic Mustang data plate decoder tool.

1973 Mustang VIN Number Location

The easiest place to find the VIN for your 1973 Mustang is under the hood on the driver's side fender apron. If the VIN is not visible there, try removing the fender. You might find an alternate location for the VIN just behind the one shown in our image, but underneath the fender.

VIN number stamped into the front fender apron of a classic Mustang

1973 Mustang Data Plate Location

The data plate is found attached to the inside of the driver's side door and contains the vehicle's VIN as well. The top line of the data plates displays the categories of each code. These categories are: body, color, trim, date, DSO, axle ratio, and transmission.

Door tag containing data plate information on the driver's side door of a classic Mustang

1973 Mustang Body Codes
Body CodeDescription
63D 2-Door Sports Roof
63R 2-Door Sports Roof Mach 1
65D 2-Door Hardtop, Standard
65F 2-Door Hardtop, Grande
76D Convertible
1973 Mustang Paint Codes
Paint CodeColor NameSample
2B Bright Red
3B Light Blue
3D Medium Blue
3K Blue Glow
4B Bright Green Glow
4C Ivy Glow
4N Medium Aqua
4P Medium Green
4Q Dark Green
5A Light Pewter
5H Medium Brown (Ginger)
5M Medium Copper
6B Light Yellow Gold
6E Medium Bright Yellow
6F Gold Glow
9A Wimbledon White
1973 Mustang Interior Codes
CodePrimary Color/MaterialSecondary Color/MaterialNotes
AA Black Corinthian Vinyl Black Ruffino Vinyl Standard Option
AB Blue Corinthian Vinyl Blue Ruffino Vinyl Standard Option
AF Ginger Corinthian Vinyl Ginger Ruffino Vinyl Standard Option
AG Avocado Corinthian Vinyl Avocado Ruffino Vinyl Standard Option
AU Tan Corinthian Vinyl Tan Ruffino Vinyl Standard Option
AW White Corinthian Vinyl White Ruffino Vinyl Standard Option
CA Black Corinthian Vinyl Black Ruffino Knitted Vinyl Decor Group
CB Blue Corinthian Vinyl Blue Ruffino Knitted Vinyl Decor Group
CF Ginger Corinthian Vinyl Ginger Ruffino Knitted Vinyl Decor Group
CG Avocado Corinthian Vinyl Avocado Ruffino Knitted Vinyl Decor Group
CU Tan Corinthian Vinyl Tan Ruffino Knitted Vinyl Decor Group
CW White Corinthian Vinyl White Ruffino Knitted Vinyl Decor Group
FA Black Corinthian Vinyl Black Lambeth Cloth Grande Option
FB Blue Corinthian Vinyl Blue Lambeth Cloth Grande Option
FF Ginger Corinthian Vinyl Ginger Lambeth Cloth Grande Option
FG Avocado Corinthian Vinyl Avocado Lambeth Cloth Grande Option
FU Tan Corinthian Vinyl Tan Lambeth Cloth Grande Option
GA Black Corinthian Vinyl Black Knitted Vinyl Mach 1 Option
GB Blue Corinthian Vinyl Blue Knitted Vinyl Mach 1 Option
GF Ginger Corinthian Vinyl Ginger Knitted Vinyl Mach 1 Option
GG Avocado Corinthian Vinyl Avocado Knitted Vinyl Mach 1 Option
GU Tan Corinthian Vinyl Tan Knitted Vinyl Mach 1 Option
GW White Corinthian Vinyl White Knitted Vinyl Mach 1 Option

Learn more about your 1973 Mustang's interior trim and style.

1973 Mustang Date Codes
Date CodeDescription
xxA Day | January
xxB Day | February
xxC Day | March
xxD Day | April
xxE Day | May
xxF Day | June
xxG Day | July
xxH Day | August
xxJ Day | September
xxK Day | October
xxL Day | November
xxM Day | December
1973 Mustang District (DSO) Codes
District CodeDescription
11 Boston
12 Buffalo
13 New York
14 Pittsburgh
15 Newark
16 Philadelphia
17 Washington
21 Atlanta
22 Charlotte
23 Memphis
24 Jacksonville
25 Richmond
26 New Orleans
28 Louisville
41 Chicago
42 Cleveland
43 Milwaukee
45 Lansing
46 Indianapolis
47 Cincinnati
48 Detroit
52 Dallas
53 Kansas City
54 Omaha
55 St. Louis
56 Davenport
57 Houston
58 Twin Cities
71 Los Angeles
72 San Jose
73 Salt Lake City
74 Seattle
75 Phoenix
76 Denver
83 Government
84 Home Office Reserve
85 American Red Cross
87 Body Company
89 Transportation Services
90-99 Export
B1 Canada - Central
B2 Canada - Eastern
B3 Canada - Atlantic
B4 Canada - Midwestern
B6 Canada - Western
B7 Canada - Pacific
I2 Canada - Export
7D Alaska

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1973 Mustang Axle Codes
Axle CodeRear Gear RatioNotes
2 2.75
3 2.79
4 3.80
6 3.00
8 3.18
9 3.25
A 3.50
B 3.07
C 3.55
H 3.78
K 2.75 Limited Slip Differential
M 3.80 Limited Slip Differential
O 3.00 Limited Slip Differential
R 3.25 Limited Slip Differential
S 3.50 Limited Slip Differential
V 3.91 Limited Slip Differential

Learn more about Mustang rear gear ratios to see if changing the axle ratio may be right for your build.

1973 Mustang Transmission Codes
1 3 Speed Manual
5 4 Speed Manual
E 4 Speed Manual
U C-6 Automatic
W C-4 Automatic
X FMX Automatic
Model Year
3 1973
1973 Mustang Assembly Plants
F Dearborn, MI
R San Jose, CA
T Metuchen, NJ
1973 Mustang Body Style Codes
01 2-Door Hardtop
02 2-Door Sports Roof
03 2-Door Convertible
04 2-Door Hardtop Grande
05 2-Door Sports Roof Mach 1
1973 Mustang Engine Codes
Engine CodeDisplacementBoreStrokeCompression RatioHorsepowerTorqueCarburetor
F 302 CID 4.00" 3.00" 9.5:1 210 hp @ 4,600 RPM 300 lb-ft @ 2,800 RPM 2-Barrel
H 351 CID 4.00" 3.50" 9.5:1 250 hp @ 4,600 RPM 355 lb-ft @ 2,600 RPM 2-Barrel
L 250 CID 3.68" 3.91" 9.0:1 155 hp @ 4,000 RPM 240 lb-ft @ 2,600 RPM 1-Barrel
Q 351 CID 4.00" 3.50" 8.8:1 266 hp @ 5,400 RPM 301 lb-ft @ 3,600 RPM 4-Barrel

Compare the specs for all classic Mustang engines in our engine guide for 1964.5-1973 Mustangs.

Use Our 1973 Mustang VIN Decoder to Jumpstart Your Restoration

With your data plate decoded, you'll know exactly what your 1973 Mustang was like when it left the factory.

Get all the 1973 Mustang parts you need for your restoration or restomod project at CJ's.

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Image Credit 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 fastback neg CN6603-053, Ford Mustang | Mustang Mach 1

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