1977 Ford Bronco VIN Decoder

1977 Ford Bronco VIN Decoder

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Finding the right restoration parts for your vintage '77 Bronco can be an overwhelming process. Many Bronco owners encounter the challenge of identifying the original components specific to their model year. Luckily, there is a straightforward solution: decoding the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and data plate of your 1977 Bronco.

You can use a Bronco VIN decoder to simplify the process. This tool streamlines the task of locating the necessary parts for your restoration project. Deciphering the VIN lets you discover crucial details about your '77 Bronco, such as its series, body style, transmission, axle ratio, and color. Furthermore, the VIN enables you to determine the engine code, which is essential for restoring your Bronco to its authentic condition. This information will also aid you in identifying any aftermarket components that may have been installed by previous owners.

1977 Bronco VIN Number Location

Finding the VIN on your 1977 Bronco model is easy as long as you know where to look. The best area to locate the VIN is on the frame rail, situated beneath the engine and right before the firewall. Seeing the VIN directly from the engine bay might pose difficulties depending on the engine setup. If the VIN stamp proves challenging to read from the engine bay, consider turning the wheel completely to the right and capturing a picture of the VIN from the rear wheel well.

1977 Bronco VIN Plate Location

The full VIN plate is inside the face of the glove compartment door. It includes codes containing your '77 Bronco's production information. The top line of the data plate displays the following code categories: color, type, body, transmission, axle, and DSO.

1977 Bronco Paint Codes
Raven Black A
Dark Jade Metallic B
Chrome Yellow G
Bahama Blue I
Bright Red K
Also Called Castillo Red
Wimbledon White M
Cinnamon Glow P
Light Jade R
Midnight Blue Metallic S
Candyapple Red T
Orange U
Silver Metallic V
Medium Emerald W
Indio Tan X
Jade Glow Y
Copper Metallic Z
Medium Copper 2
Light Blue 8

1977 Bronco Trim Packages

The Ranger package for the 1977 Bronco was similar to the previous model year. The interior trim colors of Ginger and Avocado were renamed to Tan and Jade, respectively. The rear seat was required for the Ranger trim.

A Special Decor Group was available on the Bronco (base) and Sport trims. It included a black grille, body-color roof, and a stripe across the hood and upper body sides.

1977 Bronco Trim Packages
Dual Windshield Wipers S S
Windshield Washers S S
LH Outside Mirror S S
Argent-Painted Grille with Bright Aluminum Trim Surround and FORD Letters S S
Hood and Lower Bodyside Tape Stripes, White Stripes with Orange Accent - S
Chrome Headlight Rings S S
Bright Metal Windshield and Window Trim S S
Chrome Taillight Bezels S S
Chrome Tailgate Release Handle S S
Front & Rear Chrome Bumpers S S
Front Chrome Bumper Guards (w/ Chrome Bumpers Only) S S
“Sport Bronco” Emblem S -
Swing-Away Spare Tire Carrier O S
Spare Tire Cover, White Vinyl with Orange Accent - S
Bright Metal Wheel Covers (15-Inch Wheels Only) S S
Pleated Parchment Vinyl Front Seat S -
Cloth and Vinyl Seat Trim in Tan, Blue, or Jade - S
Hardboard Headlining with Bright Metal Retainer Moldings (Wagon Models) S S
Parchment Vinyl Simulated-Carpet Front Floor Mat with Bright Metal Retainers S -
Color-Keyed Full Carpeting (including Tailgate and Wheel-Housings) - S
Rear Floor Mat (with optional rear seat) S S
Vinyl-Covered Door Trim Panels with Bright Metal Moldings S S
Color-Keyed Vinyl Door Trim Panels with Woodtone Accent - S
Color-Keyed Vinyl Trim on Rear Quarter Panels - S
Satin-Finish Instrument Panel Molding S -
Color-Keyed Instrument Panel Paint - S
Cigar Lighter S S
Coat Hook - S
Satin-Finish Horn Ring S S
Fresh Air Heater & Defroster S S
“Bright” refers to chrome finish. “LH” refers to lefthand and “RH” refers to righthand.

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1977 Bronco Build Month
000000 - 019999 August 1976
020000 - 039999 September 1976
040000 - 059999 October 1976
060000 - 079999 November 1976
080000 - 099999 December 1976
X80000 - X99999 January 1977
Y00000 - Y19999 February 1977
Y20000 - Y39999 March 1977
Y40000 - Y59999 April 1977
Y60000 - Y79999 May 1977
Y80000 - Y99999 June 1977
Z00000 - Z19999 July 1977
Z20000 - Z99999 August 1977

1977 Bronco District (DSO) Codes
District CodeDescription
11 Boston
13 New York
15 Newark
16 Philadelphia
17 Washington
21 Atlanta
22 Charlotte
24 Jacksonville
25 Richmond
26 New Orleans
27 Cincinnati
28 Louisville
32 Cleveland
33 Detroit
34 Indianapolis
35 Lansing
37 Buffalo
38 Pittsburgh
41 Chicago
42 Fargo
43 Milwaukee
44 Twin Cities
45 Davenport
51 Denver
52 Des Moines
53 Kansas City
54 Omaha
55 St. Louis
61 Dallas
62 Houston
63 Memphis
64 New Orleans
65 Oklahoma City
71 Las Angeles
72 San Jose
73 Salt Lake City
74 Seattle
75 Phoenix
81 Ford of Canada
83 Government
84 Home Office Reserve
85 American Red Cross
89 Transportation Services
90,99 Export

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1977 Bronco Rear Gear Ratios
Axle CodeGear RatioCapacity
B 3.50 2900 lb.
B8 3.50 2900 lb.

1977 Bronco Transmission Codes
C 3 Speed Direct
G C4 Automatic

1977 Bronco Assembly Plants
L Michigan Truck

1977 Bronco Series Codes
U15 Wagon (Includes Sport and Ranger Variants)

1977 Bronco Engine Codes
Engine CodeEngine TypeDisplacementBoreStrokeCompression RatioHorsepower
G V-8 302 CID 4.00" 3.00" 8.4:1 135 hp @ 3,400 RPM

The 302 cubic inch V8 was the only engine configuration offered in 1977. The six cylinder option from previous years was discontinued due to smog regulations.

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Image Credit: Ford Heritage

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